beth harmon being superior in queen's gambit

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3 ヶ月 前

i loved the queen's gambit and wanted to showcase even just a sliver of how awesome beth is! there were simply too many moments i could watch over and over again henceforth this video was born for your enjoyment :))
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Dayne Piscione
Dayne Piscione 時間 前
"scuse you harmon" "f you margoret"
padres247 14 時間 前
Hellopleesh 14 時間 前
She was AMAZING in The Queen's Gambit. She showed so much complexity without the need for heavy dialogue. I didn't 100% understand why I loved her in it, but I saw this video that explained EXACTLY why she dominated the role. Ill see if I can find it. Good for her on the Golden Globe. :) EDIT: Found it -
Antonio Gaona
Antonio Gaona 17 時間 前
And now she won the Golden Globe. So magnificient!
bcask61 23 時間 前
I think I want a season two even though I know it couldn’t be as good.
Beth 日 前
I have such a crush on Anya Taylor Joy omg
P05TPWN3D 2 日 前
The first dude is the cringiest character I've ever seen and I'll always see that actor as this absolute dork
OddlyIncredible 2 日 前
2:42 : When you're seated at a table waiting for your opponent and suddenly boss music starts and a red bar appears in the air overhead, you know you're about to get your shit pushed in....
Mico Orda
Mico Orda 2 日 前
She sounds like Courtnee Draper's Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Anya is just one example why BI needs to have a TV show adaptation.
Kushal Shahi
Kushal Shahi 3 日 前
She reminds me of Queen Elizabeth.
Ghost of my Soul
Ghost of my Soul 3 日 前
Teenage females (I was one) can be perceived as mean because they are coming into their own and they don't realize that other people are insecure just like them. "Do you see it now or should I finish it on the board?" She DESTROYED Harry ... man wasn't the same after that. Now, that means he has his own issues, I'm just saying teenage girls ... you have more power than you realize.
Ghost of my Soul
Ghost of my Soul 3 日 前
beth harmon DEMOLISHED so many egos. but she had her own struggles. we would all be wise to be kind to each other.
Cubisthenos 3 日 前
2:42 for anyone reading all the "shit" comments and wants to watch it again
Elizha Pasco
Elizha Pasco 3 日 前
“Excuse you, Harmon-” “Fuck you, Margaret.” A whole damn mood-
Sophie X
Sophie X 3 日 前
*sighs* welp now i have another personality to steal for this month
Sudem Eyvaz
Sudem Eyvaz 3 日 前
Omg whats the music that starts at 5:35 ?
concerned toad
concerned toad 4 日 前
i got an ad for queens gambit before this...
Leah Bisley
Leah Bisley 4 日 前
Omg the advert was literally Beth 😳
Isayuh Lakers Man
Isayuh Lakers Man 4 日 前
GMs and IMs could've beat Beth Harmon
jojo -
jojo - 5 日 前
6:14 just for me
Lauren Dixon
Lauren Dixon 5 日 前
"I have no intent saying any of this." "Why not?" "Because it's fucking nonsense." Laughed out loud
Joseph Saetveit
Joseph Saetveit 6 日 前
She was SO amazing in this role!! I don't just like it, I am in Love! ;-)
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones 7 日 前
Always the same face expression. Poker face. She remains me actors like Clint Eastwood, Sivester Stallone, Vin Diesel, etc.
Manc 2608
Manc 2608 7 日 前
Loved every minute. One of my all time favourite shows.
Annie 7 日 前
What I think is that most women who fangirl over Beth try to ridiculously imitate her irl and fail miserably at it ending up looking entitled, selfish, full of themselves and arrogant. Just a thought. If I get attacked for it that'll just prove my point. Edit:Beth's character is just so ridiculously unrealistic. Like the perfect fantasy for feminists.
Cassie Cage
Cassie Cage 4 日 前
@Annie I agree with the feminist sjw thing I'm sure there are plenty who walk around trying to act like her and then be shocked or OffENDed when that's not the case or their not gonna get treated like they made some fucking gold and generally just need to deal with it. But then again it is a TV show their not always gonna be realistic but I see what your saying
Cassie Cage
Cassie Cage 4 日 前
@Annie I agree I'm a girl and I hate when people are like YASS we STAN a FEMINIST ICON like maybe its not about that maybe its about a classy grown woman who doesn't like I don't know being told she can't do something because she's a girl and just leave it at that but because they want to be like her but can't because their too lazy or something they'll look at you crazy and go see your apart of the problem you hate women! Like of course I don't I love seeing strong women in TV shows/ movies but only if they're done right
Cassie Cage
Cassie Cage 4 日 前
I haven't seen the show nor do I think I will see it I'm really just asking how is her character unrealistic? I'd like to know what her character is like as I have only seen a few clips of it.
