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We learnt from investment expert Catherine Wood, Founder and CEO at ARK Invest, as she discussed Investing in disruptive innovation at the Exponential Finance Summit.
Digital Wallet Providers will be worth $700 Billion by 2023. How are you harnessing this potential?

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Singularity University is a benefit corporation headquartered at NASA’s research campus in Silicon Valley. We provide educational programs, innovative partnerships and a startup accelerator to help individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs and governments understand cutting-edge technologies, and how to utilize these technologies to positively impact billions of people.
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michael_birdsnest 8 時間 前
GoldHunter 18 時間 前
7:50 " you do not see that in the developed world " well I guess if they develop faster than the developed world then they are now the developed world
Lowen Orielle
Lowen Orielle 9 時間 前
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Zonno5 日 前
Yaas queen slay
David Durst
David Durst 日 前
Say her name! Cathie WOOD. Not Woods!
I Kaya
I Kaya 2 日 前
Innovation doesn't necessarily lead to big market caps. Just look at solar PV growth its exponential and a very important but there is no significant market cap to be had because 300 watt panel in 2017 = $180 300 watt panel in 2021 = $60 300 watt panel in 2025 = ??$30??
Pavle Pavlovic
Pavle Pavlovic 2 日 前
oh lies " They are afraid of cash , dont want counterfeit cash " no , its the party forbidding them or leading them to use we chat . they take things like this and twist them so that they look nice , that no where during the speech you can recognize limiting and taking of Freedom , its all nice and fluffy , how wonderful
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victoria b.
victoria b. 2 日 前
My thought on Bitcoin in regards to it being traced through IP. Does not VPNs like 'Hide my Ass' help change that? If you can't trade in US on Coinbase, they say to set up VPN for other countries. And with the volatility, how can you use it to buy things without get screwed? Excuse my language.
Tony Albany
Tony Albany 2 日 前
During every stock market bubble you get the Kathy Woods of Wall St out promoting companies that have no revenue and loaded with debt claiming these companies are the wave of the future. Then the inevitable bear market comes and many of those companies go bankrupt leaving everyone in her ETF bagholders
A R 3 日 前
Want to spell her name right? maybe put some 'speck on the name?
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 3 日 前
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Mark Been
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When I watch this video in 2021, I can’t help but think of HUMBL and how much potential this company has to be a major player.
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Two words con artists like to use more than any other "Disruptive innovation" , remember Elizabeth Holmes?
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James Foreman
James Foreman 8 日 前
She is so humbl...
dootdoot 8 日 前
Well we saw how Wirecard turned out lol
PomFarmer 9 日 前
Sadly all the youth knows about Cardi instead of Cathie.
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Gym Sneds 9 日 前
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Andrea Lizarraga 10 日 前
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Caleb Rasak
Caleb Rasak 11 日 前
I wish she had talked about ethereum because that is a "platform coin" on which every other coin is developed on. I personally believe that ethereum will be the monetary coin we use on a regular basis. Bitcoin is much more the "gold" of all coins. You keep the bitcoin in your wallet for a rainy day fund. Where as ether will be used at the 711 for a coffee.
Clinton Trotta
Clinton Trotta 11 日 前
ALDO H 11 日 前
ARkk is very dangerous ETF buy it may at $ 75-90
Lowen Orielle
Lowen Orielle 9 時間 前
Bitcoin trading is better than Eth
Michael Boller
Michael Boller 11 日 前
so the innovations of today are greater than railways, electricity or cars? weird logic.
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Mrye et zenm in 12 日 前
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ALDO H 12 日 前
HI invest in XLC, Etf, its much safer that your Ark Etfs that drop sharper and lower that tech sector and SPy.
zaiks0105 12 日 前
I respect Cathie but ... she had NO CLUE about the effectiveness of Ai compared to Human brain ... NO CLUE. Anyone who relied on Ai in life and death situations will lose their lives. Ai is pattern recognition ... and DID NOT consider malicious intentions among others
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 12 日 前
It's Cathie "Wood" - singular
Adrian Salmon
Adrian Salmon 13 日 前
Bitcoin is Netscape.
C Puzz
C Puzz 10 日 前
Agree. But then what will be Google? Is Bitcoin My Space or Facebook?
Reinier van Ramshorst
Reinier van Ramshorst 13 日 前
9:55 on the right it says wirecard. Wirecard exploded 😬
vincentyeo88 12 日 前
good observation!
Damxn 13 日 前
What’s good cathie ; )
Roberto Verdaguer
Roberto Verdaguer 14 日 前
If you were at that presentation a year and a half ago and you're not a millionaire right now, blame yourself.
Interstellar Traveler
Interstellar Traveler 14 日 前
Now, this what I call truth about bitcoin, drug money is gone from btc... it's too transparent...
