1980 Presidential Candidate Debate: Governor Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter - 10/28/80

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12 年 前

The full-length 1980 Presidential Candidate Debate between Governor Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter on 10/28/80.

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Louis Vargas
Louis Vargas 2 年 前
Carter was a damn good president
Jacob Guiton
Jacob Guiton 2 年 前
Convinced once again that Ronald Reagan was the best president of the modern age.
ossigeno 3 年 前
Both great leaders of the USA. Wonderful to watch this men.
Zomadee 3 年 前
Civilized debate.
Wilson Fisk
Wilson Fisk 3 年 前
I'd vote for either of these two over Trump, Obama, Bush
Jack James
Jack James 3 年 前
Carter was the most noble president ever and never lied. Compare him to the current one who lies several times even before he takes his morning deuce.
Keith Syth
Keith Syth 3 年 前
I was 20 years old When govener Regan won his election over time I understood why preident elect Regan did and did not do things over all i beleave he did a good Job
Malagænt 3 年 前
Ah, it's so obvious why President Reagan won this election.
Duker Wong
Duker Wong 3 年 前
They debate with great manners, although they are different different parties, or have different opinions.
WildWoody42 4 年 前
57:05 Best and most relevant question of the debate.
Kristian Hestås
Kristian Hestås 4 年 前
Man, Reagan was presidential material
ZOOMBOY666 4 年 前
This country needs another Reagan
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves 4 年 前
Imagine if any of these guys debated Hillary today.
Michael Ocenar
Michael Ocenar 4 年 前
They shook hands.
CM L 4 年 前
Oh so this is what a real debate looks like...
Andrew R
Andrew R 4 年 前
Had to come here before tonight's debate.
CyberspacedLoner 4 年 前
#HillaryClinton #DonaldJTrump
John Pierce
John Pierce 4 年 前
39:52 good ol reagan humor
Johnrap11 4 年 前
59:30 Democrats for coal? I'm confused.
Johnrap11 4 年 前
Reagan saved the world. Then in 26 short years, we destroyed it again. I have high hopes for Trump. He's not the same sort of person as Reagan. Trump is far short of Reagan. But, like Reagan, Trump believes in America and he can beat the mainstream marketing machine. In 2016 that's the best offer we're going to get. Plus, the age we're in, Trump fits. Reagan could afford a lot more decency when he was going against elites who wanted to remain decent themselves. In 1998, when Clinton didn't resign, the media jumped the shark by sticking with Clinton. There is no decency, not even faux decency, anymore. A person like Trump is the only one that can do the job in the 2016 climate.
swoosh50 4 年 前
Carter was the last conservative Democrat. Reagab was the last conservative Republican. God help us
apope06 4 年 前
its more respectful in part because Carter was a decent man.
Leslie Carbone
Leslie Carbone 4 年 前
It was great to have a candidate who understood conservative principles well enough to communicate them.
Rafi 4 年 前
Back in an era where you could civilly disagree politically. Nowadays its like everyone wants to cut heads off for simply disagreeing
Amschelus Maximus
Amschelus Maximus 4 年 前
Carter seems like a good guy with bad policies and lack of charisma Reagan's opening remarks alone must have boosted him up 5%
CyberspacedLoner 4 年 前
the 2 best Republican Presidents were Abraham Lincoln and Dwight David Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan was only a Actor, a Corporate GE Salesman, compared to the 2 first persons.
M&M Papaya
M&M Papaya 4 年 前
Both so graceful and amazing people. I can't see Hillary and Donald up on stage debating this way. They will end up insulting each other. It's such a joke. This world is a joke now a days
Mason Cook
Mason Cook 4 年 前
This is what a presidential debate is supposed to look like for those who don't know.
Dynamite D
Dynamite D 4 年 前
It looks like a funeral home in there
Dynamite D
Dynamite D 4 年 前
Is carter reading from a TelePrompTer??
Joe Suchy
Joe Suchy 4 年 前
There are to many haters LIERS and cheaters against ronald reagan the strength that Americans once had
_Marine 4 年 前
There you go again...
MondoBeno 4 年 前
So many of the problems discussed in this debate were the result of overindulgence. The country was full of lazy bum who refused to work and ended up on welfare. Nowadays we have new problem, in that welfare is gone and young people cannot or will not work.
MondoBeno 4 年 前
Carter didn't learn from the Kennedy-Nixon debate. When it comes to TV, presence is everything. Carter looks dopey here, and his stumbling speaking style doesn't help.
Bossman 4 年 前
Carter was good with nucwear weapons
Otto Mattak
Otto Mattak 4 年 前
I'm endorsing old footage of Reagan for President in 2016!
