Icelandic standup about Nordic neighbours in general and Finnish language in particular

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Sergey Kasyanov

4 年 前

Nad Chan
Nad Chan 16 時間 前
JPgoon: here is an icelandic dude making jokes in english about northern europe language me, french: *interesting.*
Miriam Dopp
Miriam Dopp 19 時間 前
His english accent is quite good 👍😊
Siloe Mascolo
Siloe Mascolo 日 前
But I not understand why he is speaking in English?
Veli-Pekka Kultanen
Veli-Pekka Kultanen 日 前
Förstår alla Nordiska språk. Men talar int.
Simp Simpson
Simp Simpson 2 日 前
Sweds doesn’t work in Norway🙄 why would someone go to a less interesting country....
Simp Simpson
Simp Simpson 2 日 前
@Fendon Oh trust me there is no reason to move or work in Norway. What Norway has, Sweden have 10x more 😂. We are a bigger and more attractive country in the world reputation.
Fendon 2 日 前
Oh trust me, a looot of you do.
Greg Candalez
Greg Candalez 3 日 前
me, who has never spoken to a norse person before: haha so true
Kiwi Drumcovers
Kiwi Drumcovers 4 日 前
I don't understand anything, but it's funny
Riza Wardhana
Riza Wardhana 4 日 前
Even I'm Javanese, I laughed about this. Nordics are so funny.
enpaaliteligpanda 4 日 前
As a Norwegian, I understand more of this guy's "Danish" than I would if a Dane spoke.
🙋🏼‍♂️ 4 日 前
Um, Finland is not Scandinavia. And neither Iceland. 🤔
Lowhead Varney
Lowhead Varney 5 日 前
Makkarainen means sausage apparently
Jennifer Lorence
Jennifer Lorence 5 日 前
HA, HA, HA, this is So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's Good.
G.P. Rowe
G.P. Rowe 5 日 前
Funny. Thanks. It reminds me, being half Norwegians and half Swedish by heritage -
A Fish Out Of Water
A Fish Out Of Water 6 日 前
minä rakastan sinua. *Pay the fucking money.*
james james
james james 6 日 前
People in the north east of England have an accent that goes up at the end of a sentence, that must be Norwegian
AndE667 6 日 前
Awww, he did forget that estonian is also quite similar to finnish, not as mentally well adjusted, but still...
Ninu Linu
Ninu Linu 7 日 前
my mom always says that you can speak danish if you put hot potato in your mouth and try to speak swedish :D
Catnium 8 日 前
tak tak
Alexander Kostrzewa
Alexander Kostrzewa 8 日 前
I have met exactly one Norwegian in my life and he did indeed do the ski jump thing when he talked.
ErlendPro 9 日 前
Super fun, but dont know where this jumping up an octave come from, never heard that before lmao
CatzHoek 9 日 前
0:58 i almsot feel bad for the guy ... Kamelåså
Ouwi 9 日 前
The way he says "minä rakastan sinua" Just sounds so much better than anyone that actually speaks finnish
Tarso da Silva
Tarso da Silva 9 日 前
Who came here just to see nordics beating the shit out of each other in the comments?
Henriette K
Henriette K 10 日 前
This guy is hilarious xD
Dr. Warren Payne
Dr. Warren Payne 11 日 前
Imagine speaking Scandinavian
ronglenn919 12 日 前
sadrevolution 12 日 前
Finnish sounds like Scandinavian Hungarian to me...
FrancisBTube 13 日 前
Macarena bit hilarious..😂😂😂
Apollo Jack
Apollo Jack 13 日 前
I am American and you all sound the same to me, sorry. I'm sure the opposite stands true as well.
David Berdiales de la Carrera
David Berdiales de la Carrera 13 日 前
Cada vez que escuche la Macarena pensaré en este tío 😂😂😂 y en los finlandeses
sullisen 14 日 前
As a swede I understood his danish better than I've ever understood a danish person speaking danish..
