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Off topic but you want this, here is a possible suppressed free energy idea, the stirling engine, using the same flame you can increase the torque to get more power without more flame, you do it all the time on your tires, you add pressure, do the same on a stirling engine, increase atmosphere pressure and you get more torque with out adding more fuel, it s easy, go as high as your metal allows psi pressure.
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Preheating of the MEA is mostly likely a heat recycle, where the hot lean MEA is used to heat the rich MEA in some heat exchanger. This also effiecently cools the lean MEA, which increase its ability to absorb CO2 since cooler liquids have greater gas solubility.
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Before anyone says "We should just use CO2 scrubbers to reverse climate change" - CO2 scrubbers takes a LOT of electricity to run. Also, you are just capturing the CO2, not getting rid of it.
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I did electrolysis for a science fair project (testing the effects salt had on speed) and decided to take a sniff of the "oxygen" side, during a run with saltwater. Didn't even clue into the fact that since the house smelled like a pool something might be up. 😬 Glad I had the sense to step outside immediately into the fresh air as my airways drastically restricted! Needless to say, I stopped experimenting for the day!
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As a retired U.S. Navy anti-submarine and multi-sensor specialist, I can assure you that all our nuclear subs CAN break through the ice to "get fresh air". Mainly they must have this capability to launch ballistic and guided missiles. They also have the ability to release "sensors/transmitters/receivers" that can break through the ice when necessary. The technology on our newest boats is mind blowing indeed. Just wait until you see the 6th gen fighters and bombers!
what about the weight of the pulley system at the bottom ? the more the heavier... but it could be insignificant to the weight being moved
How the liberal mind works was summarize most eloquently by Ronald Reagan. It's not that are liberal friends are ignorant it's just that they know so many things that are just not so.
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O2 partial pressure of 153 torr is normal where I am, but obviously the ambient pressure on the sub is higher so you'd be aiming for what? 160 torr? 200 torr would be a fire hazard.
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Destin, I have a friend who has an LLTV sitting in his shed at work. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of his "work" and I can honestly say as much fun as it looks... yeah, no... His work is the same AFRC mentioned in your video. I was most impressed by the Peroxide thrusters mounted on every corner and axis of the unit. A tour of the Armstrong facility was the most incredible thing I have had the opportunity to experience. if you are ever there ask about the LLTV and perhaps they can take you to the closet for a look see. God Bless you man, I love your take on science.
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With the new Mars rover having the MOXIE to create oxygen from CO2 - if we have the means / science to convert CO2 to Oxygen and have power from Nuclear Reactor of Sub why would they not use a MOXIE to take CO2 and remake Oxygen without having to use these candles.
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Mwangi Kimani
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