G. Cunha
G. Cunha 4 年 前
It`s hard to believe Carter is still alive. this debate was like thousands of years ago haha.
KnoxVegas 4 年 前
Carter got MOWED.
Horse is Crazy
Horse is Crazy 4 年 前
World peace . I was born in 71. Our country has been in conflict with " brown people " year after year. Reminds me of a George Carlin bits on America and war . " We like war ." ( especially on brown people )
themig71 4 年 前
Carter, an extremely moral man but what a terrible president.
Highway Pickers
Highway Pickers 4 年 前
Carter looks over like he is completely screwed
Randal W. Randy Bacon Reagan
Randal W. Randy Bacon Reagan 4 年 前
i love the comment that Ronald Reagan stated that was nice I respect that ...
logmat45 4 年 前
The news reporters did not show which way they were leaning . They were just people reporting it and letting us make up our minds. Sadly it's sure not that way now. If anyone runs against a Dem they have to run against the media also.
Marty McDonough
Marty McDonough 4 年 前
THIS is what a Presidential Debate should be and how Presidents and Presidential candidates should act. Unfortunately, both are worried more about getting on The Tonight Show and being a celebrity.
Yissnakk Lives!
Yissnakk Lives! 4 年 前
The media was a lot tougher on Democrats back then than they are today, that's for sure!
Kerim Grozny
Kerim Grozny 4 年 前
Reagan is such a good speech maker.
raglanheuser 4 年 前
the average american voter today lacks the cognitive skills necessary to comprehend this kind of civilized, rational debate.
BoxOfOranges84 4 年 前
the best part of the debates is that the candidates were allowed to pause, gather thoughts sometimes fumble over their words, and no one cared because what they said is what mattered. Nowadays we judge politicians on how well they can polish their empty words
Steven Davis
Steven Davis 4 年 前
I would have voted for President Carter. Reagan was a divisive candidate who actually started his political career in California by loathing 1960's liberals. He was the pioneer in the modern Tea Party movement that has been making a mockery of our nation.
William Clay
William Clay 4 年 前
Cater is just happy he isn't the worst president any more.
L M 4 年 前
Now the moderators ask if the candidates would abort baby Hitler
Trev Gibb
Trev Gibb 4 年 前
Honestly, if it wasn't 1980 and probably impossible I'd think Reagan had an in-ear device with someone coaching him.
House Man Luis
House Man Luis 4 年 前
Trump without the wall
rob davidson
rob davidson 4 年 前
Mostly the same issues that we have today.
crazyjake05 4 年 前
Ahh back when our deficit problems were talked about in the terms of 10's of billions of dollars.
Tripster60 4 年 前
The economy was so small back then, it was around 2.5 trillion. By the end of reagan's presidency it was 5 trillion. His reforms created an economic boom that so us go from 2.5 trillion to 10 trillion by 2001. Its worth noting though that the us economy doubles every ten years(excluding the 70's)
Gromitdog1 4 年 前
Ruth Hinderfeld looks like an eskimo.
Hedgerow 4 年 前
The eternal lie of government control. Carter, Clinton, Obama, Hillary, Bernie, it never ends. They insist that government has to confiscate wealth and redistribute it. It does not work, people. Wake up.
The Golden Arm
The Golden Arm 4 年 前
+hedgerow Anarchy is freedom. What you're advocating is minarchism. Minarchism is Slavery Lite.
Hedgerow 4 年 前
Oh you're so righteous aren't you. And incredibly naive that you think big gov and taxes is all about helping people. I'm not against helping people; my whole life and profession is about helping people, often for free or very little charge. You have no clue about my character, nor do you understand the first thing about what really helps people.
secureteam12 4 年 前
Clinton was good , Obama is not good
The Golden Arm
The Golden Arm 4 年 前
Reagan didn't help either because he doubled the funding on programs like the Department of Education when he campaigned on repealing them.
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 4 年 前
Problem is that no one you mention is a real Social Democrat/Progressive except Bernie and somewhat Carter, but he was inept. Trickle down economics has been practiced for the past 30+ plus years and it doesnt work. When were raising taxes on the middle and lower class were just benefiting the rich. We should end corporate welfare and the 1% should pay their fair share. The founder of Captialism, Adam Smith, said that it is not an absurd idea that the rich should contribute more to Public expenses. Corporations are paying less then they did under Regan. What need an is allocation of tax payer money as well to fund things that will actually work and possibly cut down foreign aid and invest more into programs that will actually get struggling people back on their feet and work. Hillary, Obama, Bill are center Democrats who talk progressivly but their actions dont account for it. They are Conservative Democrats who practive Neo-Liberalism, which is basically trickle down economics on a global scale. ACA for example is pro-insurance company and NAFTA is anti-middle class. Programs like free PUBLIC college (not private) and Universal Healthcare down size government if we follow in the footsteps of countries like Germany and Sweden.
