10 FUNNIEST Jokes on Women

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Funniest Standup Jokes on Women
Bill Burr on Women
Eddie Murphy on Women
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Nahor Wehtam
Nahor Wehtam 日 前
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Jirra Macce
Jirra Macce 2 日 前
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Kenwick Cook
Kenwick Cook 3 日 前
Did I miss Louis CK? Besides the thumbnail
real demigod
real demigod 4 日 前
All the credit must go to women, especially sisters, else so many great comedians would not be possible!
The Cris Rock one was the bomb😂😂💪💪
BlackSheep 7 日 前
The last one was good
False Email
False Email 7 日 前
Can't stand Kevin hart - the unfunniest funny dude I know. It does my head in how popular he is
Remmy Chola
Remmy Chola 7 日 前
Am soo going to dip my salmon in honey
David Bakker
David Bakker 8 日 前
I don’t find Kevin Hart funny. Not sure why.
Wilian Oliveira
Wilian Oliveira 9 日 前
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Samuel Mrázik
Samuel Mrázik 12 日 前
Google think i dont like women... nice
Morgan Lowe
Morgan Lowe 12 日 前
10:53 " answer them right" like there is ever a right answer when it come to us women. 🤣 he said why bitch not what... When I'm mad I stay mad, if I ask you questions like that just know there is nothing you did to deserve this. It's all my shit I'm dealing with and trying to put it on you bc you give two shits about me. Sorry guys. You deal w lots. But those men getting so happy when he called her an idiot 🙄 like this is why ya'll don't understand us, when I seems you're so quick to hate us.
Gio Gvarianashvili
Gio Gvarianashvili 12 日 前
4:52 It is true about being loud, women in general have it in their DNA I guess to get the hell away from agressive males. No woman will confront an agressive man who is in a berserk mode. 😂
michael hinton
michael hinton 13 日 前
Chris rock the goat
Lonnie M
Lonnie M 13 日 前
So this is okay? But if a woman makes jokes about men she’s a misandrist/feminist? Men can’t handle jokes when it’s aimed at them and the hypocrisy is sad.
I.M.S.S 日 前
no, these are jokes, they dont believe this. When Feminists make jokes, they dont joke, they just complain about issues.
Lonnie M
Lonnie M 3 日 前
@Benin hairav Uhh because I still have the right to comment on shit I don't like or I think is bad? What a dumbass question.
Benin hairav
Benin hairav 5 日 前
@Lonnie M If it's not funny then why the fuck did you even clicked on this video.
Lonnie M
Lonnie M 5 日 前
@Benin hairav And not funny for me and millions of others :)
Lonnie M
Lonnie M 5 日 前
@Spaceface Ahhh finally someone realized why its wrong in the first place and why if men want to get mad, they shouldn't act that way in the first place.
David Whitmore
David Whitmore 14 日 前
Eddie Murphy was right about black women. I'm a white guy who dated a black woman for about a year. At the time I lifted weights and weighed about 210 lb. She was tall and a slender 130 lb.. She and I had horse-played around / wrestled a couple of times and holy-crap she was strong. WAY stronger than any white woman.
Mr. WhiteMan
Mr. WhiteMan 14 日 前
I feel bad for guys with some cash, cause some women will treat you like you have unlimited money. And it gets irritating, like a child asking for everything they see. I've been there.
Z O 16 日 前
Don't Marry, be happy.
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fhjh jhgjghj 17 日 前
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Sara Arlavi
Sara Arlavi 17 日 前
I like how there are jokes that kinda praise and kinda make fun of women, both can be funny and here they truly are.
LCC 17 日 前
"Women do not deserve to earn as much money as men in the work place" Audience: claps
lamphang marbaniang
lamphang marbaniang 17 日 前
*We ain't their first choice *
fhjh jhgjghj
fhjh jhgjghj 18 日 前
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Bryant C
Bryant C 19 日 前
Kevin hart is not funny...
TheTrueGrady 20 日 前
Wish ole Jim wasn’t a hack but gotta admit he’s got some good bits
Mohammed Raouf
Mohammed Raouf 22 日 前
What chris rock said is 100% true
João Antonio
João Antonio 22 日 前
Chris rock was gold on this stand up, laugh so hard
mistracy39 22 日 前
Chris Rock won! 😁👍🏼👍🏼
mistracy39 22 日 前
"Women ain't going to let a little thing like SENCE mess up their argument" -Chris Rock
LiberalsAreGarbage 2 日 前
mistracy39 22 日 前
Richard Pryor is still the funniest OMG!! .. Bill Bur and Chris Rock 😁👍🏼👍🏼
MrLeonthepro 22 日 前
Andrew Schultz is bang on the money. Women wanted fuck all to do with it until it got easy.
