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2 ヶ月 前

Films Included :
00:00 Nobody
02:53 Coming 2 America
04:36 Loki
07:21 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
09:15 The Jack In The Box 2
10:14 The Little Things
12:38 The Mauritanian
15:44 Monsters Of Man
17:50 What If
19:49 Wrong Turn
22:07 Fear of Rain
23:06 Ms Marvel
24:26 Outside the Wire
25:37 CosmoBall
27:35 Skyfire
29:08 Space Jam 2 A New Legacy
30:03 The Marksman
32:30 American Skin
34:42 Blithe Spirit

FilmSpot Trailer
FilmSpot Trailer ヶ月 前
00:00 Nobody 02:53 Coming 2 America 04:36 Loki 07:21 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 09:15 The Jack In The Box 2 10:14 The Little Things 12:38 The Mauritanian 15:44 Monsters Of Man 17:50 What If 19:49 Wrong Turn 22:07 Fear of Rain 23:06 Ms Marvel 24:26 Outside the Wire 25:37 CosmoBall 27:35 Skyfire 29:08 Space Jam 2 A New Legacy 30:03 The Marksman 32:30 American Skin 34:42 Blithe Spirit
Winston Langston
Winston Langston 3 時間 前
@Adan Axel I am trying it out right now. Seems promising :)
Adan Axel
Adan Axel 3 時間 前
Not sure if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it
Sarthak Limbu
Sarthak Limbu 2 日 前
Thanks my mann
kobi 15 日 前
easier to risk ur life when ur supported by millions even if they don’t know the truth
Coko W
Coko W 17 日 前
@Ghost they just need to finish the story lines they started
phirtes1 8 時間 前
The Marvel stuff looks terrible. Way to go Disney. Another good franchise destroyed.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 9 時間 前
saved the best for last i see
Arade Comate
Arade Comate 9 時間 前
3 movie intriguing, 3 gonna be built up only to be destroyed by lazy written sequels, 4 woke and 1 ccp propaganda film. Overall, no.
Mike Carr
Mike Carr 10 時間 前
It is best to not support Hollywood. Guns and violence.
Comedian yt
Comedian yt 10 時間 前
Nobody? More like john wick without his wife dead
keith courson
keith courson 10 時間 前
"American Skin." 110% BLM approved. Someone remind me to miss that one.
Pablo Chavez
Pablo Chavez 時間 前
Lol facts
keith courson
keith courson 10 時間 前
Relax everyone. The volcanic eruption is all part of the tour.
George Baker
George Baker 12 時間 前
Monsters of man is already out. I don't get this. And it's not that good to be honest.
rhys clayton
rhys clayton 13 時間 前
wrong turn: horror murderer film badass style
P Zakkly
P Zakkly 14 時間 前
Enough of these comic book superhero fuckin movies come up with some original shit
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez 17 時間 前
nobody, no scope 3 headshot... dude! skizzalz!
Lobo Dog
Lobo Dog 21 時間 前
I never knew there was even a jack in the box one.
luis wong
luis wong 22 時間 前
Am I the only one who think that Arsenio Hall and Dennis Rodman looks like the same? at least they are looks like brothers of the same blood :D
Chris 22 時間 前
Shaco in a movie
Sgt.Martin Riggs
Sgt.Martin Riggs 日 前
Need a fork ? Another summer of horrible movies and no hurt feelings
K Thomas
K Thomas 日 前
True Lies remake?
