ALL ACCESS | Yuki Tsunoda's First F1 Race

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Scuderia AlphaTauri

9 日 前

Time to go behind the scenes with another All Access episode! We followed Yuki Tsunoda as he prepared for his first F1 weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix, capturing everything from his first media interviews to throwing his dirty laundry at his trainer - we also have a nice solo performance from Yuki as he sings one of his favourite tunes in Japanese!
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Matt P
Matt P 時間 前
I think Yuki is my favourite driver now, huge talent and seems really nice
Craig Miller
Craig Miller 3 時間 前
This dude is QUICK!!! 👏👏👏
Ga 40
Ga 40 3 時間 前
Thats is the energy water ? Or mineral water 8:23
yuzi sxda
yuzi sxda 5 時間 前
鼻糞ホジ喰ってんなよ 角田 ってか がっかり /( ´Д`)/=3  ふぅ・・・・・・・
yamato f
yamato f 16 時間 前
Thanks for japanese sub. I'll learn EngRish by next video.
hexlgaming 19 時間 前
he seems like a very talented guy that just selflessly delivers in the car, and on top of that seems to be very diversly skilled
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire 日 前
French traduction 😭😭i understand only English a bit
aimlesfez 日 前
He knows how to juggle a football. He will be loved in Italy
S B 日 前
Great guys, great team! wish you all the best, guys!
김지태 日 前
우리 아기 유키 카와이이ㅣ
Leando Souza
Leando Souza 2 日 前
Nova promessa da f1 muito talentoso!
motoking 2 日 前
Gasly and yuki have become my favorite combo in F1
James Faulkner II
James Faulkner II 2 日 前
I'm sorry you have to make so many autographed cards and I would never asked anyone for one because I know it must be the shittiest part of life. Well other than having some asshole film everything you do.
I'm Jared
I'm Jared 2 日 前
Yuki's ability in soccer is good as driving, very nice. Wishing him best of luck in the rest of the season!!
Kakao 2 日 前
Yuki going out of his way to fist bump everyone is the best thing ever
Térence Gros
Térence Gros 2 日 前
Yuki Tsunoda fait un très bon début de saison en F1 avec une neuvième place à Bahreïn prouve qu'il a vraiment sa place dans la discipline reine du sport automobile. L'AT02 est très compétitive avec un moteur Honda beaucoup plus performant et Yuki Tsunoda va jouer les podiums et les victoires dans une saison 2021 qui va être animé. Yuki Tsunoda est un futur champion du monde.
Anthony Leung
Anthony Leung 2 日 前
a new super talent is coming
Elysian Tattoo Travel
Elysian Tattoo Travel 2 日 前
Already a big big fan ... first race and already showed what he's made of! Scuderia made with redbull absolutely the best driver spots available
Oskar Lins
Oskar Lins 3 日 前
TheJokerit19 3 日 前
I like hearing the Japanese language in this video. I especially like 12:50-13:14 featuring a fire up, standstill Honda sound, and a shake caused by upshifting from neutral to 1st. Hopefully, this ALL ACCESS series focusing on Yuki will be a regular thing for every event.
Jordan King
Jordan King 3 日 前
great :)
Hydro 3 日 前
8:33 your water is wet lol
ゆうつばめ 3 日 前
You can never see such a video in Japan!
Lian Summer
Lian Summer 3 日 前
Yuki con abrigo en bahrain jajaja, con ese calor. Saludos Desde Panamá.
sky blue
sky blue 3 日 前
Please continue this series!
Jaslo Entertainment
Jaslo Entertainment 3 日 前
Wow he is soooo cute 😍
Naufal Ayrton
Naufal Ayrton 3 日 前
Sunrise need to make a new Future GPX Cyber formula with yuki in it
Henry Leung
Henry Leung 3 日 前
16:16 "It's better this way than to crash in the first lap." Mazepin: I did that
Sad Fries
Sad Fries 3 日 前
omg he sing dry flower.. nice
KukkiTaekwondo 3 日 前
God speed my friend Yuki!!!
P Kgmgd
P Kgmgd 3 日 前
Sleepy Steven
Sleepy Steven 3 日 前
Another interesting story line for this years F1 season...wishing him all the best....race'em young man...
Max Inpains
Max Inpains 3 日 前
He is S.Korean.
Janek Pawulon
Janek Pawulon 4 日 前
I thought he sang "dame dane" song from Yakuza xD
Patrick Yip
Patrick Yip 4 日 前
Some of the Italian like to butcher the English words, it sounds really annoying and Yuki speaks better English than most of the Italian crew members.
ZNXT_Controllex :ytg:
ZNXT_Controllex :ytg: 4 日 前
If Yuki fits, Yuki sits
pat laad
pat laad 4 日 前
A new star rising 😘
angga raksa
angga raksa 4 日 前
Love this content, please make every race 😍😍
ALL CAPS 4 日 前
It’s still so insane to me to see how much of a family they all are. Literally spending day and night with each other
Dammit Greg!
Dammit Greg! 4 日 前
I really wish he does well!!!!! :D
Reo Ishida
Reo Ishida 4 日 前
オタって行こう! 4 日 前
3:10 ~ Japanese traditional ”KARAOKE" time.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson 4 日 前
Question, why are people wearing masks if they get vaccinated? And how come such young people are trying to render their immune systems useless?
K9 4 日 前
Driver at the beginning starts driving off without making sure Yuki's has his seat belt on and then proceeds to steer with one hand at the bottom of the wheel....what is this amateur hour??
Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland 4 日 前
4:25 , Gasly lookin jacked yo
Fritz Leodolter
Fritz Leodolter 4 日 前
Go Yuki go!😉👏
