[GOING SEVENTEEN] EP.1 드립 : 고잉 컴퍼니 #1 (Ad-lib : GOING COMPANY #1)

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25 日 前

[GOING SEVENTEEN] EP.1 드립 : 고잉 컴퍼니 #1 (Ad-lib : GOING COMPANY #1)
스타트업 '고잉 컴퍼니'에서 벌어지는
콘텐츠를 향한 아무 말 대잔치!
환상의 티키타카가 이뤄낸
환장의 드립 현장🤣
💥Great content is our intent
Time for bed when we’re dead💥
Brainstorming a maelstrom for content
at the new “GOING COMPANY” startup!
Ad-lib galore, throw it all out there
and something’s gotta stick🤣

Okvi Salsabila
Okvi Salsabila 50 分 前
seventeen moodboster indeed, after so long time not to watching going, back to need fun , and then GOMAPDA BOYS!!!! you all are very entertaining 😍👏💜😂
Zailah Magbuhat
Zailah Magbuhat 11 時間 前
13:35 15:34 OMG Myungho's giggle 🥺♥️ and 19:14 why naman ang pogiii🤧
Astra Pulamte
Astra Pulamte 18 時間 前
why are they getting electrocuted tho
박지유 20 時間 前
2:30,5:52 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Soso Na
Soso Na 22 時間 前
Menguji otak nie
Keren Simick
Keren Simick 日 前
No one: Dino:....So ju (ain't surprised lol😂)
leledoieyang 日 前
SVT takemesohigh
SVT takemesohigh 日 前
I miss reading subtitles so fast hahaha
carolina arzola
carolina arzola 日 前
Seventeen Zombie survival content🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐
Maria Billiona
Maria Billiona 日 前
been watching for 1 min and my mind is already confused and messed up HAHAH the phasing is too fast that my eyes can't catch up with the subs as well as the members. Anyway, it's fun and I hope to discover more about them. I'm new to this ~
naJUNice 日 前
In indonesian subtitle its very funny,i cant😭
Marta v
Marta v 2 日 前
6:46 SCoups
Manavi Piya
Manavi Piya 2 日 前
Okay viewers, who do you think are the most quiet ones?
Yennie Jung
Yennie Jung 2 日 前
really don't like woozi's attitude😒
capucinem 2 日 前
for god sake... just stfu
vanny kim
vanny kim 2 日 前
So we have this kind of presentation in MARKET RESEARCH where we should think outside the box and introduce a different and unique product or service and I just found myself rewatching this episode to get an idea :|| How about introducing the wig as bag >< MY BRAINNNNNNNNN I NEED MY BRAINNNNNNNNNNN
Alya Rokhma
Alya Rokhma 2 日 前
2 years of knowing seventeen can't really distinguish Jun, Joshua, jeonghan.😭
Zailah Magbuhat
Zailah Magbuhat 11 時間 前
I only started knowing them last week and I already know a lot about them. Just watch their videos and you can tell that they are really different from each other (mianhe for the grammar HAHAHAA)
ola Ola
ola Ola 日 前
I recommend you to watch 'One Fine Day1+2', 'SVT Club', 'Weekly Idol'/ 'Idol Room' etc...first
Chica Multifandom
Chica Multifandom 3 日 前
Alguna alma piadosa que me diga, a que se refiere Jun con el juego 1+1 que desde episodios anteriores lo escuché 🥺👁
Hi Chloe
Hi Chloe 3 日 前
Hoshi with glasses was so damnn attractive!!
Allyza Reigo
Allyza Reigo 3 日 前
Twice is coming we all know someone's coming aswell HIHI hahahahaha
Kim Da Hyun
Kim Da Hyun 3 日 前
rewatching this after i learned their names and that subtitle [they're not swearing] is funny to me
Khairiah Sa
Khairiah Sa 3 日 前
Keep doing like this for carat .. We really love all of you seventeen .. Please stay like this, hold on to carat ..🙏
Chezka Kim
Chezka Kim 3 日 前
soonyoung being a My Day hurts my tummy for laughing so much, he promoted them, I can't-
히이이익 3 日 前
왜 자꾸 찌릿찌릿 하는거야?
Minghao really looks so gorgeous!! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)(๑♡⌓♡๑) 13:34 His laugh UwU ♡(> ਊ
얼마 정도 해요?
