Knowing You’re Gay Before Knowing You’re Asian - Joel Kim Booster

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2 年 前

Joel Kim Booster reflects on being homeschooled and shares what it was like growing up as an Asian man in a white family. (Contains strong language.)
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Kevin Conley
Kevin Conley 時間 前
Not very funny. Especially the baby thing. Lame as hell
lewrick L
lewrick L 時間 前
“Know you’re gay before knowing you’re asian.” Yeah literally 1 second of observing him kind of explains that entirely, but listening to full thing explains it’s EVEN MORE.
Norma Ramirez
Norma Ramirez 3 時間 前
Radu Max
Radu Max 9 時間 前
Pixelated 😂😂😂 genius
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 11 時間 前
Nobody knows what Oklahoma is for sure, don’t worry bout it
Andrew Chapman
Andrew Chapman 12 時間 前
Khloe Rabnta
Khloe Rabnta 22 時間 前
I find it ironic that this guy talks about white people yet the lgbt can’t even take a joke from the best comics. Sad excuses.
Mercy Main
Mercy Main 20 時間 前
take your meds and explain what that’s supposed to mean
NoSauceOrBroth Child
NoSauceOrBroth Child 日 前
Jonathan Grandt
Jonathan Grandt 日 前
Get this outta my feed.
God's Gamer
God's Gamer 日 前
Eugene Lee Yang has joined the chat
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 日 前
When you suck at being a comedian and inject your bedroom lifestyle to try and be funny. Must be sad to base your entire life and even comedy off your sexuality. Sad
Mahou Shoujo Dingle Dongle
Mahou Shoujo Dingle Dongle 日 前
OK is no one gonna fucking mention his Gengoroh Tagame shirt
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez 日 前
🤢🤮 Too lib for me sorry I gave it a try
Mr cool Xoxo
Mr cool Xoxo 日 前
Asian porn is pixelated. Ur welcome.
R S 日 前
He missed the opportunity to say “my family is all from the south... wherever that is”
Nilly Roc
Nilly Roc 日 前
this is terrible lol
Pandeh 日 前
Honestly lol
Troy McMullen
Troy McMullen 日 前
The vaccine jokes... 🙊
Caleb Sleezer
Caleb Sleezer 日 前
i died when he said his dick was pixelated
Axelotlee 日 前
..what IS Oklahoma 🤔
Greg heffley
Greg heffley 2 日 前
⬛️🟥🟥🟥 red says: I’m homophobic 🟥🟥⬜️⬜️ 🟥🟥⬜️⬜️ ⬛️🟥🟥🟥 ⬛️🟥 🟥
R. Gonzalez
R. Gonzalez 2 日 前
Yummmm. He’s cute teehee
Pandeh 日 前
Pretty cringe ngl
Coach Hitch
Coach Hitch 2 日 前
Seems like dude got the absolute worst parts of christianity, homeschool, family, the church (maybe), racism (also maybe) and now Jesus is a joke to him. Tough to hear.
Fire Bla2e
Fire Bla2e 2 日 前
I clicked for the title, I stayed for the entertainment
Ephemer 2 日 前
Blaze14ZX 2 日 前
Am I the only person who thinks an Asian person with a southern accent is the sexiest combo.
Eric B Gordon
Eric B Gordon 2 日 前
When I became an Uncle during 2006, not one family member freaked out about me being the gay Uncle. Fortunately ,I did have at least a little bit to do with it happening - meaning I was the one who deduced that my sister was having a baby. That was one of my proudest moments.
VaginaFace 2 日 前
What a good comedian
lilmil 2 日 前
Why do republicans have to be so filled with hate? 90% of the racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, etc are republican while 100% of the world is a fucking idiot😂
Pandeh 日 前
Plenty of racists and sexists on the democrat side lmao Way more then on the republican side by far
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez 2 日 前
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 2 日 前
That dude is pretty funny
I love his shirt! Can anyone tell me where I can buy it?
xXXAMMx 2 日 前
This should be a “try to laugh” challenge
jinxtan jams
jinxtan jams 2 日 前
Wow imagine that. You're not who the jokes are meant for so you're not going to find it funny
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 2 日 前
Lol honestly
Ludovic Breixo
Ludovic Breixo 2 日 前
I think it’s unfair that comedians, most of them are really hurting deep down, go up on stage and have to make fun of their personal life just to get a laugh from people you don’t know..... In the moment you’re making them laugh. Then he goes home at night by himself and isn’t happy with himself for having to do that.
