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Emils Kučers
Emils Kučers 19 時間 前
17:07 ryans voice changed
Wannabe_cute 19 時間 前
No one is confused by the fact that every clock stopped at the same time? No? Because that screams alien
Anna 19 時間 前
Shane can sing. Cool.
Filip laskovski
Filip laskovski 19 時間 前
Not extraterrestrial but interdimensional
S Roy
S Roy 19 時間 前
I guess ghosts exist, because Bhoot part 1: the haunted ship proved that.
Taha Bin Tariq.
Taha Bin Tariq. 19 時間 前
What is this feeling. I mean the way they are talking about the boy seems harsh but i cant stop laughing.
Kasey Brewer
Kasey Brewer 19 時間 前
I love unsolved. Love the boys on Watcher too!
ianny tabale
ianny tabale 19 時間 前
I miss their usual set up and that creepy manekin
Evil AF
Evil AF 19 時間 前
It's the LOVE WORKING AT THE LIGHTHOUSE for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aimee Hill
Aimee Hill 19 時間 前
On behalf of my fellows Scots I can absolutely confirm, those are the worst Scottish accents I've ever heard 😂 you guys are hilarious though! So glad to see you're back 💕
The_Ak_ Guy
The_Ak_ Guy 19 時間 前
Welcome to me light hous
zintosion 19 時間 前
Just a 2020 humor! Hahaha......*sobs*
The_Ak_ Guy
The_Ak_ Guy 19 時間 前
I love you guys keep it up
S Roy
S Roy 19 時間 前
Me: uhh...hi?! Ghost: don't be shy Me: but I'm scared. Ghost: don't be scared. Me: why?! Won't you kill me?! Ghost: and why ask that?! Me: a lot of ghosts kill ppl, that's why I a asked. Ghost: and you didn't think I'm the imposter, did you? Me: guess?! Ghost: we don't attack children, we care for them. Don't believe anything they say or show in movies. Me: I don't follow you Ghost: you'll see. Basically a daft drama between ghost and child.
Ben P
Ben P 20 時間 前
Shane rushing to explain everything away because he doesn't want to believe that it could be real. "Maybe I moved my arm 10 feet away to turn on a light and I didn't even notice it".
Devika Chithra Ramesan
Devika Chithra Ramesan 20 時間 前
I just wanna say that I love your theme
Joseph Redmond
Joseph Redmond 20 時間 前
Shark attacks and shark deaths in general are just uncommon.
Red _
Red _ 20 時間 前
Women: crying Shane: GET IN THE BOX
Brianna 20 時間 前
When Ryan said "I think I'm blacking out right now. I don't think I'm gonna remember this moment. There's so much fear inside of me that... I've lost the ability to feel. I think I'm gonna cry" I really felt that
Lil Petkoski
Lil Petkoski 20 時間 前
Lucci taking notes rn
Adelina Peter
Adelina Peter 20 時間 前
Is it just me or does Shane actually look like the sloth from Zootopia
miseryschewtoy 20 時間 前
6:50 I love Ryan but why do these parts always get on my nerves even he doesn’t sound like he believes in it lmao
Brianna 20 時間 前
Shane: Sometimes I do a thing where when I'm scared I just... I locate the part of my brain that is terrified and I just, sort of, shut it off Me: Is it possible to learn this power?
Jūbei Kurosaki
Jūbei Kurosaki 20 時間 前
"Only a white shark could have taken the leg." Well, he must have information we don't then, because there are other species several other species of shark, in fact, that can easily remove a person's leg, one well-known species that even inhabits the same waters, actually. Also, just because it's not a shark attack doesn't mean it was a "human attack", either. There *are* other possibilities. I'm actually shocked that nobody thinks it couldn't be another natural cause. Sharks aren't the only things that are capable of dismembering a body. Actually just the great physical forces that occur in the ocean are capable of giving her most of those injuries. I'm just saying...come on people. Think outside the box a little. When did sharks become the only dangerous thing in the ocean?
A.V Anuvedh
A.V Anuvedh 20 時間 前
The stories are amaze I really wish those 2 stop talking in between and destroy the story
The Husky channel
The Husky channel 20 時間 前
Why are you leaving? Because I'm fing scared that's why 🤣🤣🤣
Garima Pundir
Garima Pundir 20 時間 前
Maybe you guys can go back to the sorrel-weed mansion and try to investigate the abandoned upstairs if that is somehow possible,cause Im too excited to know wt was actually there.......ohhhhh still get goosebumps
Leah Schlanker
Leah Schlanker 20 時間 前
As if the US pronunciation of buoy is booey, how’s buoyancy pronounced? Booey-ancy?
Happy Hawaii50
Happy Hawaii50 20 時間 前
That place is a garbage and it was a place where mostly homeless lived..
Riptide 20 時間 前
Shane contacting and making fun of the demon. Meanwhile, Ryan and Loey talking about pickles.