얼마 정도 해요? 3 日 前
마트에 가서 2+1만 사는 거 좋은데?!😆😆
yesui b
yesui b 3 日 前
as expected bss LMAOAOA
앵가위바위푸 4 日 前
아이돌계의 예능 강자들이 돌아와따~~
高橋アリス 4 日 前
Jeonghan's outfit reminds me of KFC lmao
Queen M
Queen M 4 日 前
That very last "is 40mins already over?"(WW) was in tiny... UwU It's shooo cute and yes, I'm rofl
Kin Arzahari
Kin Arzahari 4 日 前
May i ask why they keep touch their shoulder ?
capucinem 2 日 前
they have a device that his controled by the staff that vibrates hard whenever they laugh, it's uncomfortable that's why they're reacting this way to it :)
Aseda Tuffour
Aseda Tuffour 5 日 前
In six years time jun is going to do 7 + 1 and then becomes seven eleven lol 😂
Sarah Dela Peña
Sarah Dela Peña 5 日 前
Wewe Chi
Wewe Chi 5 日 前
minghao is so pretty. fight me 😠
Mariel Ria
Mariel Ria 5 日 前
There's literally a brand in ph that's named soggo and its undearwears also hahahaha
박지민은 있는데왜 박지당긴은 없나요.
박지민은 있는데왜 박지당긴은 없나요. 5 日 前
여기 한국인 없나요 한국인 찾아효...ㅠ
raveena 5 日 前
cut as it's irrational lol the editor is so ruthless
Yola Valeri
Yola Valeri 6 日 前
tiap jun maju w ngajak mulu anjrit
난힙합이너무좋아중2병 6 日 前
왕자들의 귀환이로구나 지루했던 내 삶의 변화가 오겠구만
violetta wp
violetta wp 6 日 前
22:18 they're having more trust issues with gose kkkk
amna 6 日 前
i still confius with that electric things 😭 can someone explain?
Zebrine Smith
Zebrine Smith 6 日 前
Joshua Hong supremacy.
p_자수정 6 日 前
They're really monitoring what we want... it's a little scary haahhaha ha ha.. With the "watch what you say" keyword, 5 years worth of content will be reviewed and fossil Carats' forgotten wishes might come true after losing hope
Zebrine Smith
Zebrine Smith 7 日 前
Let's not forget about the fact that Jeonghan is the CEO and not Scoups.
OnlyDitema 7 日 前
Ahhh, finalmente podré ver los Goin's .·´¯`(>▂
STRAYC 7 日 前
Just realised they were improv
nadiah 7 日 前
Why do i feel like Dino looks like Yoon Sun hak from start up when he’s explaining the thing 🙂
서재현 7 日 前
아 진짜 문준휘가 개웃긴것같음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 잔잔한 도라이ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
The Untamed
The Untamed 7 日 前
*just laughs the entire video*
free 7 日 前
근데 중간중간에 왜 계속 그 비지짖직 소리나면서 어깨 잡는거예요?
진지해도 좋다 찬아
진지해도 좋다 찬아 7 日 前
웃을때마다 어깨에 부착된 안마기가 울려서 그래요~
j.k. dhillon
j.k. dhillon 7 日 前
jun is just so randomly hilarious- I can’t with this man😂😂
j.k. dhillon
j.k. dhillon 7 日 前
I can actually see jeonghan as a ceo😂
Jhon Paul Lugatiman
Jhon Paul Lugatiman 8 日 前
'당신이 말하는 것을 지켜봐'라는 주제는 저에게 다가오는 에피소드에 대한 스릴과 설렘을 주었습니다. 그들의 입에서 나오는 말들과 생각들 때문에 나는 내내 웃고만 있었다. 대부분은 말도 안 되는 소리였지만 웃겨! 내가 애드리브에 대해 좋아하는 한 가지는. 그들의 아이디어가 실행되기를 고대하고 있다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! 그나저나, 수요일을 더 밝게 만들어줘서 고마워!
AY DS 8 日 前
마트 가서 쇼핑하는 컨셉에서 마피아 게임처럼 좀비 골라내기하면 재밌겠다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 좀비는 한 턴마다 감염시킬 수 있고.. (고잉셉을 위한 컨텐츠 나눔ㅎㅎ)
Yomna Ahmed
Yomna Ahmed 8 日 前
T Prkr
T Prkr 8 日 前
I bet the un-edited version is like 2 hours long of Seventeen being chaotic
T Prkr
T Prkr 8 日 前
that face at 8:45.. I'm sorry for laughing so hard
Dorothea is an Erizen
Dorothea is an Erizen 8 日 前
Oh my god i’m never hiring them 🤣
Tilda Elvingsson
Tilda Elvingsson 8 日 前
Was not expecting the day6 reference
김뙝뙝 8 日 前
3:56 아아.. 하는 호시 ㅈㄴ 귀엽고..
