The End..
21 日 前
We need to talk..
Ursula Buckman
Ursula Buckman 35 分 前
My brother shot bullets at me and i wokin and I dogs ask av tam
pokemon kingdom
pokemon kingdom 36 分 前
1 fact about SCP 096 he is very dosil unless u see his face he will kill u no matter what by the way he is caged and he is invinceble
Karissa Baker
Karissa Baker 36 分 前
Riahlyn Pulido
Riahlyn Pulido 36 分 前
What name is that gme
widya shidhar
widya shidhar 36 分 前
Dhege Efggshbevfgm
george brown
george brown 36 分 前
Did you say swecther
Tebarek Debiso
Tebarek Debiso 36 分 前
I need a marriage but I'm smart that is too big for me how do I go grow up so I can get it OK
Wajiha Nadeem
Wajiha Nadeem 36 分 前
My ears!
janet farley
janet farley 37 分 前
YaBoi Alex
YaBoi Alex 37 分 前
3:24 im the phillipines and also that filipino dish is called taho
Simarjeet S
Simarjeet S 38 分 前
That girl is so bad
Ronnie Manalo
Ronnie Manalo 38 分 前
Timmy Drennen
Timmy Drennen 38 分 前
i won Poop
Henri Morgan
Henri Morgan 38 分 前
I LOVE 🐈!!!!!!
Kizzy Williams
Kizzy Williams 39 分 前
I have a panda I only have 2 pandas I swear I can give you one only one k
Cassandra Robinson
Cassandra Robinson 39 分 前
Damn they can all bend and move
For its Ali
For its Ali 39 分 前
5:54 glitch idk if for u guys
Leozzames Q yambot
Leozzames Q yambot 40 分 前
Leozzames Q yambot
Leozzames Q yambot 41 分 前
SCP 096
SCP 096 41 分 前
Jon Valino
Jon Valino 41 分 前
And also, I have already a Monster Legends. It's so cool! That game has a copy called Dragon City. So witch one you like?
UR TRASH 41 分 前
What was that drink?
Ferndog 007
Ferndog 007 41 分 前
Leozzames Q yambot
Leozzames Q yambot 41 分 前
Go like to infinity
N I K K I 42 分 前
I have seen doctor who!!😁
Wyatt Neace
Wyatt Neace 42 分 前
0:17 that was Finn! That was Finn!
Jianfeng Yang
Jianfeng Yang 42 分 前
I did not say how, but I laughed at your action to the vids
richard mori
richard mori 42 分 前
the thing with wings and a sword is cald vex
SCP 096
SCP 096 42 分 前
Jon Valino
Jon Valino 43 分 前
At 0:00 I didn't spook to you but I spook to the sound effect.
Gamer EPIC Journey
Gamer EPIC Journey 43 分 前
Is asteroid
Shreeja Swikriti Sahoo
Shreeja Swikriti Sahoo 43 分 前
Fact: It's recommended after 4 years
KyeM Gaming
KyeM Gaming 43 分 前
your cheating mate
Jaden Lineton
Jaden Lineton 43 分 前
Jolly Olly 2014
Jolly Olly 2014 44 分 前
this gg big time gg big time
Samruddhi Mandape
Samruddhi Mandape 45 分 前
cadbury coated oreas aren't rare coz i am in dubai and i eat them a lot!! but ya it might be rare there so...