Patrick St. Pierre
Patrick St. Pierre 23 日 前
The best part is that if you listen to the crowds (outside of Jeffries) you can clearly hear women laughing.
Batjuban Synmon
Batjuban Synmon 23 日 前
If a man slaps a woman. Bystanders : That man is heartless.. If a woman slaps a man Bystanders : He definitely did something to deserve that 🙄
Trilly 03
Trilly 03 24 日 前
Hahaha Jeanie was the perfect call out for Patrice 🤣🤣🤣 Rip Patrice Oneal
jsum33 25 日 前
Turning your back on an angry woman is a terrible idea Kevin.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 25 日 前
The ending was fucking phenomenal!!!
naveen singh
naveen singh 26 日 前
Bill Burr is the inner voice we try to ignore.
RuetheDead 26 日 前
I sent this to my gf
Christian Seaman
Christian Seaman 27 日 前
Everyday. This woman is gold
Sandy Corona
Sandy Corona 28 日 前
Bill Burr needs to work on his issues. That man hates women. He’s being open about it and people laugh. 😐
Nore Bl
Nore Bl 19 日 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok sandy
mc23243 28 日 前
Wow, if somebody said to my face that women don't deserve to earn as much as men, I would hit them
Saturn 28 日 前
I used to say yes to everything, and the few times I said no, the burden of the apology is automatically on me. One time I refused to accept what she asked and stood my ground for several days, just to test if she will eventually respect my opinion. Two weeks later we were officially divorced.
WomanInTheMirror 29 日 前
Loving Laugh Planet 🌎❤️
Rheyanah Williams
Rheyanah Williams ヶ月 前
i laughed once
Debbie Scott
Debbie Scott ヶ月 前
Love Bill Burr...🤣🇦🇺
Ryoka1 ヶ月 前
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA "Every morning you should look yourself in the mirror and say FUCK YOU. Fuck your hopes, fuck you dreams....now lets go and make this bitch happy"
Clement Bassil
Clement Bassil ヶ月 前
Chris Rock really do be screaming out there
Will Johnson
Will Johnson ヶ月 前
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery ヶ月 前
I will never understand Kevin Hart’s popularity. He’s the opposite of funny....
TheSnoozeFox ヶ月 前
It’s crazy how Jim Jefferies ended up going “woke” he had such great standup
AlexB ヶ月 前
Kevi Hart and Chris Rock just made the exactly opposite points in this video haha Kevin - Argue, don't be a yes man Chris - Be a yes man, don't argue
Rebah Wafula
Rebah Wafula ヶ月 前
Men and women hate each other. Is heterosexual all about sex and bearing children
Isazi Sempi
Isazi Sempi ヶ月 前
Boy XD Richard Pryor is the funniest man to ever walk. I heard his standup a million times and no exactly what the punchline is but can't stop myself from busting out laughing.
The Wizard Games
The Wizard Games ヶ月 前
Kevin Hart: Argue, and don't be a yes man Chris rock: And I took that personally
P J ヶ月 前
"having men work with women is like having men work with salmon, dipped in honey" don't get me wrong I love a good sexist joke but it's gotta be GOOD, the funny factor gotta outweigh the sexist factor, the whole bit wasn't really funny enough it just ended up kinda gross,,,
sean callahan
sean callahan ヶ月 前
Pryor is so right..that is the worst moment to be alive
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins ヶ月 前
Legend has it liberal retards are still pushing the wage gap myth to this day...
Daniel H
Daniel H ヶ月 前
Honestly tho, it’s like bruh can u just stop
Peter Lane
Peter Lane ヶ月 前
I love how no one ever stops laughing when men bring up being hit by women.
Peter Lane
Peter Lane 22 日 前
@mistracy39 smh
mistracy39 22 日 前
Aww you sound pathetic .. poe child! 😭
AJayAnswersYou ヶ月 前
We all know the women in Murphy's crowd cheering would not be beating anyone.
Patricio Narbaja
Patricio Narbaja ヶ月 前
- All men are the same.- - Who told you to try them all, b...?
Tato Batsikadze
Tato Batsikadze ヶ月 前
Title: 10 FUNNIEST Jokes on Women... There's only 9 Jokes. Was this compilation made by a woman?
