I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator

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Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me
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Freakyy 3 分 前
Holy hell almost 7 mil!
Siddharth Ghantasala
Siddharth Ghantasala 9 分 前
Make more skyblock commentary videos
01lie_ 10 分 前
6.9 Million Subscribers. NICE
SteKING34 c/o
SteKING34 c/o 11 分 前
𝄴ₐₙ yₒᵤ ₛₑₑ ₜₕᵢₛ ₛₕᵢₜ?
Conor Dowds
Conor Dowds 14 分 前
I am watching this at 6.9 million subs let’s go
CooleDave123 15 分 前
6,9 mil noice
u have 6.9 milion subs
fast-boy 21 分 前
Techno be a piglin brute on the origin smp
Nathan Goodwin
Nathan Goodwin 21 分 前
69 subs lol
Kelanduo 22 分 前
Techno... come back and *UPLOAD*!!!
פרשתי! 25 分 前
תגובה בעברית: נגיסוני עוף
IamNotColdBg 29 分 前
So u keep saying u hate orphans and u don't have a mom or dad hmmmmmm not having mom+dad=orphan OMG Tecno has been hating on orphans but he is an orphan himself
Oz Person
Oz Person 34 分 前
Techno blade please be a wither in origins it makes the most sense for you. tubbo has bees, Ramboo has ended men, Tommy is a chicken and you have copious amounts of withers Pls pls pls
Oz Person
Oz Person 29 分 前
Just elaborating, a few ideas if he does choose this: 1. he gives wither effect to anyone he he hits 2. He games health when he damages of the entities 3. he’s immune to other withers and wither skeletons
MarcMarcMarc[GD] 49 分 前
6.9M LOL
_Babaran _
_Babaran _ 52 分 前
ummm techno ..... why do you have 6.9 mil subs?
Ian Bautista
Ian Bautista 時間 前
Leila K
Leila K 時間 前
I just watched the vid where he was recording with his lil sis 6 years ago, and his voice just went 📉📉📉📉📉📉
Jotaro Kujo Joestar
Jotaro Kujo Joestar 時間 前
Tecno plz react to voices It's a really good song about you
Amar الغامدي
Amar الغامدي 時間 前
We did it boys 6.9 million
Mastercraft Baron Brigoli
Mastercraft Baron Brigoli 時間 前
Technoblade and wildcat look like brothers in minecraft
jikky girl Gonzales
jikky girl Gonzales 時間 前
I subscribe
Mrs Pusheen
Mrs Pusheen 時間 前
SnachyGHG 時間 前
6,9 Million Subscribers nice
x2 Jemmy
x2 Jemmy 時間 前
Dream is bitter than pig
ToyykGamer 時間 前
6.9 nice
Beamybloom 2 時間 前
6.9 mil subs!!!!!!
Marko Guy
Marko Guy 2 時間 前
Good thing u was never ther i was in canada with fundy the whole time
Jack Hollins
Jack Hollins 2 時間 前
P41n 2 時間 前
aiiii 6.9 million subs!
Raycreate Gaming
Raycreate Gaming 2 時間 前
I know Da Wae
I know Da Wae 2 時間 前
6.9m subscribers... nice
Thicc Ciao
Thicc Ciao 2 時間 前
You lost.
Fabian _
Fabian _ 2 時間 前
will there be an origins smp video
Aleksio 292
Aleksio 292 2 時間 前
6,9 mil POGGG
MarcoTheProxD 3 時間 前
6.9 mil subs nice
Duuren Bileg
Duuren Bileg 3 時間 前
Techno just got 6.9 mil subs lol
abdalrahman Mamdouh
abdalrahman Mamdouh 3 時間 前
When will you release Minecraft VR or part 3
zn00p 3 時間 前
Wow! I'm part of history now.
Bat Bite
Bat Bite 3 時間 前
Origin SMP Pig idea: You can't eat pork Potatoes work as strength potions When you die you drop a piece of pork, when you die to fire you drop cooked pork People can put a saddle on you and control you with a carrot on a stick. When you kill people they drop 'meat' which you can eat.
