Bill Hader Breaking Character Compilation

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Kleis & Callen

5 ヶ月 前

pyrotechc3h8 42 分 前
It's almost as if to be an actor now you don't have to have any composure whatsoever. I like Hader but Jesus Christ, I've seen fucking highschoolers in plays who can keep character better than this guy. Be a fucking professional for fuck's sake.
Zachary Resky
Zachary Resky 時間 前
Bill hader is a treasure Can’t wait to see him on snl again
The Noodle
The Noodle 7 時間 前
I wouldve been crying laughing
Jason Rowe
Jason Rowe 8 時間 前
Dan Cortese from Mtv 😂😂😂
Son Of Man
Son Of Man 9 時間 前
Daniel Hance
Daniel Hance 12 時間 前
I often hear people say that the cast on snl during their formative years are always the worst, but bill Hader and Kristen wings cast was probably the last good one. The cast of the last 5 years is garbage. They rely WAY too much on Kate McKinnon. Cecily strong is fucking awesome though. And probably the hottest female cast member ever
Vernal Grenier
Vernal Grenier 17 時間 前
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Jeremy Gregorek
Jeremy Gregorek 20 時間 前
Bill Hader said the writers would mess with him when he was doing his Stefan character. They'd change his lines on the cue cards so he'd have no idea what was coming sometimes. Thats why he would look confused as he was cracking up. That human Roomba is my all time favorite
Code_Sync 21 時間 前
3:08 after he looks at her he looks so content with himself lol
s Takala
s Takala 日 前
Flaccid outreach, Dr.s without boners. Lmao. Dying.
flutter fairy princess
flutter fairy princess 日 前
2:00 he reminds me of the boy off of g.b.f. with sasha from pll (allison)
日 前
funnier now
Ceylan189 2 日 前
I never thought watching Bill Hader breaks character would be so effective in reducing my anxiety! Thanks! :)
Joyce Abrianna
Joyce Abrianna 2 日 前
i can hear john mulaney
Devon Cantu
Devon Cantu 3 日 前
something that would be fun is that everytime someone messes up their lines or breaks character they have to donate $1000 to a charity of their choice
MJ Ramos
MJ Ramos 3 日 前
My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl
Caroline Adams
Caroline Adams 4 日 前
Vanessa eternally being the only one not breaking.
Sorry, just not professional...him and Fallon ruined many a skit.
Jim O
Jim O 5 日 前
I heard a while back that Lorne really gets pissed when they break character
منير النمر
منير النمر 6 日 前
Ethel Gutierrez
Ethel Gutierrez 6 日 前
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Arianne Gordon
Arianne Gordon 6 日 前
Am I the only one who loves when he brakes character. Especially Stephon
Alicia Sandham
Alicia Sandham 6 日 前
90% of this is just... Stefan. I love it
songbird 64
songbird 64 6 日 前
Kristen being the only one to hold a moderately straight face while everyone else dissolved around her is the best thing
annatoolred 6 日 前
i watch this video at least once a day
Travis Heinicke
Travis Heinicke 6 日 前
The price is right skit had me in tears when I first watched it. Kristen Wiig was doing the weirdest accent and she knew it, and every time she tried to say something that she knew you'd barely understand, she'd start to break and this caused Hader to break and even Maya Rudolph (who is usually unflappable) starts to break as well. Love it!
Alvarez 7 日 前
It stopped being funny after the 3rd time. He breaks character so much it's just not funny after awhile.
misscandura 7 日 前
I love the Californians 🗣
searats20 8 日 前
New York's hottest club is....*looks around* ....Kevin?! looool, man I miss Stefon so much
searats20 8 日 前
Man, I miss Hader on SNL...
Phil Jon
Phil Jon 8 日 前
Love the Stefon character. 📺💑🌈❤✌
Karate Is a Language
Karate Is a Language 8 日 前
i forgot how stupid seth meyer's face is
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 8 日 前
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Ben Winstanley
Ben Winstanley 9 日 前
I love how every single thing involves a midget
Hilary Faye
Hilary Faye 10 日 前
Tyy John Mulaney & Bill Hader for Stefon
_notofthisearth 10 日 前
pandachuzero 10 日 前
omg how can anyone act next to this guy - so F funny! props to all here!
Jeremy Adler Music
Jeremy Adler Music 10 日 前
9:58 for those who don’t know, John Mulaney decided to mess with bill and what he whispered was “my girlfriend works at Yoshinoya beef ball” 😂😂😂 He talked about it in an interview. Also at 9:49 when John said “HELLO GENTLEMEN” he was supposed to say it in a flirty voice like Stefon’s and it threw Bill off which is why he is laughing there. Also in the interview.
Brett Ellison
Brett Ellison 10 日 前
my girlfriend works at yoshinoya beef bowl
Alex mark
Alex mark 11 日 前
Thought he looked like DanTdm in the thumbnail,
Bryan B
Bryan B 11 日 前
And it's genuine Unlike others who will remain nameless
Tyler 11 日 前
What did John Mullaney say in his ear? I can hear "My girlfriend..." and that's about it
Tori McRory
Tori McRory 11 日 前
He was and alway will be my favorite character on SNL
Landry Staceyj
Landry Staceyj 12 日 前
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juan rocha
juan rocha 12 日 前
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NGMonocrom 13 日 前
That last sketch.... It's a mic., not a Hitachi Magic Wand.
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph 13 日 前
i make thousands flipping stamps, now its your turn @t
