F Cancer Q&A
4 ヶ月 前
Antonio Sotaka
Antonio Sotaka 20 時間 前
The intro got me thinking what if my mom was next to me
hanna anne
hanna anne 20 時間 前
OPP by Naughty by Nature ! haha love it
Leonard Santos
Leonard Santos 20 時間 前
She really said: wear your masks - but differently
Sanquinet Wright
Sanquinet Wright 20 時間 前
🔥🔥🔥🔥 my favorite and movie is the best ones on the album
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 20 時間 前
everyone in the comments hating must not realize that they giving her a bag by streaming. lmao
gift from Virgo
gift from Virgo 20 時間 前
If we took a trip on a real Creep tip!🔥🔥
Kiyah Mays
Kiyah Mays 20 時間 前
Michele Belle
Michele Belle 20 時間 前
Bec Taddeo
Bec Taddeo 20 時間 前
“It’s 2020, I ain’t finna argue bout twerking” she said what she said
Unknown 20 時間 前
do y'all call this rap?
Grey Fearon
Grey Fearon 20 時間 前
She doesn't deserve this beat
Felipe Munoz
Felipe Munoz 20 時間 前
Sexualizing woman of all ages..
timucin kose
timucin kose 20 時間 前
This is straight garbo
lorma goonbus
lorma goonbus 20 時間 前
Freaky girls video next then crybaby!
gen jimenez
gen jimenez 20 時間 前
Joseph Stynes
Joseph Stynes 20 時間 前
UK Rep
UK Rep 20 時間 前
I love the fact that Megan's body is natural, unlike most of these other female rappers!
Sanquinet Wright
Sanquinet Wright 20 時間 前
🔥🔥🔥🔥 my favorite song on the album
Caryn Koh
Caryn Koh 20 時間 前
oooooo that cellulite spoilt my appetite.. bodyaydeyaydeyaydeyadeyadeyade... yucks... sorry....
April Chavez
April Chavez 20 時間 前
dead motherfucker
dead motherfucker 20 時間 前
damn she had potential
KidCannabis 20 時間 前
nigga first u do boyz n the hood tf is this bs now ??
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 20 時間 前
Oh so her and tory got rap beef now? Lmao i thought tory was just telling his side of the story i never felt like he dissed her but oh well welcome to 2020
loveischerrypie 20 時間 前
Most annoying song of 2020 and I’m here for it !!!
Minxy Muffin
Minxy Muffin 21 時間 前
mai 21 時間 前
Lee Davis
Lee Davis 21 時間 前
CheetahhOfficialVEVO 21 時間 前
Tf is this? 🤷🏻‍♂️ kmt!
Kalvin Shepherd
Kalvin Shepherd 21 時間 前
rosetae 75
rosetae 75 21 時間 前
Taraji i seee youuu girl
Braylen 21 時間 前
every other rapper rlly lost to her... they really lost.
David Winters
David Winters 21 時間 前
I can see why she got shot. Annoying af
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Cowel Benja
Cowel Benja 21 時間 前
That's a big dude
Jarone Vance
Jarone Vance 21 時間 前
I went back to Tory lane album. This still doesn't hit as hard.
Afroz 21 時間 前
Why is no one talking about the moaning 😭
Kalvin Shepherd
Kalvin Shepherd 21 時間 前
Afroz 21 時間 前
The moaning in the background 😭😭😭
nasaniw 21 時間 前
Cool performance but what's the point of the 🎤 if you're lip syncing?
Eryn Carmichael
Eryn Carmichael 21 時間 前
Jake Wagner
Jake Wagner 21 時間 前
Wear a diaper please
Jackie Allen
Jackie Allen 21 時間 前
Codename Blazer
Codename Blazer 21 時間 前
Chyna is giving me Edward Scissorhands/Adam’s Family vibes 🔲🔳
Hennessy Father
Hennessy Father 21 時間 前
this format reminds me of old school disney channel, 09-10
Sean Torres
Sean Torres 21 時間 前
How she gonna remix who shot ya when she was da one who got hit 😂
Deatice Charles
Deatice Charles 21 時間 前
Nooooo girlll imma keep real wit u unlike these other Bitches I keep it real....pop songs are not your thing. Stay wit rap I love u I do but damn u was not lying when u said u couldn’t sing but applause for trying @megantheesallion
Priyamvada Rao
Priyamvada Rao 21 時間 前
The graphics have a Stallion and a Bee
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 21 時間 前
My boyfriend: bruh nobody looks more perfect than you Me: *sees a pic of a megan* BRO LOOK AT HER BODY YADDY YADDY YADDY YADDY YADDY YADDY
HIMESPIT 21 時間 前
Taraji redeemed herself from Acrimony. Straight facts.
Hector Ramirez
Hector Ramirez 21 時間 前
naw bru i’m sorry but like this a beat that just can’t be remixed like who shot ya just too iconic to be touched
Q S 21 時間 前
Everybody talkin about body ody ody ody ody but no one is talkin about nom nom nom 😔
shavers clan
shavers clan 21 時間 前
I never thought I'd see taraji and meg In the same video and all the girls slayed ❤️🔥
lesbabie 21 時間 前
Kalvin Shepherd
Kalvin Shepherd 21 時間 前
Love this so sexy❤️
Kalvin Shepherd
Kalvin Shepherd 21 時間 前
Meg❤️ & the ladies BODIED👏👏 and video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Widows Husband
Widows Husband 21 時間 前
Bruh this is super egotistical
ashley loves food
ashley loves food 21 時間 前
Its giving buy one get one free cashmere sweater at jcpenney
gam3r 4life
gam3r 4life 21 時間 前
POV: you're looking for the comments that says bodydydydydydydydydy
Alexxus Woah
Alexxus Woah 21 時間 前
im getting ciara vibes
Mad Freddie323
Mad Freddie323 21 時間 前
👀 nobody saying anything about the Girl with no underwear 🤯!?
Lorenzo Cecchetti
Lorenzo Cecchetti 21 時間 前
nobody: Bruno Bucciarati: 1:30
jai christina
jai christina 21 時間 前
thought the blonde lady in the beginning was Nene 🧍🏽‍♀️
Tamia Magang
Tamia Magang 21 時間 前
Ok aint nobody gonna talk about the moans 😂😂😂
GamingLiyah 21 時間 前
senni bgon
senni bgon 21 時間 前
She slayed and taraji omg SHE ATE UP HER PARTS. I LOVE THIS SONG AND THE AMA’s version is even better
Pramik Bista
Pramik Bista 21 時間 前
I just realized how nudity is being public slowly.
senni bgon
senni bgon 21 時間 前
Pramik Bista
Pramik Bista 21 時間 前
Just like WAP , part 2.
Outofthetime 666
Outofthetime 666 21 時間 前
Pramik Bista
Pramik Bista 21 時間 前
I want this to be a song for doctors who does operations.
Janyiah Williams
Janyiah Williams 21 時間 前
If dababy was single Megan and dababy could go together
KD TV 21 時間 前
SZA sounds great 👌
Griman 21 時間 前
This is the person lil baby lost to? Blah blah bah bah i wont cry... like
SummersWyd 21 時間 前
KD TV 21 時間 前
I like it 😊 Yaass
can we get 10k subs with no videos?!
can we get 10k subs with no videos?! 21 時間 前
May everyone who reads this reach there goals and dreams who like this 💞🙏
Cecily Davis
Cecily Davis 22 時間 前
She got another 1
TookYourSkittles 22 時間 前
At least there 2ft apart
Super Gamer_girl
Super Gamer_girl 22 時間 前
Honestly it's the whole album for me. 🔥❄️