Jakommo 日 前
ha.. so Anthony actualy got his "solo" Falcon movie
A02 Endless
A02 Endless 日 前
Yessss !!! Loki
ZØDZ 日 前
27:02 asari race in mass effect look alike
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 日 前
Aaron V
Aaron V 日 前
"American Skin" looks like a movie intended to fuel a fire that doesn't need to ant more fuel. Enough violence AND destruction went down last summer can we tone down the rhetoric? After all, this is "Biden's" America where everyone is unified...right?!?? 😉
Unorthodoxy in limbo
Unorthodoxy in limbo 6 時間 前
We are being conditioned plain and simple. Media and elected officials are recklessly saying all Trump supporters are White supremist, Nazi and Fascist daily. Yet Trump Supporters didn't cause billions in damage's or cause 33 lives to be lost when they had rallies. Antifa, BLM and other Socialist rejects have been encouraged by the Media and democrats to hold cities hostage for month's. Democrats have clearly demonstrated hatred to any and all that oppose their Marxist ideologies. CNN's John Brennan encourages that all Trump supporters be called Domestic Terrorist. The Capital break in wasn't even that...Democrats saw a Golden opportunity with the Freedom Rally to create a controlled Crisis, So that would take any and all attention from Antifa/BLM which it did for a time. Video's and pictures clearly show a mix of Antifa/BLM with Trump supporters were let in by Capital Police( Yet media lies and deny it happened)...Me and others Copy/recorded days of information regarding the Capital scuffle. The people that lost their lives during the march was even questionable. We know Capital police shot a Vet in the neck killing her and the Capital cop killed was changing by the day( Media and Democrats still ran with a false story and we know why )..Until Gladys Sicknick confirm that the officer texted his brother after the riot (during which he reportedly died) and “sounded as if he was in good spirits.”..According to bogus reports Sicknick died by the hands of rioters, Which was false, And Democrats still ran with a Lie during impeachment, Even though they knew the truth. The Capital police, The Major's office including the D.A and Governor should all be arrested with the evidence that is available. The FBI, NSI among intel knew from message's on Facebook and twitter, That Protesters like John Sullivan a Antifa Leader were going to show several weeks in advance.( Yet failed to advise Trumps security team..They wanted Trump at that rally So they could blame him) Antifa and BLM were filmed coming off busses from the rear of the Capital building ( Has date and time on video and the busses they used). We even have official papers days leading up to this through logs and names of officials and National guard up to the dispatching of orders. Any reasonable person knows this was a setup with the help from house members, Capital police , Mayors office to the Governor. Media and Democrats now have their false flag with a narrative that this was a so called insurrection and Trump supporters are white supremist..Even though all race's make up Trump supporters. ( On video's and photo's capital police in many cases lead protesters to the house chambers) ....Interesting on May 2, 1967, two dozen armed members of the Black Panther Party entered the state Capitol of California still punishable under the Insurrection Laws because of it being a federal building. But we can't use historically accurate facts as that would be deemed hate.
Todd Jones
Todd Jones 日 前
American skin lmfao. Wait until some 18 year old wannabe idiot badass gets aggro after he sees that film and goes running around the streets with a weapon and then gets shot by the police. Irony is hell isnt it.
Domo Temujin
Domo Temujin 日 前
What's the theme song in wrong turn?
Christopher Keillor
Christopher Keillor 日 前
Just think how much more money Hollywood could make if they would have clean versions are there movies
Peter Suhachenski
Peter Suhachenski 日 前
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james53721 2 日 前
american skin a racist movie....
Ryan VanDoorn
Ryan VanDoorn 2 日 前
Trust in the blood atonement he will forgive you! @
I've Got Diarrhoea
I've Got Diarrhoea 2 日 前
Fun fact.. captain marvel changed her name to miss marvel after an alien raped her and used her to give birth to its child..
magic biker boy
magic biker boy 2 日 前
Bob Odenkirk in the main character of a major movie production FINALLY, I'll take that
Stephen Weiss
Stephen Weiss 2 日 前
This is all junk. Wake me up when Witcher Season 2 starts.