April Bradley
April Bradley 45 分 前
I would get him with a shot gun! And stab him and like attack on titan Right what I do!😎
Swapnita Zahan
Swapnita Zahan 45 分 前
Make gta 5 3 am part 2 pls It has 50k likes now
Ruben Garcia Salinas
Ruben Garcia Salinas 46 分 前
I don’t believe this is a scam😡😡
Natalie Febey
Natalie Febey 46 分 前
Long horse is friendly don’t have to be scared he’s nice he’s good boy good boy long horse is a nice boy
chase creekmur
chase creekmur 47 分 前
nice bruh
P&D GAMING 48 分 前
I'm part of the reaction Squad
tresor mmamba
tresor mmamba 48 分 前
you don't no monky king
Cassandra Robinson
Cassandra Robinson 48 分 前
Caylus: ow I hit my knee! Me: well yeah I heard a bang Seeing long horse Long horse : I’m a good boi. Me :oh I Definitely believe y’all Nine hundred hours later Cartoon cat:I see ya all Cartoon dog:you now about all my bones Me: sorry to interrupt but you look like Spaghetti and bend like rubber
Syaifullah Mahidin
Syaifullah Mahidin 49 分 前
I won i only have 5 lives yes
ezani abdullah
ezani abdullah 49 分 前
All the video fake cuz siren head don't exited
Roblox or Fortnite or Minecraft Mitchell Cabus
Roblox or Fortnite or Minecraft Mitchell Cabus 49 分 前
Well the super powers
Trånquil 49 分 前
Did all!
DEVILON Xx 49 分 前
SCP 096
SCP 096 49 分 前
I like your vids
Gabe Harr
Gabe Harr 50 分 前
The thumbnail Caylus: a ghost showed up in my selfie Me: that is one good plastic surgery.
Kizzy Williams
Kizzy Williams 50 分 前
I have one life bro the fox was sooooooooo cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Galaxygod2001 51 分 前
When caylus screamed when he said next up carrot cake Oreo Keira got mad then caylus screamed like it sounded like the intro from a dc movie LOL
Noah Roelofs
Noah Roelofs 51 分 前
Why is there fort nite on one of your monitors
Jon Valino
Jon Valino 52 分 前
At 1:22 Caylo: "lady with a white dress" Me: bruh you almost say White lady...
Eleanor Geraghty
Eleanor Geraghty 52 分 前
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 52 分 前
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 52 分 前
oh happeninh
Miniman I like Godzilla
Miniman I like Godzilla 52 分 前
Caylus sounds funny when he talks Spanish
Jolly Olly 2014
Jolly Olly 2014 53 分 前
im scerd
Juliet Cassadore
Juliet Cassadore 53 分 前
Juliet Cassadore
Juliet Cassadore 49 分 前
Juliet Cassadore
Juliet Cassadore 50 分 前
Juliet Cassadore
Juliet Cassadore 50 分 前
Juliet Cassadore
Juliet Cassadore 51 分 前
Juliet Cassadore
Juliet Cassadore 52 分 前
Jeff Dejaresco
Jeff Dejaresco 53 分 前
That's long horse
Carina Buena
Carina Buena 53 分 前
iiNarut0_Sxmp bish
iiNarut0_Sxmp bish 53 分 前
seelantra 53 分 前
No more. Infenite
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 53 分 前
the coin one is 1 in a million percent chance
minty ice
minty ice 53 分 前
hakkı akman
hakkı akman 53 分 前
İts great. I love it.😍😍😍😍😍
Easton Findlay
Easton Findlay 54 分 前
I have two dogs
Easton Findlay
Easton Findlay 54 分 前
It should actually be called dogs saving living beings
Kaleah Catz
Kaleah Catz 54 分 前
My crush hates me because of something i said too
Jeff Dejaresco
Jeff Dejaresco 54 分 前
That's cartoon cat
Leslie Megenhardt
Leslie Megenhardt 55 分 前
I love flash so I wont to be fast
Kirk Stanley CLIMACO
Kirk Stanley CLIMACO 55 分 前
i still have 5 lives caylus
Rachel Goodman
Rachel Goodman 56 分 前
i had 5 lives the entire time and im not lieing
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 56 分 前
5:00 it's a science fact basically
April Bradley
April Bradley 56 分 前
In my mind I'm totally dead😂
Jason Rilogio
Jason Rilogio 57 分 前
Jason Rilogio
Jason Rilogio 57 分 前
minty ice
minty ice 58 分 前
Caylus chu say shi*