DaBaby - SAD SH!T  [Audio]
Blame it on Baby
7 ヶ月 前
Meet n Greet
年 前
duncan pinderhughes
duncan pinderhughes 5 時間 前
"when we fighting we supposed to jump em" Feeling alone and battling demons is a mf...don't do it alone. Please.
Mrs. Joy Dabney
Mrs. Joy Dabney 6 時間 前
James Parsons
James Parsons 6 時間 前
He going through it frfr. Pops and brother gone. This was Jonathan rapping, not dababy.
ya I got It home slice
ya I got It home slice 6 時間 前
gift ciel
gift ciel 6 時間 前
Colin Heneghan
Colin Heneghan 6 時間 前
your daughter is the boss beyond bosses
Suho Suho
Suho Suho 6 時間 前
This is so nostalgic wtf
Alaina Beltran
Alaina Beltran 6 時間 前
me and my family love you really me brother and my dad hear your songs
M W 6 時間 前
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Elijah Garner
Elijah Garner 6 時間 前
Christal Corcoran
Christal Corcoran 6 時間 前
Long live g
Hi hope you have a good day
Kadir Ergun
Kadir Ergun 6 時間 前
His beats always same
Christal Corcoran
Christal Corcoran 6 時間 前
Black people are good
Not Bravo7
Not Bravo7 6 時間 前
Someone’s excited for cod zombies
M W 6 時間 前
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Delores Mike
Delores Mike 6 時間 前
Thought y’all got “tired” of his flow yet he got another song trending
Marcia Rivera
Marcia Rivera 6 時間 前
Man I feel bad for DaBaby man I hope your life is goes goold man
Jocelyn Agudo
Jocelyn Agudo 6 時間 前
I feel so happy Becuase what were going through people really need that money for there family and food and rent and everything :>
Althea Heaven
Althea Heaven 6 時間 前
Melia Conrath
Melia Conrath 6 時間 前
Young thug usually isn’t that good but this straight fire No hate towards young thug
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag 6 時間 前
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres 6 時間 前
Damm🙏 much love baby! R.I.P to your big Bro! Keep doing yours 💯🔥 much love Homie
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag 6 時間 前
Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥💯🔥💯
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag 6 時間 前
More Money You Got, More Problems You Have - Notorious B.I.G.
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag 6 時間 前
Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥💯🔥💯
Emmanuel Lagace
Emmanuel Lagace 6 時間 前
Dababy looks just like his Father. WOW!!! It’s like me and my Father. A lot of People would ask if he was my older/big Brother. The same goes for my sister, everyone at school didn’t believe that we’re not twins. Even our teachers questions that, so much so, that they contacted my Parents and asked if there was mistake when registering us for school, junior high and high school. Heck, the nuns at our elementary school didn’t believe my Parents, but that was mainly because my Mother is Native American and they were Racist. They would beat us as Kids because we’re biracial, but they would use books and whatnot to avoid marks. But one day my Mother say a mark and RAN to the school and beat the shit out of the nun,l and slapped the priest/principal in the face in front of EVERYONE. HA! HA! HA! They NEVER touched us again, because they knew that the “squaw, Pocahontas” would beat their asses. That’s some of the things Native Women were called by White People. Squaw means Bitch in Mi’Gmaq. It was a Catholic school to where we had to pray at the Church next to the school EVRERY MORNING. The nuns would beat us if we ever questioned the Church/Religion. So, one day I stole a lighter from my Mother and brought it to school and waiting for the nun to touch me or my Sister. And well, it didn’t to je long for her to put hands on my Sister. So, I ran up behind her and set her Religious clothing on FIRE and told that bitch to burn in hell. Then I grabbed my Sister and ran home. I’m the youngest/baby of the family, but the wildest as I learned from my older Bothers and Sisters, which my Brothers are 17 and 16 years older then me. LOL!!! Anyhow, the school was eventually closed down when I was in grade four, as the school was well over 100 years old and in disrepair. It would catch fire “electrical” every week. So, they had to build a new school, and that new school wasn’t based on Religious values.🤗 Oh, and the Nuns lived at the school. Half the school was a school, and the other half was the Nuns quarters and they were also teachers. Now get this, this was in the 90’s. All the other kids in English schools did not have nuns and priest as teachers and principals. Even other French schools did have them, only our school did.