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia 14 日 前
You know it's a good laugh when you start crying
Nixon Nicholas
Nixon Nicholas 14 日 前
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Emily 182
Emily 182 15 日 前
i know bill hader always looks good but he looks especially good at 5:07
Emily 182
Emily 182 15 日 前
wow that place really has everything
Guardian of Ulyaoth
Guardian of Ulyaoth 15 日 前
So you can pretend its Bruce Springsteen's hand
Scott Kronenberg
Scott Kronenberg 15 日 前
J. 15 日 前
So he's just not a good actor? Professionals kept their shit together for the most part
NavyaLuvie 14 日 前
He amazing, if snl skits sometimes you don’t know about the script until you read it on the spot. And honestly the cast breaking character makes it funnier 😂
meow 14 日 前
hes a phenomenal actor, but during this he doesnt know the script until he reads it outloud p
Cara Mason
Cara Mason 15 日 前
Im Awkward
Im Awkward 16 日 前
That "thank you shy" is honestly adorable.
WithTheBears 16 日 前
It's like they keep giving him the lines to list all the things at the club because he can never get through it
Cynthia Miller
Cynthia Miller 16 日 前
I miss Stephen
K Law
K Law 16 日 前
Dan Cortez gets around!
Robot Wizard
Robot Wizard 16 日 前
John delaney is a master comedy writer
Helena Andrea Bosch Berth
Helena Andrea Bosch Berth 17 日 前
I feel like the Stefon bits are funnier with Seth, because there's this tension where they both struggle but try to hold it together. With Colin and Michael, you can see that it's just a bit for one show, because both Colin and Michael laugh a lot, and Bill doesn't really have the typical mannerisms anymore.
Brutal Marsh
Brutal Marsh 17 日 前
The audience ruined this show...
rickyc714 18 日 前
Stuart: "Get outta here Devin! Karina and I need to be alone." Devin: "What if I'm just QUIYEETT?" I love the Californians skits!
Detove Alidon
Detove Alidon 18 日 前
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Bluepower117 18 日 前
I’m not sure why but I’ve always felt him and Kristin wigg would be the greatest celebrity couple of all time. Except Kim and Kanye of course 😂
Dee Lee
Dee Lee 19 日 前
Hader and jimmy fallon need to do a Verzuz battle as to who cracked the most. 😆
Leonardo Martinez-Valerio
Leonardo Martinez-Valerio 20 日 前
Stefon- says something with midgets Seth- STEFON! STEFON! STEFON!
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 21 日 前
i think the screen writer knows how to tickle Bill and they're fucking with him all the time
A Curious Rose
A Curious Rose 21 日 前
Omg I love Hader!!! *breaks character every time
King Sisyphus
King Sisyphus 21 日 前
Wow, I miss Kristen
tim and Fergus my dog
tim and Fergus my dog 21 日 前
Was he supposed to throw his drink at her, ths look of shock on her face. Lol
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 21 日 前
“So you can pretend it’s Bruce Springsteen’s hand” lmaoooo
Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe 22 日 前
Him and Armisen, you can tell their friends not just coworkers
Eat. it. Stacy
Eat. it. Stacy 22 日 前
Iv never thought most of the stuff stephan said was funny at all .. and don't see how any one found it funny .. for me it's just the way it's delivered I guess
Linda Mon
Linda Mon 22 日 前
LucidAntics 22 日 前
I really hope years down the line if him and Mulaney ever meet up to work together Dan Cortez is brought up an inappropriate amount of times
iceicebaybeee 22 日 前
He's my favourite person ever.
Emma Angelo Haase Potts
Emma Angelo Haase Potts 23 日 前
stefon sounds like jimmy fallon
Steven Chou
Steven Chou 23 日 前
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Robert Mathew
Robert Mathew 23 日 前
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NeoDeXeno 23 日 前
I love watching comedians break character it means they're enjoying the comedy as much as we are and it usually leads to some funny shit if you're lucky.
Will Deeny
Will Deeny 24 日 前
"My girlfriend works at yoshinoya beef bowl" -John Mulaney
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 24 日 前
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Alayne Byrd
Alayne Byrd 25 日 前
Mallorie Allan
Mallorie Allan 25 日 前
“lucky ladyyyyy” “stefan....”
Bones Chames
Bones Chames 26 日 前
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Alice Jacobson
Alice Jacobson 26 日 前
Love it
Dupree B
Dupree B 26 日 前
Bill Hader is iconic simply for breaking character 😂😂😂
Kelley Henley
Kelley Henley 26 日 前
HasanandDajuan KingWilliams
HasanandDajuan KingWilliams 27 日 前
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 28 日 前
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aether 28 日 前
bill hader laughing is serotonin to me
grady marty
grady marty 28 日 前
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Kim Thuy
Kim Thuy ヶ月 前
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Brian Stryker
Brian Stryker ヶ月 前
"A doorman who high fives children of divorce" might be my favorite cause theres a moment bill clearly goes "What the actual fuck?"
Luis Bel
Luis Bel ヶ月 前
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Mr Watson
Mr Watson ヶ月 前
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Janet ヶ月 前
I love it and can't stop laughing, and when the actor is cracking up, I really lose it.
Matthew ヶ月 前
Why is this so wholesome
dum ass 3211
dum ass 3211 ヶ月 前
DAN CORTEZ hahahhahahaha
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