Agatha Clark
Agatha Clark 8 日 前
how to argue with flat earthers 101 "why is the earth round?" *"it just is."*
Please tell these guys to slow down while speaking 😂🤦‍♂️
Damaris Andrea
Damaris Andrea 9 日 前
Why do they get electric attacks? 😆
정현주 9 日 前
조용히 있음 진동 울리는건가ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hilary 9 日 前
Vote for seventeen in the best social artist category for BBMAs
Hermoine Acedera
Hermoine Acedera 9 日 前
I want you guys to remember the joke performance of Hoshi drumming at golden disc award coz they might really do that, we all know how unpredictable they are!
Shimi Ya
Shimi Ya 9 日 前
Co-My Day yes Hoshi😌💖
캄다운 캄다운굿보이
캄다운 캄다운굿보이 9 日 前
봐도 봐도 재밌냐....0
Monica Reyes
Monica Reyes 9 日 前
I see the GoSe theme for 2021 is going to be "Jeonghan is in charge" & as a hannie stan I have to agree.
상추뜯어먹고싶다 9 日 前
이거 내가 챙겨보는 유일한 국내 예능 프로그램...아니 아이돌 콘텐츠 나는 캐럿이 아닌데도 말이죠.
dimple faller
dimple faller 9 日 前
😍😍😍 a better job of keeping you 😍😍😍
Jisoo Hong
Jisoo Hong 9 日 前
Stream Don't wanna cry
kkoch hana
kkoch hana 9 日 前
17:16 hoshi being supportive fan my day hoshi :)
c l o u d y h e a v e n s
c l o u d y h e a v e n s 10 日 前
Hazel C
Hazel C 10 日 前
Omg the intro is so so so addicting i love it
Janelle Claudio
Janelle Claudio 10 日 前
when hoshi promote DAY6 Zombie AAHAHHAHAHA
Chamix Controller
Chamix Controller 10 日 前
Hoshi is verry good looking with glases
島人ぬ宝 10 日 前
caperclaw 10 日 前
Dino: I can speak Chinese. Ni hao! Minghao & Jun: *speaks Chinese* Dino: Eh?
Milik Pathania
Milik Pathania 10 日 前
I didn't watch kpop for 3 years bc of se things and OMG EVERY IDOL IS LOOKING SO GOOD 😃😫😩
Sean nn
Sean nn 10 日 前
I noticed how Minghao didn't talk much, is he alright? :((
ae love
ae love 10 日 前
It's really hilarious how editors cut the scenes where members are talking nonsense HAHAHA
늘보 10 日 前
17:27 월 500씩 주는게 500원씩 주는거 아니지??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
POOLN 10 日 前
17:25 샤월 권순영에 이은 마데 권순영ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 샤월이자 마데이자 캐럿인 내가 왜 권쑤뇨가 내취향인가 했더니 공통점이 많아서 그랬군ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Star_hajiroh Pt.2
Star_hajiroh Pt.2 10 日 前
When Dino said the glasses don't match Hoshi but Gose editor make it as tumbnail >.
GFXDS 99 10 日 前
Wowww 2m views TT
Jay Candy
Jay Candy 10 日 前
JYP need to learn from Seventeen on how to promote their artists
inp196 10 日 前
Abi Keiko
Abi Keiko 10 日 前
Scoups to hoshi : you are not going to tiger's den, are you? 😂😂😂😂
말랑뽀쨕복숭아 10 日 前
말 딸랑 보고 순간 겸이라서 그런가 했자나ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
John Efraim Dela Cruz
John Efraim Dela Cruz 10 日 前
13:35 15:34 19:14 Minghao's laugh is so adorable. 14:16 Jun's low giggles. 14:51 Dino's infectious laugh. 20:22 Listen to Wonwoo.
Princess Ode
Princess Ode 10 日 前
Joshua didn't have a single solo screen time with the first 10 minutes of the video. Hwaiting shua!
Celine Erica Ebora
Celine Erica Ebora 11 日 前
Amal Nutrition
Amal Nutrition 11 日 前
IDEAS: 1.acapella version of their songs 2.make an Audio story 3.Dks idea: food truck
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic 11 日 前
they're doing fine on the "work" but the CEO is a bit... you know...
김나현 11 日 前
기다리고 있었습니다. 제대로 모시겠습니다.
Norima Fedelis
Norima Fedelis 11 日 前
Rusty Gerardo
Rusty Gerardo 11 日 前
Rusty Gerardo
Rusty Gerardo 11 日 前
rohiniapr45 11 日 前
My life span jz got increased by 20 years XD
BOBIN보빈 11 日 前
오빠들 머리색 무슨일이여..?
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