King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

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King Von

16 日 前

From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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wynn salomon
wynn salomon 9 分 前
We all love u king von
wynn salomon
wynn salomon 9 分 前
And miss y
1:29 When yo mom put u in charge of yo lil brother * Long Live Von *
Smooth and Creamy Italian
Smooth and Creamy Italian 27 分 前
Best of the new rap out there. Dude goes hard AF. That’s coming from a OG Much love gangsta. RIP King Von
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 時間 前
*yo does lucifer have any weed down there? Can he rap like you*
Christian Solano
Christian Solano 時間 前
The 5.3k dislikes are from ppl who aren't armed and dangerous
Ramos Scarlett
Ramos Scarlett 時間 前
Von and speaker knockers are cooking sum heat rn
Bella Voce
Bella Voce 時間 前
1:11 it gets real from this point to you my son im yo deddy
Jayreactings Vlogs
Jayreactings Vlogs 時間 前
Pop smoke made dis in exposing me maybe von respect pop
Comarin Caine
Comarin Caine 時間 前
Comarin Caine
Comarin Caine 時間 前
Rahzierlathan8 Lathan8
Rahzierlathan8 Lathan8 2 時間 前
I done fw u like dat put this hard and 🪦😤🔥
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 2 時間 前
Not best story teller of the rap game jit is the best story teller in general
Jayy O Villi
Jayy O Villi 2 時間 前
Rest In Paradise King Von. Gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN! Still Can't Believe Your Not Here Physically 😪🙏
Reppinz 2 時間 前
"YOU MY SON IM YO DADDY" von on top 💔💔
Mekhi James
Mekhi James 2 時間 前
Siri watch me every day khaki regular all right I’ll keep the Clock
NLE choppa Drake
NLE choppa Drake 3 時間 前
Best song ever
Dean Rattray
Dean Rattray 3 時間 前
Hes not dead he fake
Neno 223
Neno 223 3 時間 前
Hunter Naquin
Hunter Naquin 4 時間 前
I thought he died before he did this his he still alive
Terian Morgan
Terian Morgan 4 時間 前
damn I really missed von the good one always die young
stretchgang 4 時間 前
0:01 von casually takin out his opps
inferno ff
inferno ff 4 時間 前
who's still watching this
Gavin Jamason
Gavin Jamason 4 時間 前
Rip king von
Jerry Taylor
Jerry Taylor 4 時間 前
Idrees Khalid
Idrees Khalid 4 時間 前
He acting this hard when his ass got popped not a fan by the way but I respect him I’m just saying RIP Von tho it’s disrespectful to not say that
Easton Polous
Easton Polous 5 時間 前
Rip von💙💙
Marcous Scott
Marcous Scott 5 時間 前
Big Show
Big Show 5 時間 前
Your body gone your soul still here
Kanesha Wilkerson
Kanesha Wilkerson 5 時間 前
Big Show
Big Show 5 時間 前
Rip this is my shit right here ever one has to rip one day
Spun Ducky Productions Ducky Face
Spun Ducky Productions Ducky Face 5 時間 前
Warriors! .."Just looking out for me" as King Von sez......but he does mention largr iissues....poet here behind jail bars.....but is also fact of history - you push and marginalize this many, of all stripes, you will get pushback!...
Qozfo 5 時間 前
did he just say trump squad 0:16
Marnelle Gaming
Marnelle Gaming 4 時間 前
Domanea _pro
Domanea _pro 5 時間 前
So nobody gonna mention juice world ?
Faded Keto
Faded Keto 5 時間 前
1:41 is my favorite part. Song litt
Ville Hakala
Ville Hakala 6 時間 前
armed and dEAD🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Tre Sande
Tre Sande 6 時間 前
Niggas dying the whole October, the real Halloween 🎃 Hits different now!!..RIP von!!
Keith 6 時間 前
His forehead said ↕️ No disrespect rip von 🙏🏿 But that forehead big tho
Marnelle Gaming
Marnelle Gaming 4 時間 前
Blxxi zz
Blxxi zz 6 時間 前
The way that grandpa looked had me rollin .😭fool was rlly smokin crack.😂
Meirflexxin Beam
Meirflexxin Beam 6 時間 前
Like he still here
Bam Kelly
Bam Kelly 6 時間 前
Rip von
Richard Westberry
Richard Westberry 6 時間 前
He not a storyteller
Michele Hines
Michele Hines 6 時間 前
Rip von
Ryan Does it
Ryan Does it 6 時間 前
I fuck wit da rosta mons ... real bod mon tingz.😈💪
Carlos Kanan
Carlos Kanan 7 時間 前
He had a good voice
Samuel Norfleet
Samuel Norfleet 7 時間 前
the daddy part is funny vip von
223 187
223 187 7 時間 前
Listeing to dis song at 6:04
Ridwane Abdoulbaki Hamidou
Ridwane Abdoulbaki Hamidou 7 時間 前
Stop asking who's listening, we all know that the real fan never leaves.
OfficialOjKush 7 時間 前
bruh champ
bruh champ 7 時間 前
If you disliked this vid you from 63rd.🤷
king Blue
king Blue 7 時間 前
Rest in peace to that man
M A T I A S FF 7 時間 前