Magenta Megi
Magenta Megi 15 日 前
Caius Keys
Caius Keys 16 日 前
Been to the Blue Lagoon, so feel like an honorary Icelander...
Ylijumala 17 日 前
"This guy is from Finland! He must be drunk he must be drunk he must be drunk..." me, a drunken finnish person watching this: "Mitä vittua?"
MrRussianPotato 17 日 前
His name is Ari Eljárn, if anyone wants to know.
Dona Widhasmara
Dona Widhasmara 17 日 前
Mina rakastan sinua Ari. You are so funny. Maybe Salmiaki makes you so funny like that.
Spiffy Turtle
Spiffy Turtle 17 日 前
Everyone thinks they understand Nordic languages after watching the Muppet Show a couple of times.
Blond blue eyed bitch
Blond blue eyed bitch 17 日 前
This guy is so funny, I actually got tears in my eyes from laughing
Marta Brzezińska
Marta Brzezińska 19 日 前
I'm polish and I study hungarian but I've also learned some estonian and finnish (hard to believe but these 3 languages are in the same language group) and I can say that hungarian isn't similar to any other language but estonian and finnish has some similar words (ex. the numbers). Even though Estonians and Finns don't understand each others (polish people also don't understand Russians but many people think they do). I don't know swedish nor norwegian at all but for me they sound similar to estonian and finnish, I mean the way of pronouncing the words. Btw I love the sounds of all these languages ❤️
Gamer2.0 21 日 前
0:32 This guy's from Finland he must be drunk, he must be drunk, he must be drunk. Very true I must say as a finn myself.
MS_Publisher 22 日 前
Have a Danish grandma and the Danish English accent was perfect
That Guy
That Guy 22 日 前
Danmark forever🇩🇰
Stenio Woney Ramos da Silva
Stenio Woney Ramos da Silva 23 日 前
The finnish who did macarena song did it when they came to Brazil. lol
Dani Dögenigt
Dani Dögenigt 24 日 前
My nordic brothers and sisters! What say you we form a nordic alliance but as individual countries?
A. 24 日 前
0:58 I suppose any people whose language has similarities with another language will go through that at school. Here in Brazil they try to teach us spanish just because it's a bit close to portuguese and then as a grown-up you'll eventually meet spanish speakers around and talk to them in a frankstein language. Thankfully they usually speak bad portuguese back at us and we end up having a good time.
A Qvist
A Qvist 24 日 前
Wait.. so his name is Eldjárn? As in Fire Iron?? That's badass! My name just means Apple Twig... :(
Niillas Aslaksen
Niillas Aslaksen 24 日 前
I'm Norwegian-Sami, and our language sounds so similar to Finnish
Poul Hummer
Poul Hummer 25 日 前
Hold kæft en taber.
Nidge OSullivan
Nidge OSullivan 25 日 前
My mother was Norwegian, as I knew her obviously from birth I always thought she spoke English so well and was quite posh, a few years after she died I was looking back at some home videos and Christ she would put the Swedish chef from the Muppets to shame Hurgy girdy wurdy and yes even in English ending every sentence on a high. He's absolutely correct of course about this, always thought it was funny listening to my relations back in Norway speaking. And yes, every one of those feckers are stinking rich.
Nidge OSullivan
Nidge OSullivan 25 日 前
They'd need to be with the price of drink there lol
Nidge OSullivan
Nidge OSullivan 25 日 前
Even the winos are rich lol
E T Von Rashke
E T Von Rashke 26 日 前
I’m a Canadian kid. My dad was from Umeå. He spoke lots of languages. I asked him one day if he spoke danish? He said Danish isn’t a language it’s a throat disorder.
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 3 日 前
Nikki Scott
Nikki Scott 7 日 前
I’m a Canadian who lives in Sweden and my boyfriend is Swedish.......every Swede says that
E T Von Rashke
E T Von Rashke 7 日 前
Funny story. My uncle Ole was a wireless operator on a Canadian destroyer. After being torpedoed in the Atlantic they ended up tied to another damaged destroyer in Gibraltar. One night looking for booze they crawled across to the other ship and were promptly caught by the sentry!HALT! Ole recognized the accent as Norwegian. Said Hej! The sentry”what do you want?”just some liquor. (All in Norwegian )the soldier lead them into the ship and gave them booze and said now fuck off! Could have been shot. So funny.what are the chances it was a Norwegian destroyer?brits would have shot them.