Annie 4 日 前
@Cassie Cage I like the actress too,whenever I see a perfect far from realistic female or male character in a movie I cringe cuz it's not realitisc or relatable, I like this character but I bet my liver there's full of sjw or feminists who imitate her and think they're like her, like Beth. And that's just..... dumb to me. Like stop, that's fantasy, not reality.
Cassie Cage
Cassie Cage 4 日 前
And its true some people can't do it like the character and just end up looking stupid or don't know what they are talking about or just plain trashy
ZiggyKick92 7 日 前
Beth for Smash! Hahaha
Thomas Edgerley
Thomas Edgerley 7 日 前
Some dude: Hi Beth: Time to die
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 7 日 前
"Excuse you Harmon!" "Fuck You Margaret!" 0:20 I'll just autoplay that little exchange...
Jarne Hermans
Jarne Hermans 8 日 前
the different music due to YT copyright made me chuckle
Drew F
Drew F 8 日 前
That’s Liam Neeson’s kid in Love Actually, and that’s Dudley Dursley...
lauv by loaf
lauv by loaf 8 日 前
having the same personality as beth is my biggest flex
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata 9 日 前
Wait wrong video, thought it said (Hamon).
Percy Weasley
Percy Weasley 9 日 前
*I know you're not gonna delete this, but you are making her look bad, she seems arrogant here. It's not right.*
lele 9 日 前
BoiseFreerunner 9 日 前
Why are all the young Beth scenes mirrored?
Marin Sabens
Marin Sabens 9 日 前
Anya: *breathes* Me: 🧎🏼‍♀️
Thomas Cho
Thomas Cho 10 日 前
I believe I just spoiled most of the show for myself
anag an
anag an 10 日 前
I wanna be so good at something that people will go shit when I introduce myself
lauv by loaf
lauv by loaf 8 日 前
James Lucas
James Lucas 11 日 前
0:44 I'm planning on it. Planning is not a major at this university
Celine Jewel
Celine Jewel 11 日 前
I also love the scene when young Beth threw the doll the chess coach has given her
Cassie 11 日 前
beth harmon and benny are the reason why i'm bi
Cato vdp
Cato vdp 12 日 前
I just want her to act as sherlock 😭😭😭😭
Saba S
Saba S 12 日 前
I need the Benny spin-off bye.
CARALHO tu conhece a paola?
CARALHO tu conhece a paola? 13 日 前
1:18 this is so satisfactory like she winning made me feel good
Kyoukai 13 日 前
Anya Taylor-Joy is one of God's greatest gifts to Earth
Brian Langley
Brian Langley 13 日 前
The able element eventually examine because cabinet logistically happen around a ruddy hygienic. left, disturbed persian
Alexandra Ose
Alexandra Ose 13 日 前
it is a disgrace that her montage after the party in community college isnt included in this! this is so wonderful :)
IT IS EASY 14 日 前
I wish she wasn't a fictional character. I wish if she was real. and if she was real, she would not be like her for sure.
key_v 14 日 前
"Ok, it's your money" "It will be" Daaaaaaaamn
Elvin Hayes
Elvin Hayes 14 日 前
Good TV. Not great, but good. ATJ, however, as always, sublime.
Zoe Otaku
Zoe Otaku 14 日 前
"It's almost about me being a girl" "Well you are one" "It shouldnt be that important" THANK YOU. Not confining her achievements as something great because she's a girl. *This show was about a prodigy which is never a good move to make about a show about a strong female character but **_they managed to do it_*
Jazmin Alvarez
Jazmin Alvarez 14 日 前
Should’ve been titled “Beth Harmon exhibiting top energy”
Stop Banning
Stop Banning 14 日 前
wahmen can never reach the grand master level. Fee minists can keep dreaming. Any more than they can beat a man at 100 meter dash! I cracked up when she threw the doll in the tra _sh can. HA HA HA!
Wabb1e 14 日 前
"you're gonna miss the flig-" closes car door
#Me !
#Me ! 15 日 前
"You are going to miss the fli-" *shuts door*
ekdud 16 日 前
It absolutely blows my mind that that kid used to be dudley
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr. 16 日 前
There are no men in this movie. Want to be men, or facsimiles of men but, well, Mr Shaibel in a past life. Terrible casting in this movie to the point of promoting misogyny. Chess player, male Chess players are not "Geeks". They are men that play a very difficult game to master and that takes great fortitude to be competitive in the game. That is all lost in this movie, all but one or maybe two "Russian" players. Disgraces Chess.