Elhton Joseph Madrid
Elhton Joseph Madrid 3 時間 前
Technoblade your goooooood but dream is goddd
Skilara 3 時間 前
Hey I have a Idea for the Origin SMP: You could have ,,Zombiepowers". When you spawn you are a regular human, and when you die you have an extra life but have slowness( you can be a human after some time again). OR you don't have slowness and just burn in the sun OR zombies and drowneds don't attack you. The Turtle: You can brethe underwater and have more hearts but the only thing that regenerates hearts is kelp. Now that i think about it it's pretty stupid lol...
odie tuban
odie tuban 3 時間 前
Techno please record the origin smp
Mcraft Videos
Mcraft Videos 4 時間 前
Bro face review
Walter Yauieb
Walter Yauieb 4 時間 前
My account is keyboard pig
Walter Yauieb
Walter Yauieb 4 時間 前
If techno whitelists me on the dream SMP I will doab
Jessie Macdonald
Jessie Macdonald 5 時間 前
its been abt a week and i cant stop thinking abt it. u were robbed my guy. who sabotages a man from stealing a fridge... absolutely despicable
ror ror ror ror
ror ror ror ror 5 時間 前
no one's gonna ask why he has a tommyinnit skin tho-
Anna Javier
Anna Javier 5 時間 前
EnchantedDragon653 __
EnchantedDragon653 __ 6 時間 前
Just curious, would you be interested in streaming the origin smp?
Mister John
Mister John 6 時間 前
2mil ppl are not sub the disrespect
Mister John
Mister John 6 時間 前
The potato lord is near to 7mil
Anthony Noda
Anthony Noda 6 時間 前
I love how techno has a scary and cool personality on the dream smp and then also still wholesome.
Hed Hogie
Hed Hogie 6 時間 前
Is it me or is it techno doesn't use smooth lighting
Squiddy 6 時間 前
May Casey
May Casey 6 時間 前
Technoblade never dies!
Ryan Tanaka
Ryan Tanaka 7 時間 前
I saw a poll and it said who is better and dream won the vote😡
Agent Tennessee
Agent Tennessee 7 時間 前
I'd like to imagine they told Technoblade one hour in advance because he's the Batman of Minecraft prep time and he's one of those people that just gets exponentially more dangerous when he's aloud to think.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 7 時間 前
CyberDragon 7 時間 前
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 7 時間 前
“If you can’t win a $10000 fridge go the $5000 one” -Sun Tzu the art of war
dream 8 時間 前
those that have treated me with kindness, i will repay that kindness tenfold. and those that treat me with injustice, that use me, that hunt me down, that hurt my friends-i shall repay that injustice a thousand times over
Aaron Bradford
Aaron Bradford 8 時間 前
Technoblade I will give you hugs
Petra Lopez
Petra Lopez 8 時間 前
I gate you
POOPGUY 5 時間 前
Techno the best
POOPGUY 5 時間 前
Yeah gate him
JaredTSM 8 時間 前
Isabella Lara
Isabella Lara 8 時間 前
Philza would love the fridge 😂
Who's Kamii?
Who's Kamii? 8 時間 前
Preston Graceffa
Preston Graceffa 8 時間 前
@Technoblade What ever happened to tecnoblode
3Dan Doodles
3Dan Doodles 8 時間 前
The entire first 3 quarters of this video be like: not even close baby technoblade never dies
Tall Sz
Tall Sz 8 時間 前
I don’t watch or play Minecraft and am like 17 but this was genuinely entertaining to watch
Morrison Gamer
Morrison Gamer 8 時間 前
Can I be your apprentice
Manish N
Manish N 9 時間 前
MOOO!!! !!!
MOOO!!! !!! 9 時間 前
On origin smp, you should have the blood God origin. This is directed to technoblade
Dreamer 9 時間 前
1:21 do I hear quackity in jackbox?
Just A Curse
Just A Curse 9 時間 前
A pig is any of the animals in the genus Sus, within the even-toed ungulate family Suidae. Pigs include domestic pigs and their ancestor, the common Eurasian wild boar, along with other species. Pigs, like all suids, are native to the Eurasian and African continents, ranging from Europe to the Pacific islands. Wikipedia Scientific name: *SUS*
Diesel Zinman
Diesel Zinman 9 時間 前
I just came from watching Wilburs origin stream and realised techno didn't know what origin he should be, I had already thought up an idea of what techno should be if he joins origin smp since two weeks ago at least. He should be a vampire origin, it would fit the "Blood for the blood god" and "Technoblade never dies" quote very well. He could have a high regeneration, life steal, he would fill his hunger bar by doing damage to mobs and/or players, he would only be able to go into the sun (he burns in the sun) if he turns into a bat form, switching forms has a cooldown of 5 secondes to 30 secondes, he gains around 2 more hearts and an innate increase of strenght at night, his bat form has free flight but only has half a heart or 2 hearts and he can't do any damage in that form or his armor is rendered useless. If his hunger bar hits zero, he will die and respawn with 2 less hearts than normal and has only 3 hunger bars, his hearts will only get back to normal after his hunger bar is filled. As for sleeping and setting a spawn point, he has to do it in darkness. This might need adjustments or some random features like he has an innate totem of undying that he can only get back if his health stays at full hearts for 30 secondes. He can toggle a float feature by turning a steering wheel (this feature is just to spite tommy).