Grand Autizmo
Grand Autizmo 20 時間 前
Anyone else watching this at night knowing they aint gonna sleep
S Roy
S Roy 20 時間 前
Shane:*acting like he's licking an envelope* Me: mime bomb!!
Furry Crewmate
Furry Crewmate 20 時間 前
I didn’t realize my state sucks at Football
E Mhaighstir
E Mhaighstir 20 時間 前
When their pronunciation of the Gaelic Eilean Mòr (meaning big island) is more accurate than their Scottish accents 😂
S Roy
S Roy 20 時間 前
Ghosts: We're not attacking children, they don't commit crime. Demons: we don't care for children. Me: mommy?! Daddy?! Kill Satan. He's very insulting.
Kyle Animations
Kyle Animations 20 時間 前
Alastor, you are not allowed to just kill people, this isn’t hell Hazbin hotel reference
xiholliday 20 時間 前
2:37 He was on that Among Us stuff wayy before us!
marcus ruiz
marcus ruiz 20 時間 前
Hes a great grandpa and a dad
MR. FBI 20 時間 前
there were no nazi in 1918, german still imperial german 15:31
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 20 時間 前
This guy's voice 😍
Inonge Simakumba
Inonge Simakumba 20 時間 前
Bret in the background always gets me
Monique A
Monique A 20 時間 前
Ok my theory is that she was either a spy or she was running from a crazy ex partner, and then one day she realised that either authorities or her ex partner had finally found her. She was smart and had destroyed her identity and planned to commit suicide by taking the pills but they did not work in time and was then killed.
12 year old me was not good at picking usernames
12 year old me was not good at picking usernames 20 時間 前
Post mortem question: is shanes face okay after that accent fail?
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 20 時間 前
Eden Mae Manzon
Eden Mae Manzon 20 時間 前
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 21 時間 前
I haven't laughed this hard in a while, these guys are hilarious 🤣🤣
Brianna Scharrer
Brianna Scharrer 21 時間 前
Pretty sure 'commercial woman' is actually slang for a prostitute... On a different note, this case strikes me as an assisted suicide gone awry... perhaps Artemis approached the wrong person to ask to carry out his wishes and this person agreed, but then took advantage of the situation and his violent/sadistic streak emerged for the event. I don't feel like typing out all of my reasoning for this (late and tired, sorry), but Artemis' extreme apathy and depressed state, among many other things led me to this conclusion.
Greg Jeffrey
Greg Jeffrey 21 時間 前
Hey buzzfeed, check this out. I guess it must be a theory.
Melly TwoTimez
Melly TwoTimez 21 時間 前
Amelia Airhead
Kate Harlan
Kate Harlan 21 時間 前
I love the fact that there is like a mix of true crime but also jokes to kinda keep it light
ally 21 時間 前
shane has an ao3 account i’m calling it
Gacha Nat
Gacha Nat 21 時間 前
21:48 dose no one noticed he yelled "run for it" like they were being chased?
Michael 21 時間 前
Motivation : Demon
Kirsten Piper
Kirsten Piper 21 時間 前
social distancing kings
Teehee 21 時間 前
ok so here's my theory: its stefan. he is the ripaahhh
John Cordial
John Cordial 21 時間 前
Okay show idea: Buzzfeed Solved... Eventually. And it’s all cold crimes that took a long time to solve like the golden state killer and that yellow sock one.
Nicole Hansen
Nicole Hansen 21 時間 前
This story freaks me out. I'm glad they are covering it😁
Arabhi Ka
Arabhi Ka 21 時間 前
Theory!! The three guys where obessely bored so meybe they all bought shooroms or asid and it was really strong so they got soo bad they jumbbed
Ruth Blackwood
Ruth Blackwood 21 時間 前
We’ve got some fantastic haunted places in Scotland you guys should come check them out 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
capichow 21 時間 前
Manjiri Ajgaonkar
Manjiri Ajgaonkar 21 時間 前
i need artwork of baby shane being distracted by butterflies while playing t-ball
Jonathan Becerra
Jonathan Becerra 21 時間 前
These guys are gonna have the best stories to tell their kids lol
•Puppycat• 21 時間 前
When you really want to listen to the audio but you're too scared
NapkiinsA Nguyen
NapkiinsA Nguyen 21 時間 前
Ryan doesn’t look Asian
Nitish Noel
Nitish Noel 21 時間 前
Guys last year Gary oliva confessed to the murder
Savathee R Tep
Savathee R Tep 21 時間 前
I ain't going near Hollywood
Teehee 21 時間 前
i have no idea how they did this, like i just watched the video and im so scared let alone be in that place.
MrSaradhi1993 21 時間 前
Finally await is OVER..... SHANERYANIAC are back...!!!
Hali Gladish
Hali Gladish 21 時間 前
pantomime kings 🤩👑
Sea Bear
Sea Bear 21 時間 前
Yo wtf they hunting my gay uncle?
capichow 21 時間 前
Dam this is awesome been a long long time 🙏🏻 you two are awesome Thank you for coming back I thought one of you died 😂