King Von - GTA (Audio)
King Von - Demon (Audio)
King Von - Ride (Audio)
King Von - 3 A.M. (Audio)
King Von - Block (Audio)
Vontavious Harvey
Vontavious Harvey 9 時間 前
Bro really came in my dreams ,, rest easy king 🙏🏾🙏🏾🕊️
ExcavationYT 9 時間 前
first mv im watching, RIP goat
Trayvion Wilson
Trayvion Wilson 9 時間 前
We miss u gang
Samuel Pita
Samuel Pita 9 時間 前
Why always the best ones are the ones that gotta die
Maor Mizrahi
Maor Mizrahi 9 時間 前
This is so hard 🔥🔥🔥
Dvensly Job
Dvensly Job 10 時間 前
King von
Connell IVY
Connell IVY 10 時間 前
Jereking Brown
Jereking Brown 10 時間 前
R.I.P tooka ✡️🖤
Saad Kourouche
Saad Kourouche 10 時間 前
this is one of his best songs no cap. he was one of the best story tellers in the game. I personally didn't know who he was before he died so that is sad.
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin 10 時間 前
Rip king von
Pritom Playz
Pritom Playz 10 時間 前
still miss him
Denise Grant
Denise Grant 10 時間 前
THAISY 10 時間 前
VON 🙏🏿
Junior Moyo
Junior Moyo 10 時間 前
The song is the best
Lashan Polk
Lashan Polk 10 時間 前
skull vids
skull vids 10 時間 前
the funny thing its not to be continued
creon klassen
creon klassen 10 時間 前
damn this is good..... Rip salute king von
Breanna Blueford
Breanna Blueford 10 時間 前
So much bullshit Bryon Arnold jr and everyone else
judy long
judy long 10 時間 前
Ben King
Ben King 10 時間 前
guy is a buck and some change. his jaw would get twisted if he got into some shit.
Kalisa Light
Kalisa Light 11 時間 前
how u make the song u dead
Star Meechie
Star Meechie 11 時間 前
He walk his talk
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 11 時間 前
“Red alert armed and dangerous I KEEP THAT GLOCK ON ME” well, that didn’t age well...
Salvatore Vulcano
Salvatore Vulcano 11 時間 前
Already go hard as fuck
Jayla Steele
Jayla Steele 11 時間 前
we not from 6th3
Aljour.v3 The goat
Aljour.v3 The goat 11 時間 前
Rip von💙😔
DETROIT BAD BOY 313 11 時間 前
My life shit I then did I don't remember them bet they remember me tho💯
Alonzo Sanders
Alonzo Sanders 11 時間 前
Bro y he had to go like this,Damn bro u forever my fav rapper RIP king von😥😥😢
Ruger Pawpa
Ruger Pawpa 11 時間 前
#LLGrandson rest up 💔
jemarcus knox
jemarcus knox 11 時間 前
He actually made a song for kids
Mj jacks
Mj jacks 11 時間 前
Jacob Marquez (Student)
Jacob Marquez (Student) 11 時間 前
This was to months ago so he still alive???
CharlesDbrain 11 時間 前
"This ain't my hoe, you know how it go"😂😂😂 his reaction is funny 😂😂
Savege Vegeta
Savege Vegeta 11 時間 前
Who replayed Lil Durk part was 🔥🔥🔥🔥
999 WRLD
999 WRLD 11 時間 前
Where I come from we use “O” as in Omaha Nebraska
Spazzout 5th
Spazzout 5th 12 時間 前
johntae 12 時間 前
great story as usual rip von 🐐😔
johntae 12 時間 前
bruh just when mans was taking off he had sooo much potential and they came to just ruin it fam
Dondiva Alleyswag
Dondiva Alleyswag 12 時間 前
Master story teller,reminds me of Speaker Knocker
johntae 12 時間 前
king von has flames that just cant be extinguished
nell henderson
nell henderson 12 時間 前
I miss von Fr🙌🏾 but I’m just here to appreciate that flow
Cedric Woodland
Cedric Woodland 12 時間 前
This where lil durk and Pooh get that video of von from
Youngchase 12 時間 前
christin harrison
christin harrison 12 時間 前
50cent is showing love.He puts this song on power series.Much love 50 cent.Long live King Von🙏
Aniyah Bruce
Aniyah Bruce 12 時間 前
Djay 12 時間 前
This shit hit different when you really a true fan man this shit hurt 😔💯
Jimmy Samdrup
Jimmy Samdrup 12 時間 前
He hit home with every song he dropped. RIP my G. ✌️
Reaper_Rager123 12 時間 前
Jan Horvath
Jan Horvath 12 時間 前
JGos 12 時間 前
he's a different. person now 🌍
Jayk Jr OFFICIAL 12 時間 前
xxx TK nle
xxx TK nle 12 時間 前
I'm not from 63rd I'm going to miss that von rest in peace brother
Foreign Porcelain
Foreign Porcelain 12 時間 前
Fly high von for the people saying he going to hell u only killed people because he was protecting himself
Cristofe Espinal
Cristofe Espinal 12 時間 前
Von is not 💀
nukey 12 時間 前
Ramona Reynoso
Ramona Reynoso 12 時間 前
Catchy song
James Newell
James Newell 13 時間 前
Big🧢 from ig profit_the_Label Yo niggaz will fade from you the hunters will hunt thier self 💯 Rip E
The mom and sister and dad and me
The mom and sister and dad and me 13 時間 前
i miss this man like he is te king like god
misr hip hop
misr hip hop 13 時間 前
rosa rangel
rosa rangel 13 時間 前
I was a big fan gif
rosa rangel
rosa rangel 13 時間 前
I wasabigfan
Brinevercared 2016
Brinevercared 2016 13 時間 前
I remember seeing him make this video
Victoria Mejia
Victoria Mejia 13 時間 前
Its Zapz-
Its Zapz- 13 時間 前
The obsequious drake normally spare because dresser neurally marry athwart a handsomely camp. half, elite test
Aiden Lockear
Aiden Lockear 13 時間 前
We on our OTF shit gang!
Alfred Paul
Alfred Paul 13 時間 前
What if he actually did everything he rapping about?
Charles NoL1mit
Charles NoL1mit 12 時間 前
He did
Richard Torres
Richard Torres 13 時間 前
damn the worst part bout his death for us fans is dat von was only getting better . every since he had died he hasnt dropped one bad song
William Ward
William Ward 13 時間 前
victor florez
victor florez 13 時間 前
this here fire
Moody Jay
Moody Jay 13 時間 前
LMFAO "and dis bitch my sista" sound like his facial expression went calm
Pretty Like shaniyah
Pretty Like shaniyah 13 時間 前
This song makes me happy as i can be.This is the only rapper that I heard say “ And I swear I 💕 all my fans.RIP VONNNNNNNNNNN
yanaalbad 13 時間 前
One of my fav in the whole album
Robert Holland
Robert Holland 13 時間 前
Bro just spit different had so much potential him and pop smh rest easy
Producer Slab
Producer Slab 13 時間 前
Fly high brother , so sad for you and your friends/family.
Jessica Blanks
Jessica Blanks 14 時間 前
prettyboy_jay 200k
prettyboy_jay 200k 14 時間 前
Rip von🙏🏽❤️
ѰElisaisѰ 14 時間 前
henry murphy
henry murphy 14 時間 前
damn the video so much better
Levon James
Levon James 14 時間 前
Rip king 🤴 von
g. capone
g. capone 14 時間 前
fuck king von