may he rest in peace von, in my memory, supporting from Argentina💙⚪💙
The Real Maica Big Maica
The Real Maica Big Maica 7 時間 前
Fred Freeman
Fred Freeman 7 時間 前
Rip king von
the mobile gamer
the mobile gamer 7 時間 前
clifton bradley
clifton bradley 8 時間 前
I love king von RIP von😭😭
Dareo Clips
Dareo Clips 8 時間 前
👎🏾 this is how many people love king von 😢
Bre Hart
Bre Hart 5 時間 前
Shareef Hester
Shareef Hester 8 時間 前
Rip king von
Nasir Smith
Nasir Smith 8 時間 前
Armed and dangerous hahahahahahah RIP Von😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Young Durk
Young Durk 8 時間 前
you Joe
you Joe 8 時間 前
Rod iola
alasia dixon
alasia dixon 8 時間 前
rip king von love you
Li David
Li David 8 時間 前
How he make this song if he dead becuase it says 2 weeks ago🧐🧐🧐🧐😱😱😱😱 R.I.P King Von💙💙
BIG BRAIN 9 時間 前
Same name as juice wrld song
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 9 時間 前
if only the title was true on november 6th 2020
Kostas Nakas
Kostas Nakas 9 時間 前
Why this guy die he was a legend 🙏
Tata Morris
Tata Morris 9 時間 前
Love von 12345678910
Shashwat Choudhary
Shashwat Choudhary 9 時間 前
Damn... this song made me catch a case
A-dub Washington
A-dub Washington 9 時間 前
“If he told then that ain’t my homie, that lil nigga weak” 🔥🔥🔥
Hayden Brewer
Hayden Brewer 9 時間 前
0:40 lmao rip von
Brittany Roach
Brittany Roach 10 時間 前
Rest up cutie
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 8 時間 前
Logan 10 時間 前
Can’t believe he’s dead hope durk get qoundos ass he goin to get
Charles Petrou
Charles Petrou 10 時間 前
why tf did i hear "trump supporter" as the tag
chacho ANTHONY
chacho ANTHONY 10 時間 前
Long live Von
Иван Олесич
Иван Олесич 10 時間 前
Иван Олесич
Иван Олесич 10 時間 前
Damori Johnson
Damori Johnson 10 時間 前
Yall know von the best rapper right
Knowledge keeper55
Knowledge keeper55 10 時間 前
yGM _
yGM _ 11 時間 前
Harden really wanted to leave Houston lol R.I.P King Von 🕊️
Pam A.
Pam A. 11 時間 前
No cap
Sauce Kidd
Sauce Kidd 11 時間 前
R.I.P von Chicago legend
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 8 時間 前 🙏🙏
Jimmy Mccurty
Jimmy Mccurty 11 時間 前
Rip kingvon
no 4 k b...
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 8 時間 前 ✅🙌🙌🙏
Jasir Samuel
Jasir Samuel 11 時間 前
why do I keep finding out about rappers a week before their death with king von my sis showed me a video about him it was a dj small eyez interview and he was talking about all the stuff he did like murders homicides and he said he don't play and stuff I was like he really went through the struggle then like a month later I think my brother told me yk the rapper king von I said yea and then he said he died today and I was like that's craaaaaazy then with pop smoke I started to listen to him then I see on social media he died in his own house like bro this stuff is crazy.
J D 11 時間 前
Lol not to flex but i knew about von way be4 he was even rapping i remember he was still in jail and his people was saying free him
markisha’s World
markisha’s World 11 時間 前
He went hard bro why they had to take him 💔🕊
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 8 時間 前 🙏❤️❤️
ItsSkxz On 60 FPS
ItsSkxz On 60 FPS 11 時間 前
God loves u
Naataj Floyd
Naataj Floyd 11 時間 前
😓😓😓😓 rip von
Sean 11 時間 前
I wish I wasn’t one of the ppl who knew him and liked him after he died. RIP
Halfganii- Htp
Halfganii- Htp 11 時間 前
Is it just me wondering why this Quando Rondo pac taking so fucking long?? Von would have slide for em a long time watch video
gary brown
gary brown 12 時間 前
King von made us hate 63rd for no reason
J D 11 時間 前
No you chose to hate 63rd i fw 63rd and duck more than i fw 64th and von
Boss Lady
Boss Lady 12 時間 前
One thing I absolutely loved about this man is he ALWAYS ALWAYS mentioned his boys in his songs...he was so loyal to them and loved them so much! Its a shame they turned on him 😔
Jayden Saturne
Jayden Saturne 12 時間 前
Jayden Saturne
Jayden Saturne 12 時間 前
Rip king Von I play for king
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 12 時間 前
Rip bro 😢
Laquandra Hawkins
Laquandra Hawkins 12 時間 前
R.I.P. King Von
CORDELL Mitchell
CORDELL Mitchell 12 時間 前
shit happen
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 12 時間 前
Bro he top 3 this is tough you my son I’m yo daddy yo that’s tough
Clvtchin Bann
Clvtchin Bann 12 時間 前
Von stare down
13k Drxppp
13k Drxppp 12 時間 前
OMG GUYS HES STILL ALIIVE obv joking rip von
Tay L
Tay L 13 時間 前
Every they clocking me
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