E T Von Rashke
E T Von Rashke 7 日 前
Though the Danes are the friendliest people.
Anke The Duck Guy
Anke The Duck Guy 7 日 前
As a swede i can confirm this is 100% true
Frostermos 26 日 前
We should speak Finnish, it would be better for everyone.
Timberjack4995 26 日 前
He forgot to tell what (I love You) are in Faroese and Northern Sami Faroese = Eg elski teg Northern Sami = Mun ráhkistan du
V0r4xiz 27 日 前
Non-Scandinavians: "Scandinavia is so cool. Such different, diverse countries but they still speak sort of similarly enough to have a basic comprehension of what they mean." Fins: "Yeah, we don't do that here." *Thousands of miles in the distant Ural region between mountains, lakes and towers of ice* Finno-Ugric ancestor: "I feel you, brother."
VezpeN 27 日 前
I must have watched this 10 times now and I still love it
Kaesar Sm
Kaesar Sm 27 日 前
Icelandic danish sounds more like norwegian spoken in an icelandic way lol
bmf 456
bmf 456 27 日 前
yeah we americans only speak one language because we have like zero immigrants
Paul What
Paul What 27 日 前
My best friend is Finnish and it's true, sounds like satanic language 😂
Ash Monkey
Ash Monkey 28 日 前
Ripuli on märkää kakkaa
Joonas 29 日 前
Interesting I came from Estonia and moved to Oslo for a few years and went to high school. I never thought Norwegians ended their sentences by jumping an octave and I'm quite perceptive with languages(I speak Est, Eng, Rus, and Norwegian without an accent, or I switch between regional accents). I speak fluent Norwegian and you can't tell I'm not from Oslo unless I come across a word that's not commonly used. ( funny story, I went to the shop during lunch break and got ice cream. I was attending one of the best schools in Oslo and I was not even in the immigrant class but in a regular class. I thought I'd ask for a spoon from the shopkeeper but to my horror, I found out that in my two years in Norway I had never needed to use the word for "spoon" so I didn't know it. So after trying to mime I just said it in English hahaha.) However, I have been told by other Nordic people for example a Swedish guy at work that Norwegians do end their sentences by jumping up high. I wonder if this is just a big scam by all the other Nordic countries to make Norwegians seem weird because theirs is the only language that sounds normal(depending on dialect and if you're using the official language of the Oslo region or the other weird one Nynorsk(ew)) and is very very close to how you actually write. (ofc it is nothing compared to Estonian. Finnish is the god of sounding like what they write, no diphthong quackery, words you just pronounce differently bcs we say so or not pronouncing letters if you write them)
Samanta Saita
Samanta Saita 29 日 前
The handsomely female previously call because hearing functionally bleach including a delirious wave. general gentle, ludicrous grey
samacw 29 日 前
His accent has a strange hint of Irish
Sueta Suet
Sueta Suet ヶ月 前
где субтитры, Серёж
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar ヶ月 前
This is so clean and funny 🤣
Ioannis Chiotakakos
Ioannis Chiotakakos ヶ月 前
How can the band be so calm.
Magenta Megi
Magenta Megi ヶ月 前
Kaisa M?
Miku ヶ月 前
I'm Finnish and this is hilarious
Ruslan L
Ruslan L ヶ月 前
I watched this clip to educate myself on Nordic culture
Hidde D
Hidde D ヶ月 前
I’m from the netherlands and want some of those Scandinavian drugs
Thue Skou Boysen
Thue Skou Boysen ヶ月 前
As a dane, please don't compare all of us to people from Copenhagen, those guys are basically swedish.