Kruppt808 4 年 前
Say what you want about RR, a great speaker and communicator. You wanna trust him, Carter seems like this is beneath him and seems tight and irritated. Reagan chuckles , Carter clenching.
vccstudents 4 年 前
Between 24:40 and 24:52, RONNIE took Jimmy to school! "The idea that my tax cut proposal is inflationary, I would like to ask the President why is it inflationary to let the people keep more of their money and spend it the way they'd like, and it isn't inflationary to let him take that money and spend it the way he wants?" I remember seeing that and saying, "RONNIE got him with that one!" It was all downhill for Jimmy after that. Towards the end of the debate, RONNIE said his famous, "There you go again." Then when RONNIE said, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" I knew this election was over! We need a RONNIE now!
Secular Scot
Secular Scot 4 年 前
The beginning of the end for America. The day the corporations bought the democratic process, and every economic lever.
The Golden Arm
The Golden Arm 4 年 前
No, that happened in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created.
Gabriel Helms
Gabriel Helms 4 年 前
Everybody wants to make it out like Reagan was the best President ever when all he really did was make his rich buddies like Bush richer and bring peace between us and Russia.
Gabriel Helms
Gabriel Helms 4 年 前
I never once said that bringing peace between us and Russia was not a big deal.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
@***** Gorbachev made that possible. The Soviet Union's economy was collapsing. And Gorbachev saw a new way forward. Even on the U.S. side it was experienced diplomats that made negotiations possible. Reagan only showed up when they were ready to provide photo ops. The collapse of the Soviet Union surprised Reagan more than anybody else. Heck I'll give both Bush and Nixon credit for making relations with the West and East possible.
Gabriel Helms
Gabriel Helms 4 年 前
Lucky for you I'm not a die hard conservative :)
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
@Gabriel Helms I don't think you understand how the internet works. You are suppose to call me an idiot and question my sexuality, masculinity and motives. lol
Gabriel Helms
Gabriel Helms 4 年 前
I completely agree!
preasail 4 年 前
The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by numerous scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any US president. (Wikipedia)
Jeff Holden
Jeff Holden 4 年 前
God! How far we've fallen watching Reagan versus what we now have representing us in the general election. The electorate has been so dumbed down and we're losing our country because of it. What a waste
Mister Fusion
Mister Fusion 4 年 前
This election was won at 19:02
robotpanda77 4 年 前
Carter: "I asked my little daughter what she thought was the most important issue in America today". Lol wtf? Is this how he makes decisions? Explains a lot actually.
Hockeytown0001 4 年 前
Nev Permel
Nev Permel 4 年 前
This is a debate, They talk about the issues and are respectful. The debates of today are shameful
Everyday Struggles
Everyday Struggles 4 年 前
Holdenon3 4 年 前
REAGAN: (paraphrasing) "...when I was young, the nation didn't know it had a racial problem."
remingtonh 4 年 前
Carter got throttled in the election after this.
Chris Whited
Chris Whited 4 年 前
unions have a "collective"..........."selfishness".........there's your education problem. steve jobs told obama the simple truth. there will not be good education while it's controlled by a cartel ........................the unions.
Chris Whited
Chris Whited 4 年 前
the great Keynesian joke.........................Marxian nonsense..........."full employment", whatever that means. they set the table, now they don't like what's for supper.
not a human
not a human 4 年 前
''all ways remember, that the best weapons are the ones that fight in combat and the best soldier is the one who never puts his life down on the field of battle, Strength is imperative for al peace *BUT THE TWO MUST GO HAND IN HAND*" ''Jimmy carter'' the only president who never fired a shot in his 4 years in office, if we had more people like him
ENiGMA 5 年 前
"We don't have inflation because the people are living too well, we have inflation becsuse the government is living too well" brilliant Ron
Billy Joyce
Billy Joyce 4 年 前
Aram Pajian
Aram Pajian 4 年 前
I don't understand what that means. Anyone care to explain?
Togic 5 年 前
My internet explorer is sort of laggy but VOTE FOR REAGAN
Teknokai - Sipes Productions
Teknokai - Sipes Productions 4 年 前
One of the best Internet Explorer jokes I've seen
ewgeesjames 5 年 前
what happened to "no applause please", does that rule only apply to presidential debates? the primary debates have been obnoxious, mostly because of the crowd.
alexander brutell
alexander brutell 5 年 前
Reagan was the greatest President of my time
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
You must be joking.