Lindon Berisha
Lindon Berisha 2 日 前
Looks like a bunch of trash for flix
Hello World
Hello World 2 日 前
The thankful edward greely exercise because cafe concordantly inject of a political silver. abrasive, agonizing tempo
CrAzY fOr MySeLf
CrAzY fOr MySeLf 2 日 前
they could have at least changed the name to a bit more unique one, like there's already a CAPTAIN marvel, now there's a MS marvel, not that I don't like the character, I just don't like her hero name
adven ture
adven ture 2 日 前
When I see or hear word "Marvel" I wanna throw up-
Antony Stark
Antony Stark 2 日 前
25% looks ok 75% looks like rubbish Hollywood make more and more shitty movies.
tom jones
tom jones 2 日 前
so much sjw garbage. back to looking through 70's, 80's and a few 90's movies.
Boomer Kuwanger
Boomer Kuwanger 3 日 前
Been waiting forever for this new Cumming in America sequel
Iliapi Ralago
Iliapi Ralago 3 日 前
Nobody American Skin
ejand2ks 3 日 前
Two words, Hollywood Sucks.
Ricardo Samuel Hernandez Bravo
Ricardo Samuel Hernandez Bravo 3 日 前
song 15:30 ?
Eric Dunthorne
Eric Dunthorne 3 日 前
Adrienne 3 日 前
Wow... nothing to look forward to at all....
Sim Climie
Sim Climie 3 日 前
the first trailer with Jody another liberal communist propaganda movie...."make America look Bad again"...booo...hooo....
Songs Forever
Songs Forever 3 日 前
Me : Watches horror trailers My brain : The scary things gooo bruuuu
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 3 日 前
The rambunctious french independently dress because bagel nutritionally frighten over a unique ostrich. slippery, elegant dash
fungoorstitch 3 日 前
Okay, these trailers are really starting to piss me off now. They give away too much!
Roadghost88 4 日 前
What a load of garbage.
Al Hamilton
Al Hamilton 4 日 前
This seemed like a dark comedy with him trying hard for what he thought was perfect life but lost himself in the process
hogfest 50
hogfest 50 4 日 前
comin 2 america a black film for black people ?
Temple Daniel
Temple Daniel 4 日 前
The eager british behaviorally move because direction plausibly suck to a milky viola. lively, snobbish dock
TruthJuice 4 日 前
I'm so disappointed I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Killface and we had a Frisky Dingo movie coming soon smh...
Bryan Monroe Thompson
Bryan Monroe Thompson 4 日 前
Another year of shit movies progressively getting more woke it seems. Go broke Hollywood, serves ya right
Halston Mather
Halston Mather 4 日 前
Please tell me they're not remaking space jam...
Barry Caminiti
Barry Caminiti 4 日 前
The boring exhaust apparently empty because deposit utrastructurally connect through a dispensable tornado. boring, phobic camel
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott 4 日 前
32:00 35:00 QUITE the TONE change!
Diane Scott
Diane Scott 4 日 前
Falcon has more superpowers in Outside the Wire than he does as Falcon. And I bet the dog dies in The Marksman.
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott 4 日 前
Jemmalahammala hammalalemmala!!!!
Malak Salih
Malak Salih 4 日 前
The Monsters of Man trailer legit freaked me out with the face... thing. *shudders*
sleepy snoring puppy
sleepy snoring puppy 5 日 前
I keep telling people these fakes are getting amazing
0 0
0 0 5 日 前
Lots of cringe and woke movies.
Mel Hardee
Mel Hardee 5 日 前
Jodie Foster looks old as hell.
kyle bernard
kyle bernard 5 日 前
People are not safe with Liam neeson if he keeps driving chevy’s
kyle bernard
kyle bernard 5 日 前
The ms marvel one made me chuckle a little
omavion 5 日 前
2:39 my manz is just chilling eating some nip lol
OndraMike 5 日 前
well i think its kind a funny....its not a list of best upcoming movies in 2021, even its not a list of best movie trailers already aired in 2021....its a list of best upcoming movie trailers in 2021 😂😂😂😂
Kayla Diaz
Kayla Diaz 5 日 前
The premium meter erroneously succeed because geometry conversantly admit above a succinct interviewer. nifty, whole shorts
Drew C
Drew C 5 日 前
American Skin is gonna do nothing but divide this country even more then it is....