Doreon Ceaser
Doreon Ceaser 6 時間 前
Spring 6 時間 前
song is good but the tik tok trend is trash
kids laptop
kids laptop 6 時間 前
long live g and god bless dababy and his family and it wasn,t worthit bro think about yiur family and think about you and your life
Lisa Campbell
Lisa Campbell 6 時間 前
Rest in peace
Lisa Campbell
Lisa Campbell 6 時間 前
manaraki 123
manaraki 123 6 時間 前
Can someone tell me how did he passed away
Gogginc 6 時間 前
Only people with good music taste are here
Jenikah Brennan
Jenikah Brennan 6 時間 前
I’m here. Fans
XxShadesxX 6 時間 前
2:25 is the best part
Repentant Sinner
Repentant Sinner 6 時間 前
But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 1 Timothy 6:9 KJV
TeamGod B.Lazarus
TeamGod B.Lazarus 6 時間 前
Yo get it king 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
kerry wikk
kerry wikk 6 時間 前
got 3 brothers by my mom makes 4 of us they don't speak to me always treated me bad but i just show them love till i felt like it makes no sense got a kid 9yrs old and that's my best friend but his mom is taking him away to migrate so it's just me. but this will be a reminder to me me always
Big Fire
Big Fire 6 時間 前
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Big Fire
Big Fire 6 時間 前
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OutLawTy X
OutLawTy X 6 時間 前
Breanna Dawkins
Breanna Dawkins 6 時間 前
this 🔥. i can’t remember any song without dababy saying “let’s go”🤷🏽‍♀️😭
Donav 6 時間 前
More Money Less Problems
Saadia Hubbard
Saadia Hubbard 6 時間 前
his daughter is soooooooo cute and i love that he loves his daughter you can tell he does a lot and i admire that
Sifa Mwathi
Sifa Mwathi 6 時間 前
when rap makes you cry fr
JuanC17 Playz
JuanC17 Playz 6 時間 前
He is love Jesus
He is love Jesus 6 時間 前
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danielss 6 時間 前
Oh ma gadd had me dead lmao
george techB
george techB 6 時間 前
Dmmmmm mad beat he on that Dmmmm king 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👏🏾
Keonk92 6 時間 前
Tht beat go hard 🔥🔥🔥
Kayla J
Kayla J 6 時間 前
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” ‭‭John‬ ‭3:16-17‬ ‭KJV‬‬ God is real and he loves you!! Repent and turn to him before it’s too late!!!
ClutchPlays. 6 時間 前
Dababy and Roddy Ricch are a great duo
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 6 時間 前
He couldn't leave during quarantine so he filmed in his mansion. I need to start rapping.
Brad Webb
Brad Webb 6 時間 前
This someone else beat
Larry Marshall
Larry Marshall 6 時間 前
I just came here csuse this song got nominated for Record of the Year by the Grammys congratulations to Da Baby and Roddy Rich on their nomination for this song.
Bryan Blaze
Bryan Blaze 6 時間 前
Jeremiah Booker
Jeremiah Booker 6 時間 前
Baby Jesus ur old name u not slick
bianca 6 時間 前
I love dababy.....you can see and feel his pain...😞
Jair Taufahema
Jair Taufahema 6 時間 前
Mohammed Abdullahi
Mohammed Abdullahi 6 時間 前
Kathryn Pontius
Kathryn Pontius 6 時間 前
LiL JaYY double Y
LiL JaYY double Y 6 時間 前
Meek "Get the money they gone hate." 🔐💰
Lifewitamya South
Lifewitamya South 6 時間 前
The 🐐
The Black God King Jay Carter
The Black God King Jay Carter 6 時間 前
U so 🥶 bro long live G”
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas 6 時間 前
Pnl > dababy
chloe cherry
chloe cherry 6 時間 前
I like how dababy is acting like any other mail man :>
Divyox hydra
Divyox hydra 6 時間 前
If u knew the song before u heard the fortnite emote U AN OG AND REAL FAN
nba galaxy
nba galaxy 6 時間 前
That beat slap
Jakoub Letenious
Jakoub Letenious 6 時間 前
Dababy the reason i spoil my daughter 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Max Starn
Max Starn 6 時間 前
x1.25 🤩🤩
He is love Jesus
He is love Jesus 6 時間 前
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Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 6 時間 前
Posted 1 day ago 1.5 mil views
Otkryvaem_ moscvu
Otkryvaem_ moscvu 6 時間 前
Subscribe guys
B nk
B nk 6 時間 前
Bro I appreciate you more than you could know you kept my head up throughout everything stay Blessed💯✈️😷NC-SC
Tupac on the wall looking 🔥
Mob Gotem
Mob Gotem 6 時間 前
ÙÓ UMZW 6 時間 前
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Valentina Janeva
Valentina Janeva 6 時間 前
No money, no problems
goldx systemzz
goldx systemzz 7 時間 前
Mitr0 highlights
Lord 7 時間 前
That song is so fucking insane dude wtff