Gidget SurferGirl
Gidget SurferGirl 5 年 前
Thank you Ronald Reagan for your great leadership. It was you who changed the mind of my parents to leave the democrat party and vote for you. I was taught dinner table politics that were republican ideas by the age of 10. I heard your speeches and we discussed you among my friends walking home from grade school. Thank you.
tigerarmyrule 5 年 前
Ronald Reagan: Dignity, grace, strength and courtesy and Pres. Carter though weak and ineffective was a gentleman. None of the blatant NLP usage of Obama.
nemesys6 5 年 前
The way Reagan speaks... jesus, no one speaks like that anymore. So eloquent and his words are so thought out. Its astonishing and amazing.
Amschelus Maximus
Amschelus Maximus 4 年 前
+lorilemonade Obama's good at giving speeches, but stutters way more than Reagan. Reagan's voice is a strange combination of soothing and bold, and is way more persuasive
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
Obama is a true intellectual. Reagan graduated from a hick Christian college with low academic standards.
Benjamin33 5 年 前
+lorilemonade Yes, President TelePrompTer speaks really well.
lorilemonade 5 年 前
Oh please...Obama speaks just as good, even better
Jake Schmale
Jake Schmale 5 年 前
I love all the liberal brainless comments.
Colton Drake
Colton Drake 4 年 前
@***** okay
Colton Drake
Colton Drake 4 年 前
@***** you're probably one of those poor people that agree tax cuts for the rich are a good thing.
Colton Drake
Colton Drake 5 年 前
@Jake Schmale I know you will.
Jake Schmale
Jake Schmale 5 年 前
@Colton Drake I will (:
Colton Drake
Colton Drake 5 年 前
+Jake Schmale Go play with your guns and lifted trucks.
leafyutube 5 年 前
Reagan played football at Notre Dame.
Harsimran Bhatti
Harsimran Bhatti 4 年 前
@***** College football is in no way the NFL. And Yes, Reagan did play college football from 1928-1932 at Eureka College
Harsimran Bhatti
Harsimran Bhatti 4 年 前
Reagan played football at Eureka
ratdvek 5 年 前
Carter was tougher on Iran than Obama is today.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
@ratdvek Thank you for the daily dose of insanity and conspiracy theories. It makes me feel better about my own good mental health.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
@luigi jimenez These weren't talking points. This is an attempt to determine what we mean by a threat and how we determine standards for intervention.
WSL 4 年 前
Is Iran a threat to us was the question not talking points we already know.
WSL 4 年 前
How is Iran an issue to us? They are no threat to the US or any regional allies.
Jamie Lucas
Jamie Lucas 4 年 前
Iran is an issue now too
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 5 年 前
*America was a smarter country back then, that's why.*
El Presedente Fieri
El Presedente Fieri 5 年 前
These debates are so civil and respectful. The mod's don't seem biased and the candidates seem to want to talk about issues. What happened?
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
Reagan wasn't polite and civilized. Do a simple search for Reagan and My Mic. I Paid For It. Which is a line he stole from a movie.
sickle & hammer
sickle & hammer 4 年 前
Idk i think trump happened
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
When did Reagan ever have a grasp of any of the issues? The man was a plagiarist.
Fsockey2003 5 年 前
RIP Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It was a storybook love story. We won't be saying that about bill and hillary
Fsockey2003 5 年 前
@lorilemonade true dar
lorilemonade 5 年 前
And the folks who love Bill and Hillary won't be saying how the Reagan's cared for the American people
rektnarok 5 年 前
Wow, they didn't have paid shills in the crowd.
sxhbk 5 年 前
1 debate a week before the election? Wow... and man was Carter boring....
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza 5 年 前
LOL reagan ruined the country. IRAN CONTRA - SOLD WEAPONS TO IRAN!!!
Christian Crocetti
Christian Crocetti 4 年 前
Liberals: *Blame Reagan for seeking weapons to Iran* Liberals: *Praises Obama* Obama: *Gives Iran the possibility to make nukes an gives millions of US dollars*. Liberals: *Pretends it never happens and keeps attacking Conservatives as usual*.
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza 4 年 前
@***** Google iran contra scandal. LOL, dumb ass.
Jim Rook
Jim Rook 5 年 前
Reagan 2016. Rather have no one than these candidates.