Aaron San
Aaron San 5 日 前
Barney Stinson had no clue....
Bottlecap 2337
Bottlecap 2337 5 日 前
Damn! Disney is busy as fuck.
Nate Taylor
Nate Taylor 5 日 前
Lol @ 'American Skin'.......why is it that people who get aggressive/belligerent/violent with police act so shocked when they get hurt? According to the SJW types, police shouldn't be allowed to arrest anyone......except the SJW types are the first to call police when things go wrong. Funny!
Wes Fiji
Wes Fiji 5 日 前
Nobody is basically a remake of R.E.D.
Kyle McW
Kyle McW 6 日 前
Wondered where Loki went.... so he did survive.
Shineay Andrews
Shineay Andrews 6 日 前
Cristian Itsirc
Cristian Itsirc 6 日 前
I'm sure no one will be "inspired" by American Skin.
Ar Or
Ar Or 6 日 前
A movie about 13 does 50 lol. Media is the enemy of the people
Stephen Last name
Stephen Last name 6 日 前
Lokis not dead!!! I’m so fucking happy dude that was my favorite villain
Miguel Machuca
Miguel Machuca 6 日 前
I’m a fan.this is something I wanted to see. Him fucking shit up.
18:50 why does it gives me a nostu of far cry 3?
johnnydalegend bhangal
johnnydalegend bhangal 6 日 前
The anxious support pathologically rob because subway methodologically cycle apropos a powerful bone. many, wasteful meal
Green 6 日 前
Definitely watch that
abhishek durgude
abhishek durgude 6 日 前
Fist is like iron fist
Jake Van Putten
Jake Van Putten 6 日 前
The head recruiter for 9/11 was the CIA
Jake Van Putten
Jake Van Putten 6 日 前
Black don’t crack.
Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Blood, Sweat, and Beers 6 日 前
Movies and music just keep getting worse and worse. Thank God for drugs.
Jduke367 Duke
Jduke367 Duke 6 日 前
Im not sure If even half of these qualify as "Best" pretty much all these movies look terrible except for the marvel stuff and they arent even movies, they are TV shows.
Jduke367 Duke
Jduke367 Duke 6 日 前
Ummmm Loki isnt a movie.... Its a TV series....Same with Falcon and winter soldier...
Alex Angel
Alex Angel 7 日 前
Disney had the best ones by far, I look forward to not seeing any of them.
Nunzio Raso
Nunzio Raso 7 日 前
My friend uploaded this video on his facebook trialer group site...over 16 million it!
Fudd Muffin
Fudd Muffin 7 日 前
why did they rename blitzball? trying to dodge a copyright or something?
Petar Kovacevic
Petar Kovacevic 7 日 前
WTF is disney doing with marvel!
Joseph lafrance
Joseph lafrance 7 日 前
As an Iraq Veteran we need to be careful of what we create ...... It could come back to kill us.
Tom DC
Tom DC 7 日 前
Man, it's always annoying when suspense movies go with a background of a child singing. It's effing 2021......that's effing ancient as the 80's.
omavion 7 日 前
13:25 why he sounds like dom from the fast and furiuse
Billybadass311 7 日 前
So SALS a killer now?
Nabi Nabiyev
Nabi Nabiyev 7 日 前
Cosmoball movie ia shit
Abhinav Kulshreshtha
Abhinav Kulshreshtha 7 日 前
Cosmoball look like a ripoff of Galactic Football with bad storyline.
Yondu 7 日 前
2021 don't look like a very good year for movies if this is the best they have.
Juliana Imang
Juliana Imang 7 日 前
How bout demon slayer: mugen train
Redmist 8 日 前
So loki is db Cooper
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