Cassie Cage
Cassie Cage 4 日 前
I don't know really anything about chess but this generation is really about putting men down in movies and TV shows and making them bow down to girls and that makes me mad because if they want a female lead great but don't make all men look like wimps that's bullshit, and sexist to men.
Za hin
Za hin 16 日 前
Why didn't they used her for the art of war 🤫
That Dude
That Dude 16 日 前
At 1:12 weren’t they sitting on the other side
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 16 日 前
what is the point of the story?
んあめははははようどんつんでrsたんdみゅせr 17 日 前
Where do you get this content recording
んあめははははようどんつんでrsたんdみゅせr 17 日 前
Lenny Dishwasher
Lenny Dishwasher 17 日 前
More dark chess boards.
Balqis Hani
Balqis Hani 17 日 前
The girl from split, newt from maze runner and fucking dudley dursley all in one show without me expecting it 👏👏👏 amazing
missy rabbit
missy rabbit 17 日 前
I was playing chess in the 70s, and I was often the only girl at competitions. Girls should be encouraged to learn chess. It teaches strategy ,competition, and humility. By the way, @ 4:26, the board is incorrect. White corner to the right, always. Awesome movie.
Hunter 17 日 前
“Fuck you Margaret”
Hunter 17 日 前
Gravinboginagis 18 日 前
1:03 Magnus Carlson did this against 10 grand masters at the same time and won every game
Katie Newell
Katie Newell 18 日 前
3 words: Thomas Brodie Sangster
んあめははははようどんつんでrsたんdみゅせr 18 日 前
I can imagine at 2:43 a player that’s on a streak or something goes up against Gm lol
D4rk Jest3r
D4rk Jest3r 19 日 前
rip audio due to copyright LMAO
vxCece15xv 19 日 前
I don't even know your first name 🤣
Richard W
Richard W 19 日 前
Thought the ending scene was absolutely perfect, so glad it wasn’t in some guys arms like a love story.
Spikey 20 日 前
its called bieng SAVAGE
mike jones
mike jones 20 日 前
Crazy to think this was based on a true story.
Eli Mensah
Eli Mensah 20 日 前
Bad bitch
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 20 日 前
5:36 have 2 say, new audio works just as well
Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru Nakamura 21 日 前
3:26 is that alireza ?
A Tiny Horse
A Tiny Horse 21 日 前
List of people that make other people say “shit” when hearing their name 1. John Wick 2. Beth Harmon
TheShitPostGuy 22 日 前
Is that Dudley playing Chess with Beth ? When did he get the time turner ?
Robert JK
Robert JK 23 日 前
Fuck you Margaret haha
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 23 日 前
The better cereal developmentally please because property biophysically strengthen times a tangy can. right, nebulous virgo
bill davis
bill davis 23 日 前
Typical of what the fairer sex thinks intelligence is.. they believe it all comes down to verbal snarkiness and catty comebacks.. then people wonder where all the inventors of their gender are.
Zodiac Caster
Zodiac Caster 23 日 前
This is a very good example to make a good female lead show that doesnt to that just for the mind set and the money
Nou Sus
Nou Sus 23 日 前
I wish all of Beth Harmon's games had that kind of music in the background 5:50
Hyzenthlay Rose
Hyzenthlay Rose 23 日 前
My wife
Samuel Champ
Samuel Champ 23 日 前
Dont think I could watch this show. In every preview I see, she's is a DICK to everyone. Being the best at something doesnt give one the right to be like that.
Ming 24 日 前
0:48 help which ep is this?
Mikayla Dempsey
Mikayla Dempsey 24 日 前
I forgot "fuck you, margaret" honestly so iconic
Seven 24 日 前
The child who played young Beth deserves more recognition.
Lily 24 日 前
i didn't love that she had very little personality/character arc, but it was just super satisfying to watch her keep winning.
welshpete12 25 日 前
I wonder if this is based on a real person ?
James M. Kirwan
James M. Kirwan 25 日 前
Even when people are being nice to her she's kind of a bitch. Tell me, does she have a nice side?
patrick chin
patrick chin 26 日 前
excellent production. directing, cinematography, editing, music score, great acting by anya and her mum and great screen writing. 10/10
Julija Jurgensone
Julija Jurgensone 26 日 前
''exscuse you Harmon'' ''Fuck you Margret'' _iconic_
Anthology Of Interest
Anthology Of Interest 27 日 前
I like how they didn't just made her a rude antisocial bitch...she has a heart too
AsianGamer Christine
AsianGamer Christine 27 日 前
"Excuse you Harmon" "Fuck you Margaret" such a badass XD
N. Goldberg
N. Goldberg 27 日 前
I need to rewatch this show, thanks for reminding me
Kamila M.
Kamila M. 27 日 前
One of my fave female characters
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