swissguyflying 4 日 前
Props to Yuki and Alpha Tauri! It was great seeing him ALL ACCESS. Lot's of support and all the best wishes to Yuki and the team from Switzerland!
Kilt Xan
Kilt Xan 4 日 前
22 my
gastanbn1 4 日 前
I think I'm started to love this guy! I'm so excited for next race, and I think he can do very good job in Imola
Sam 4 日 前
Awesome All Access segment....keep them coming!
Armin K
Armin K 4 日 前
I imagine most people would prefer to undress down to their underwear privately. Give them some personal space and time.
Max Inpains
Max Inpains 4 日 前
He ain't really a Japanese. He is S.korean born in Japan .
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin 4 日 前
Imagine being in your boxers and your boss walks in
Lukas Margelis
Lukas Margelis 4 日 前
Now everybody doing videos like mclaren, love it!
Shift47 4 日 前
Yuki the smallest F1 driver with the biggest Future on the Grid!
Siu Lung Lui
Siu Lung Lui 4 日 前
"Survive the first lap and the rest will come. It is better this way than crash in the first lap" look likes someone didn't know that
Corporaal 4 日 前
Great to see some more Japanese culture in f1
randeraad 4 日 前
Japanese people are so humble, we should learn from that, especially the entitled generation we have over here. You could see he was honoured when the team boss walked in and at the same time embarrassed because he was sitting in his underwear. I'm expecting big things from this guy, if he keeps it up he'll be riding alongside Max next year.
Steinstra 1961
Steinstra 1961 4 日 前
@Sean Onraet Exactly Max drove 2 years at (then) Toro Rosso before he stepped in the Red Bull car. Let this kid get some experience first.
Sean Onraet
Sean Onraet 4 日 前
I hope they actually give him time to develope unlike Alex and Pierre who both got screwed
BeatExport 4 日 前
Yuki the small man but a big boss off and on track with respect for his people...
tomo m
tomo m 4 日 前
日本語の字幕を付けてくれてありがとう Thank you for adding Japanese subtitles
Ankur Sahu
Ankur Sahu 4 日 前
Yuki is cool. That will make him a best rider in future.
young Viva
young Viva 5 日 前
Freddy von grunn
Freddy von grunn 5 日 前
Yuki u are also a great singer😄good Luck in the future 👍🏻😀😊❤ greets from the Netherlands 🇳🇱
Papaya마야 5 日 前
Love his serious and confident way to walk, also truly emotional moment!
丘本典敏 5 日 前
角田選手 日本から応援しています。頑張ってください。
Le Chat Noir
Le Chat Noir 5 日 前
17:14 🤣
istina postenje
istina postenje 5 日 前
Yuki je nešto što se lijepo dogodilo f1 unazad nekoliko godina... poz iz Hr sretno!!!!
Le Chat Noir
Le Chat Noir 5 日 前
Mio A
Mio A 5 日 前
Who is the guy who stays with Yuki the whole time? Is it yuki's assistant??
jeremy shu how lin fan Too
jeremy shu how lin fan Too 5 日 前
Damn he looks tall on camera, but he's 5'2
Nikhil Pabelkar
Nikhil Pabelkar 5 日 前
Signing all those cards and stuff is definitely the most boring part of this job xD
odoyan 5 日 前
46GamingCuber 5 日 前
7:36 good to see you, koh Stephen.
A Maya
A Maya 5 日 前
We NEED a video of Yuki for every race please....pretty please!!!!!!
Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton 5 日 前
AlienofAndromeda 5 日 前
10:25 Love the fist bump loading animation 😂 Thanks for all the content. Wishing Yuki more great overtakes! 🇯🇵
Kevin Fernandez
Kevin Fernandez 5 日 前
“Training?!?!” Hahahaha
微分積分 5 日 前
微分積分 5 日 前
Felipe Romantini
Felipe Romantini 5 日 前
P9!! Excelent job!!
堀越毅 5 日 前
Mr Tsunoda often doesn't wear a mask. He shouldn't do it now.
Steinstra 1961
Steinstra 1961 4 日 前
Nope, as the mask does not help.
Erwin J
Erwin J 5 日 前
This guy has got to get a WC atleast one based on his performance in the first GP, such a beast! Glad Alphatauri has given him the chance to prove himself and I hope Alphatauri will have a great year. The Honda engine is looking strong and as always has the best sound on the grid.
1101 2202
1101 2202 5 日 前
ofc he plays golf
ruben gouveia
ruben gouveia 5 日 前
He's just a kid,WTF ninja tsunoda
Will Gaming
Will Gaming 5 日 前
I may not be a alpha tauri fan but lets be honest nobody in the paddock can hate Yuki
Kyle Rowland
Kyle Rowland 5 日 前
Loved yuki before this and even more after
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse 5 日 前
Yuki "Big Bang" Tsunoda!
sigit prasetyo
sigit prasetyo 5 日 前
He was more like fancy f1 fans than rapid driver..
BLACK_HyDrA161 5 日 前
wonder if he uses a booster seat or not
Ciaran Reeves
Ciaran Reeves 5 日 前
These videos are making me more of a yuki fan the more I watch
Kenschive 5 日 前
awww retierno el yuki 7u7
michael henstock
michael henstock 5 日 前
Enjoy his character during testing but really becoming a fan of him now.
lemmoR 5 日 前
Is this for netflix?
Carlin 5 日 前
So calm, a real profesional at work.
icedbannanas 5 日 前
Also, he knows a little Italian. Immediate big fan.
icedbannanas 5 日 前
So pumped to see how Yuki does this season, and hope that he has a long career in F1. Like his driving style and his attitude. Go Yuki!
takano YAS
takano YAS 5 日 前
baxwala 5 日 前
How to get one of those signed autographs :(
Алекс Ников
Алекс Ников 5 日 前
no gear in Drive untill passenger in, door closed, locked & fastened !
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