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D Networks 14 日 前
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pop Sarah
pop Sarah 14 日 前
Most people have been having a lot of failures in forex and Crypto sector because of poor orientation and bad experts
Eva Helen
Eva Helen 14 日 前
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Eva Helen
Eva Helen 14 日 前
That's the more reason you should reach out to her and get good insight before getting to invest
Michael Feuerbach
Michael Feuerbach 14 日 前
Cathie is talking about exactly what Humbl and CEO Brian Foote is rolling out worldwide....
blood_eagle 14 日 前
this woman has a giant magic 8 ball
Unknown Player
Unknown Player 15 日 前
Pink hair dont care. See ya
Mr Brown Kayumanggi USA
Mr Brown Kayumanggi USA 15 日 前
One year later here comes HUMBL. This presentation from Cathie why I think HUMBL will be very successful!
M S R 15 日 前
Now Bitcoin is 55K
FinalBox 15 日 前
She should write a book.
FinalBox 15 日 前
Whether we realize it or not, Cathie Wood really is the modern day Warren Buffett.
Poul Julle
Poul Julle 15 日 前
bitcoin is the most secure. LOL good one
Daniel White
Daniel White 16 日 前
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Karo Lings
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John D Wilson 16 日 前
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Terry Dave 16 日 前
@Patricia Clark that’s amazing
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Bernice Sullivan
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dy2cakc1 16 日 前
Where can we download the slide deck used in this presentation?
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C A 17 日 前
She is so hot!
Gannon Best
Gannon Best 17 日 前
wish i saw this a year ago or had the capacity to listen
RC Colorado
RC Colorado 18 日 前
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Clinton Leonard
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James T
James T 17 日 前
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The Potter 22 日 前
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Kevin Johnstone
Kevin Johnstone 22 日 前
@Driftgod Her name is Amanda Blair Peters, that is the much i can say about her here. you can look her name up online to get any other info's you need
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Hridayesh Pathak
Hridayesh Pathak 23 日 前
cathie is right on the money!
Rod Blues
Rod Blues 24 日 前
I love Cathie Wood and am an ARK investor, but we should always remember that she might be wrong, too.
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez 20 日 前
She’s an expert in her field.
Blingdream 21 日 前
This was over a year ago and everything she goes over is even more true today then ever.
Rogelio Barraza
Rogelio Barraza 24 日 前
Why can’t she be the president :(
J.R. 24 日 前
$HCMC!!! This is at sub-penny price and will hit a $1 soon!
ninjachef 24 日 前
999999999999 IQ!!!!
Nathalie Camp
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Jonathan Ferdinand
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@Nathalie Camp thanks!
Nathalie Camp
Nathalie Camp 24 日 前
You can reach her through her telegrm
Nathalie Camp
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@Jonathan Ferdinand You can reach her through her telegrm
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USS Spirit
USS Spirit 24 日 前
Amazing how she mentions Saudi Arabia and the camera immediately pans to a woman with a hijab. Like she just must be from Saudi Arabia. Fintech moves so fast but people stay the same...
F1zzy 25 日 前
Jinpeng Yang
Jinpeng Yang 25 日 前
she's the woman from the future.
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alpineGuerrero pogyMurray 25 日 前
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catsdab69 25 日 前
Lmao ??. Well that was elaborate
Luke Underwood
Luke Underwood 25 日 前
What a terrible crowd! Cathie Wood is amazing and right about almost everything.
really reasso
really reasso 25 日 前
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Badabababa 25 日 前
I judge women by style of character and I've never been wrong!
none11ification 26 日 前
Lmao. Dude yawning 😴
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 26 日 前
cathy ah um um ah aha um um ah ah um ah ah um ah um ah um um um ah ah ah woods
Cannon Handz
Cannon Handz 26 日 前
TSNP/ HUMBL will be the leader of fintech/blockchain technology. Don't miss the boat. Seriously.. Do your research.
tp7886 27 日 前
Thanks JPgoon for recommending this now. Your timing is precisely garbage.
Luqman Mohd
Luqman Mohd 27 日 前
can't believe she's 65. thought she's in her 40s.
David S
David S 27 日 前
25:20 shillin your bags???
mulatto401 27 日 前
I've been listing to this woman for years and years and I lost so much money, because I didn't execute on what she is talking about.
Dennis Le
Dennis Le 26 日 前
Good one
Dick Large
Dick Large 27 日 前
She is overrated and talks so basic
WJTM88 25 日 前
Generally speaking most ideas in life that are good are basic. Nothing cosmic sometimes just plain common sense As humans we are often impressed with lots of technical jargon etc etc. The only real question is ~does her stock pick increase
The Dancing Vegan Atheist
The Dancing Vegan Atheist 27 日 前
Agree or disagree, this woman is super smart.
jungan lee
jungan lee 28 日 前
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Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang 28 日 前
Interesting talk. One point she mentioned "unbanking", not quite sure what she means. But if unbanking means people have no bank accounts, then I think most of Chinese if not all of Chinese have bank accounts. In addition, the bank system in China is quite different from US. For example, it is very hard or impossible to dispute a credit card transaction with Chinese banks. So, it would not be a serious comparison between China and other countries without considering the financial policies and culture difference.
Pierrette Kyamba
Pierrette Kyamba 28 日 前
Is that Maps Maponyane yawning 😂😂??
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 28 日 前
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Mr. Yega
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Once I get some more money, i'm looking to invest
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