JP Games
JP Games ヶ月 前
I can't stop laughing if I hear anyone speaking English from Finland - it always makes me feel I listen do runk Raikkonen or allu (CS:GO Player) :D
Jason Blundell
Jason Blundell ヶ月 前
Нихуя ты умный
Horny 18 Years old Baby
Horny 18 Years old Baby ヶ月 前
Pretty accurate portrayal of Finnish people Read more 👉 #clickreadmore
Alvaro Mallo
Alvaro Mallo ヶ月 前
I’m learning Swedish by myself it is so beautiful!!. My native language is Spanish.
jslfc S
jslfc S ヶ月 前
Akshay Pawar
Akshay Pawar ヶ月 前
Idk why I watched the whole video. I've never lived outside India. Still found it funny 😂
R. A.
R. A. ヶ月 前
I can listen to this guy for a while
MrRussianPotato ヶ月 前
If anybody's wondering his name is Ari Eljárn
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton ヶ月 前
Jag kan inte förstå danska alls🤷🏼‍♀️
kristin parish
kristin parish ヶ月 前
kristin parish
kristin parish ヶ月 前
Is that a plastic water bottle on stage? So shortsighted.
Daniel Chiem
Daniel Chiem ヶ月 前
Achraf Darsi
Achraf Darsi ヶ月 前
I really want to learn Finnish it sounds beautiful
Tweakey ヶ月 前
Im from Norge, and i speak perfectly danish when drunk to.. super funny video, just dont drink anything when you see this, because the water etc.. will go everywhere
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design ヶ月 前
Can you spell his name in the description / title? *ARI ELDJÁRN* - it’s disrespectful to not properly credit a performer.
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design ヶ月 前
Danish are visually appealing. Problem is when they open their mouths. Brutal accent.
reichen666 ヶ月 前
Holy crap he's really funny......! Goin to next video now.....!
ProgrammerInProgress ヶ月 前
I'm English and I found this hillarious.
Darwinek ヶ月 前
It always amuses me how Scandinavians point the finger at their neighbours for being drunks. I met in my life Norwegians, Swedes, Finns and Danes, and I really cannot say which ones of them were more drunk than the others.
Dioross Orozco
Dioross Orozco ヶ月 前
All i know from Finland is ez4ence ence ence ence puted kuper belt
Ylva Gustavsson
Ylva Gustavsson ヶ月 前
I’m a Swede. Boyfriend has danish relatives. And I’m freaking scared of their language. I seriously get anxiety if I hear danish because I feel like I SHOULD understand, but I don’t, at all.
Heidi Jorgensen
Heidi Jorgensen ヶ月 前
I'm Norwegian living in California, we had our honeymoon in Denmark and spoke English since it was easier to understand. But reading Danish was no problem!
Jay ヶ月 前
How to say I love you in finnish: "Pay the money... by wednesday"
Dragomir Alexandru
Dragomir Alexandru ヶ月 前
I didn't know that Danes speak like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sarcast ヶ月 前
I'm Croatian and this is like the Balkan countries getting together, only without wars, alcohol and burek.
Juuso Nevalainen
Juuso Nevalainen ヶ月 前
Now that saatana perkele vittu mäkäräinen is plating in my head rest of the day 😆
ultra V
ultra V ヶ月 前
Lol denglish!!
Inger Reeves
Inger Reeves ヶ月 前
Danglish! Love it!
Thamargoe ヶ月 前
So funny 😂😂😂 tho I am from Greece 🇬🇷🇬🇷👏👏👏
Les Whynin
Les Whynin ヶ月 前
Has to be Iceland's number one standup comedian
J B ヶ月 前
English word: Discard Iceland pronounce it: Fleyga Fleyga in faroese means: masterbating
V420 Y
V420 Y ヶ月 前
perkele, että on tullu naurettua tälle! Perkele I have laugh this so muuuuuuch>!!
V420 Y
V420 Y ヶ月 前
And btw i have foreign friends and they try to "speak" finnish. And always i have to say " i dont understand a word you sayng, so speak english or shut the fuck up"
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