Diesel Zinman
Diesel Zinman 9 時間 前
Just thought of an extra feature, what if he can't trade with villagers?
Eva Potts
Eva Potts 9 時間 前
this is the first video that i seen other then dream smp in 3 - 4 years
Marco Infanti
Marco Infanti 9 時間 前
0:58 I went to the safest place I knew Afghanistan 🧐🧐🧐🧐
mark gil orteza
mark gil orteza 9 時間 前
See? Thats why technoblade won the battle of dream and technoblade because TECHnically techno got a special care to mr. Beast , i think its becuase their in the animal kingdom, PIG AND BEAST
McGabriel lee Panag
McGabriel lee Panag 9 時間 前
Origin SMP:tecno the wither
theGODgaming303 10 時間 前
I like playing hide and seek but the problem is my comoflage skin is useless because there's so many bugs ☹️☹️
Carson Whitmire
Carson Whitmire 10 時間 前
Everybody talking about this new pog but who remembers the 1980’s pog tokens that got banned in school because it was “gambling”
Jack Akom
Jack Akom 10 時間 前
Has tech ever died
Randy Mayorga
Randy Mayorga 10 時間 前
Techno blade I have a plan to get red of the egg of the dream smp you need to team up with tommy and dream you guys can team up you well spawn wither
KD11 10 時間 前
Kereb Harrison
Kereb Harrison 10 時間 前
Technoblade you should be a witch on the Origins smp. You could have good poition effects last longer and be more powerful.
I will defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi
I will defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi 10 時間 前
*It’s Japan all over again*
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang 10 時間 前
yay 2 fundi
Sneaky Rat
Sneaky Rat 10 時間 前
Technoblade vs Mr Beast
Everett Rape
Everett Rape 10 時間 前
How are you so good
DonutDude YT
DonutDude YT 10 時間 前
dude you won an election to fight as the resistance winner in skyblock pls stream the event is at 2:30 est time in two days!!!
jacqueline grace cogay
jacqueline grace cogay 10 時間 前
Technoblade make new vids pls
Romeo Reyes
Romeo Reyes 11 時間 前
"I immediately headed to the safest place I knew, Afghanistan... I GOT NUKED"
JADOW J 11 時間 前
bruno youtube
bruno youtube 11 時間 前
why no bannerlord
Devin Ehly
Devin Ehly 11 時間 前
Sub to techno
Shaq U
Shaq U 11 時間 前
20,000 I phone
Keron 11 時間 前
dude just become herobrine on the origins smp or make a custom class called technoblade
techno blade escaped posidens vault fence edition
Donna DeGraff
Donna DeGraff 11 時間 前
Techno stop the dante in hypixel skyblock
Swift 11 時間 前
techno is sandman
Supreme Fusion
Supreme Fusion 11 時間 前
A Y O noticed you joined origins ik not confirmed if ur gonna stay but here's my idea. The Pig Lord: Vegetarian, Can Eat Grass Off Grass Blocks, If Hit Near Piglins The Piglins Will Attack The Person/Mob Who Hit You (Wont Happen Unless Wearing Gold Helmet *to resemble a crown). If Hit Get Speed 2 for 5-8 seconds, Aid From The Blood God: Get Strength 3 For 10-30 Seconds And Resistance 1 for 5 seconds (Only Once Every 20 minutes), Carrots/Gold Carrots Heal Double Hunger, Can Trade With Normal Pigs Downsides: If You Do Eat Grass You Get Slowness For 5 Seconds And Weakness For 5 seconds, You Take 2x damage in fire, Only Have 7 And a Half Max Hearts, Half Oxygen Underwater. Kinda Broken But Kinda Balanced, Now I'm no modder, just thought this would kinda fit you.
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