MsFluorescent 2 日 前
Whoa you must have some inside knowledge the rest of us don't. How do you know this? Maybe some people are just okay with laughing at themselves, and it helps them get over these issues, you don't know.
Gowon Gang
Gowon Gang 2 日 前
"What IS Oklahoma?" I died lmfao
Mister- Understood
Mister- Understood 3 日 前
Feel sorry for this guy God is very real.
jinxtan jams
jinxtan jams 2 日 前
Lmao sure
Nhat Nguyen
Nhat Nguyen 3 日 前
Tell your parents you dont have to come out of your closet until they come out of their bubble.
Lorena beltran
Lorena beltran 3 日 前
That pixel joke had me roooolllin 😂😂
AnnMarie G
AnnMarie G 3 日 前
Didn’t get the baby joke but the rest is chuckle funny.
ÑøT ĀcTiVę
ÑøT ĀcTiVę 3 日 前
Bara Trash
Bara Trash 4 日 前
gengoroh tagame
shanice braxton vlogs
shanice braxton vlogs 4 日 前
Un-der-rated he was way to funny for this crowd
luiz da costa
luiz da costa 4 日 前
Poor guy,is tricking his self,sorry!
jinxtan jams
jinxtan jams 2 日 前
?? Lmao?
Irridessa Amore
Irridessa Amore 4 日 前
not the homophobes hating lmao pathetic
Wealth Essential
Wealth Essential 4 日 前
John Doe
John Doe 4 日 前
Trash content.
Tara Wood
Tara Wood 4 日 前
Thanks for the Laughs !
Kat 4 日 前
This guy sounded dumb
Magician Rex Productions
Magician Rex Productions 4 日 前
"Everyone has a gay uncle"
Michelle Sun
Michelle Sun 4 日 前
Pixelated LMAO
Kooneya !
Kooneya ! 4 日 前
That was very funny haha
Angel Basak
Angel Basak 4 日 前
One on theur own one from out and both turned out gay 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a humor
DylanPlays 4 日 前
im asain
201stars 4 日 前
First time selecting these Ad videos, so glad I did. This man is hilarious 😂
Quantum Universe TV INC.
Quantum Universe TV INC. 4 日 前
Bhahaw identity politics are so funny
artHippie ._.
artHippie ._. 4 日 前
gengoroh tagame shirt 👕 👉😎👉
Valerie Sanchez
Valerie Sanchez 4 日 前
Didnt know Kim Jong Un did stand up
Angelo Gomez
Angelo Gomez 4 日 前
comedian mentioned being confused will being gay is being confused that's why he needs to repent or he will perish and that's not religion repent or perish Jesus Christ is God almighty and the truth will set you free. Not religion wisdom.
lone wolf
lone wolf 4 日 前
0:47 fucking seriously???
Chu-Hao YEN
Chu-Hao YEN 5 日 前
Gay or fey?
rash b
rash b 5 日 前
"Everytime I look it's pixelated". 😂 Shame on me for being part of the audience who got that.
theamazingmaymay123 5 日 前
I don’t think it’s good that I know the artist of his shirt...
Nick Reyes
Nick Reyes 5 日 前
He’s ok but that funny
ILikeExoticStuff 5 日 前
That Pixel joke was 🔥
Pro digious
Pro digious 5 日 前
One of the best Harmonquest guests! 😂
oliverrando 5 日 前
This gay dude
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 5 日 前
I got shamed for knowing the pixelated joke🤣🤣
Osh H
Osh H 5 日 前
Tyler 5 日 前
Now let’s see if a non white comedian can go a whole set without mentioning race.
Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening
Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening 5 日 前
Satama Gftyf
Satama Gftyf 5 日 前
Brennan Knows
Brennan Knows 5 日 前
He got some good points lmao
monkey D. christian
monkey D. christian 5 日 前
Maniacally laughing in someone's face.. Lol more common than u think brotha!
Andrew Banuelos
Andrew Banuelos 5 日 前
best ad ive gotten lol
I purple ARMY
I purple ARMY 5 日 前
"Cuz everytime I look at it, it's pixelated" Me: **Doesn't get it** Him: "That's means you're pure of heart and mind" Me: "Oh ya-" **Gets it** Me: "Oh no...oh DUDE-" Him: "Shame..." Me: "YA..shame..."
M to the C
M to the C 5 日 前
Wow. How woke. Lol
Noble Wolf
Noble Wolf 5 日 前
Asians are so hot 🥵
Jrocka7x 5 日 前
This is why I measure once a month. Saving lives.
M R 5 日 前
This is comedy? How far we've fallen
I am only a Writer don't hurt me
I am only a Writer don't hurt me 5 日 前
This is staged sum how the audio does not add up with the video
Pico Luna
Pico Luna 5 日 前
Knowing you’re hot Before you know you’re gay Before you’re Asian
kiki246810 5 日 前
The best I’ve seen and can relate 😂
Rimuru Tempest Sama
Rimuru Tempest Sama 5 日 前
Fun fact supported by his example: If one sibling is gay the odds are that the other siblings of that same gender will also be gay.
andrew 6 日 前
InsecureCow 6 日 前
“History’s greatest participation trophy” beautiful
johnpiano3 6 日 前
Akram Rasheed
Akram Rasheed 6 日 前
blue gravity
blue gravity 6 日 前
So all guys have lisps?
Japheth Taylor
Japheth Taylor 6 日 前
I’m against removing statues and that was hilarious
Robert Doback
Robert Doback 6 日 前
Ok now everyone cheer cause he bangs dudes.
Robert Doback
Robert Doback 6 日 前
Unfunny of the highest degree
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham 6 日 前
He's adorable and hilarious
L. Patrick
L. Patrick 6 日 前
Funny Asians complaining about adoptive parents that literally saved their lives. Yeah, real funny...
L. Patrick
L. Patrick 6 日 前
@The_One_Fat_Kid Scroll down and read the comments.
The_One_Fat_Kid 6 日 前
He wasn’t complaining, he was joking about the situation...
Beejay Brackin
Beejay Brackin 6 日 前
He funny asf 😭😭😭🤣
Projeckt 2501
Projeckt 2501 6 日 前
Woke comedy. When you have to dance and bet your whole bank on being “ethnic “ and “diverse” to be “funny”.
Adam Wamon
Adam Wamon 6 日 前
Joel is funny and very cute- thanks for making me laugh- I'll date ya and treat you like a prince ya handsome stud stay safe and keep smiling
Pee Seiciao
Pee Seiciao 6 日 前
Sigman The Looter
Sigman The Looter 6 日 前
Woah hilarious 🙄
lvjkb 702
lvjkb 702 6 日 前
He sucks
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 6 日 前
Thank goodness! We need more gay comics not afraid to go against the grain with this woke culture bs. Keep it treal man that’s all we ever wanted from our comics! That and being funny lol this dude nailing both
M R 5 日 前
This was woke? Wtf are you on ab
gerardo hernandez
gerardo hernandez 6 日 前
Funny guy but why does he remind me of the tour guides at Universal studios 🤷‍♂️
Shane Clarke
Shane Clarke 6 日 前
You will never know true love Like a man in a woman After they have created a baby You are just a mouthpiece for satanWatch and see how much love you get from him
The_One_Fat_Kid 6 日 前
Are you homophobic?
Demon_ Doodles
Demon_ Doodles 6 日 前
So like... am I “satanic” for liking other girls but liking guys at the same time too? I was also baptized as well before too so do those cancel each other out ooor?
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