DR ADHI ヶ月 前
i m not trying to be a dick but i believe in polygamy man i love womens of different races all kinds except uglies !! i know its hard to be a ugly women but man its life deal with it
The Eddie Murphy bush bitch bit is a tad better in my opinion
Cesar Huerta 1915
Cesar Huerta 1915 ヶ月 前
Jacob Luto
Jacob Luto ヶ月 前
Why Kevin gotta roast me like that
K H ヶ月 前
Chris Rock building betas
GNerdful ヶ月 前
The bill burr bit about hitting women always reminds me of Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "I would never hit a women. I love women that's why I pay them 20 dollars to have sex with me for money. But when they bite down on my tongue I start whaling away because I have to do something to free myself."
Taylor Lane
Taylor Lane ヶ月 前
All the dislikes are from feminists who think men breathing in the same room as them is sexual harassment.
Lolanator234 ヶ月 前
Dislikes are all feminists
Gary Mclean
Gary Mclean ヶ月 前
Eddie obvs never hit her hard enough 😏
Muneca BonBon
Muneca BonBon ヶ月 前
wtf is this
Desmond Scoby
Desmond Scoby ヶ月 前
"Ladies lets talk about harassment for a minute, why cant i harass you"
Amanda Barfield
Amanda Barfield ヶ月 前
17:30 Sure you can win an argument Chris! Keven Hart just let explained how! People that follow his advice may simply up and disappear some day, but just listen to him, you'll get it. Also...didn't you hear? No one wants a "Yes Man", fuck that. Yeah......
Jordi ENP
Jordi ENP ヶ月 前
Chris Rock you can't win an argument bcoz you like making sense Kewin Hart: be loud don't make sense and leave the room Conclusion: u can't argue with logic but u can with loudness.
Vinz Vega
Vinz Vega ヶ月 前
comedy is only funny when its right, so stfu Chris Rock
travis 420
travis 420 ヶ月 前
So Chris and kevin have completely opposite views.
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw ヶ月 前
My parents were married 62 years and very rarely argued. It had to be something really important and then they waited till we were asleep or went down in the back Garden. We didn't know they argued ever but they didn't often.
André Tates III
André Tates III ヶ月 前
lol Kevin Hart got up and was the same height.
Ultra Light Cam
Ultra Light Cam ヶ月 前
18:30 yea they pretty much gotta make themselves happy of its “men suck” “niggas aint shit”
Ultra Light Cam
Ultra Light Cam ヶ月 前
10:30 sometimes bill looks like van go
ZeleBigz TV
ZeleBigz TV ヶ月 前
2.4k women disliked this video.
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm ヶ月 前
Hahahaha...Eddie Murphy is the funniest..hahaha..😆😆
Ti Kay
Ti Kay ヶ月 前
Don't put loui on the thumbnail if he isn't in the video
DatTrapper ヶ月 前
11:37 *Bill Blur a cold mofo...* Edit: Check out my Snipes thoe
Maverick GSD
Maverick GSD 2 ヶ月 前
How did Bill burr end up in Hollywood on a Disney show, he isn’t a brainless puppet like most of the people in Hollywood
Latasha Carson
Latasha Carson 2 ヶ月 前
The 2400 dislikes obviously came from women 😂
mosu95 2 ヶ月 前
Man throughout alot of these segments i didn't even laugh at all.. i swear it just was the damn truth and it was the saddest shit ever
emily pannozzi
emily pannozzi 2 ヶ月 前
You forgot a joke: Emily does not get males! 😅
Rochelle Eskue
Rochelle Eskue 2 ヶ月 前
His impressions of women, whites, and gays (no static here) are the funniest😅😅
mark tamblyn
mark tamblyn 2 ヶ月 前
haha, I like the last one
Ben Herbert
Ben Herbert 2 ヶ月 前
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AntisocialKy 2 ヶ月 前
9:40 that “there you go” straight frank murphy vibes
Mr Tropical
Mr Tropical 2 ヶ月 前
Richard Pryor (RIP) is still the king of comedy.
No-face 2 ヶ月 前
A white girl having a seizure bruh I call that a vanilla shake
Kiah Hardy
Kiah Hardy 2 ヶ月 前
"You had two more inches of dick you'd find some new pussy here." 😂😂
Samoansfinest 2 ヶ月 前
Chris rock is right man. Wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Linda Walsh
Linda Walsh 2 ヶ月 前
Epsteins guest list.
Linda Walsh
Linda Walsh 2 ヶ月 前
I'm sure they are all still married or had successful relationships, happy happy men, got your balls back but nothing to dunk them in, relationship goals.
minkymott 2 ヶ月 前
Chris Rock is not funny.
Badger C.
Badger C. 2 ヶ月 前
When all of the jokes are funny and not misogynistic 😂😂 Actual talent 😂
kamil erbilek
kamil erbilek 2 ヶ月 前
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