Anthony Parvino
Anthony Parvino 5 年 前
Carter's face when Barbra Walters ask the question about terrorist, no clue whatsoever .Carter was a nice guy, good heart,but a complete pussy when it came to terrorist. Sorry, call's it like I sees it.
DonDraperism 5 年 前
Carter absolutely hated Reagan, but stayed professional nonetheless. Reagan beat Carter fair and square. Today's candidates are a total embarrassment and act like complete tools. Heavens to mercy.
Christian Crocetti
Christian Crocetti 4 年 前
+Grampa Reagan also sent a letter to Trump that he should run and he sent a letter to Ron Paul to never stop fighting for The United States.
Manfred Von Richtofen
Manfred Von Richtofen 4 年 前
+Billy Killett Long Live President TRUMP!
Billy Killett
Billy Killett 4 年 前
@mariogamefreak1 Trump will do fine
mariogamefreak1 5 年 前
can you imagine trump
Ivan Paligutan
Ivan Paligutan 5 年 前
So back then, debates were actually focusing on issues in the country rather than boasting about poll numbers and insulting the candidates?
Mike Hall
Mike Hall 4 年 前
+Samuel Borden Thanks Gary Johnson 2016
Ivan Paligutan
Ivan Paligutan 4 年 前
+Nightbob Sounds like something Jerry Springer should mediate.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 4 年 前
Oh please no. The world can't afford that again.
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 4 年 前
Jaime Acosta
Jaime Acosta 4 年 前
Yup! What a shame it's become. Peace!
TheIcanntspel 5 年 前
I hope trump has watched this. I have my doubts about him, but if he's going to be the republican nominee, he'd better pay attention to the what our best modern day president has to say. I think he could make some good changes, but he's arrogant and egotistical, Reagan was humble and strong.
Robert Lombardo
Robert Lombardo 4 年 前
+K Lawn That's because Bill Clinton was a political charlatan who took way more than he gave to our country and ended his career a scandalous joke. And now, he's looking to chase skirts in the White House for another 4 years.
lawnzo z
lawnzo z 5 年 前
I didn't see Bill Clinton in this video.
David s
David s 5 年 前
RIP Nancy Regan 1921-2016
Alex Arriaga
Alex Arriaga 5 年 前
May her and and Ronald rest in peace.
Liam Prendergast
Liam Prendergast 5 年 前
Reagan's line about the single line of people unemployed would stretch from New York to Los Angeles at around 1:32:40 was a really interesting technique
rob2049 5 年 前
Ron, Nancy RIP
jomten 4 年 前
BTW by old people I mean social security is 25% of what our tax money goes to, and medicaid is 24%. That's half our tax dollars.
jomten 4 年 前
Business's should be forced to compete for labor, but with the excessive government interference it just cant happen. Hiring is a nightmare of red tape, training is too expensive so new hires at restaurants get thrown to the wolves and quit very frequently. And firing is worse because you will have to pay unemployment so its more cost effective to cut their hours and treat them like crap until they quit in frustration. We need less regulation, and lower taxes. To pay someone 10$ an hour costs about $12.50 (I was gm for a small restaurant is how i got these numbers btw), and after the employees taxes are taken they get around $8.50. after you account for sales tax it costs 12.50 to get you around 7.80 in spending power. Minimum wage employees are taxed at almost 40%, and it's all going to old people.
@jomten Then why have a minimum wage at all if it will never scale with inflation, even a little bit? Even wages for actual professional jobs should be higher to be honest.
jomten 4 年 前
+Bengals Fan There are good arguments to how raising the minimum wage can harm workers rather than help them.
@Gallo de Combate The minimum wage should be raised to compensate for inflation. That's just basic economics. Don't know why republicans have such a huge hate boner for raising the minimum wage. It's not like we want Mcdonald's workers making 100k a year or anything.
A Lil Kangaroo
A Lil Kangaroo 5 年 前
dude s got a kewl voice
Nick Boldan
Nick Boldan 5 年 前
Just finished watching the GOP debate....my god, bring back the golden days!
darkduck2000 5 年 前
No kidding, I'll Lincoln and Reagan are both spinning in their graves at Donald Trump
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 5 年 前
44:20 This DEMACRAT actually has more common sense than all the political nominees for the demacratic platform for today. He tells us plainly we cannot let hostile and terrorist harbouring and funding nation obtain nuclear arms. Skip forward 35 years and we now have the Iran Nuclear Deal. Look how has changed. This country is commiting political suicide everyday.
Dylan Kennedy
Dylan Kennedy 5 年 前
also, primary debates with three or more candidates are a bit more rambunctious than general election debates. Where is that Anderson guy?
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