Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

9 日 前

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

Lea Berry
Lea Berry 5 分 前
honestly I don’t care what anyone thinks but Kylie is such a good mom. Stormi is so polite and gentle😭 she’s doing a great job!
R amra
R amra 9 分 前
Stormy is no more ☹️ adorable in such an age it's really not good for her 😢 age she's just a kid
Yena Lee
Yena Lee 13 分 前
Stormy with her cute manners is absolutely adorable she’s soooo FRIKIN CUTEEEEEEEEE ♥️🥺
Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone 14 分 前
Literally the only child who gives me baby fever.
Raphaela Basantes
Raphaela Basantes 17 分 前
SisterThinz 27 分 前
My heart is melting........ I love her responsea
SisterThinz 35 分 前
Stormiiiiiii I love herrr... Her responses are Soo cute
LEONELA 36 分 前
Soy el comentario en Español :) xd
PinkHand 5
PinkHand 5 48 分 前
Kylie: “Say bye to that camera” Stormi: Bye that camera Lmao
Miss Chaimaa with love
Miss Chaimaa with love 55 分 前
She s mannered god bless her All the love from Morocco
Macen 58 分 前
“You so beautiful” Stormi is the sweetest. We are blessed to have that sweet girl in this world. She will be something good for our future!
Macen 時間 前
Awh! Stormi is so polite and adorable! Kylie, you are gorgeous and I love your Grinch Collection! I hope y’all have healthy holidays! Good bless!
Kiarybel Lara
Kiarybel Lara 時間 前
Stormi is a true angel 👼🏼
Alina Țurcan
Alina Țurcan 時間 前
Stormi is so precious 🥺😍
Lauren Joffe
Lauren Joffe 時間 前
This is adorable
Mai Adam
Mai Adam 時間 前
This mother daughter relationship is phenomenal 😩♥️
Amelia igle
Amelia igle 時間 前
love this ❤✨
Jawad El lkchakchi
Jawad El lkchakchi 時間 前
stormi this is beatiful
Emilana Panus
Emilana Panus 時間 前
Stormy just getting prettier
david lopez
david lopez 時間 前
The best mom💚
esma 時間 前
Selamın aleyküm türkler beğeninde sayımızı bilelim 😉
بالا وعثمان وحليمه وارطغرل
بالا وعثمان وحليمه وارطغرل 時間 前
حلو كتير روعه للجمال ساعدوني للوصول حلو كتير روعه للجمال ساعدوني للوصول حلو
Milagros Mera
Milagros Mera 時間 前
Jajajaj there's no te impodtor Wat Is the
marium ch
marium ch 2 時間 前
Millioners still can’t bloody buy a bloody self mixer. Bitch throw them millions away 🙄
nakeha- نكهة مينة
nakeha- نكهة مينة 2 時間 前
Dance Sophie
Dance Sophie 2 時間 前
She speaks so well. "Thank you mommy".not screaming or anything. " You got that mommy "
Angie Angela
Angie Angela 2 時間 前
Nishant Varala
Nishant Varala 2 時間 前
Every time Stormi compliments Kylie it's soo cute
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 時間 前
Kamile Babayeva
Kamile Babayeva 2 時間 前
I don't like Kyle but you are ver very ugly
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 時間 前
Valeria Vía
Valeria Vía 2 時間 前
Stormy she's biutifull 😭💕
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 時間 前
devangel369 2 時間 前
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 時間 前
Leonor Freitas
Leonor Freitas 2 時間 前
She doesn t seem Kylie Jenner's daughter but ok 😶
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 時間 前
Eda Do
Eda Do 2 時間 前
She is so smart and well raised I swear you can tell Kylie is such a good mum!!
I'm umbrella
I'm umbrella 3 時間 前
stormi is so cute
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 時間 前
Athena Elmer
Athena Elmer 3 時間 前
She's the sweetest baby ever!!
Eveleen Singh
Eveleen Singh 3 時間 前
follow my food account @eveeatss for delicious food flicks!!
Queen K
Queen K 3 時間 前
Go back with travis pls😞
A Youtube channel
A Youtube channel 3 時間 前
Although I am not a fan of Kylie Jenner, Stormi is adorable and has great manners.
gab 3 時間 前
she’s such a good mom- she’s so calm and patient
rrrudya 4 時間 前
I like how after "you're so beautiful", Kylie also tells her daughter "you're so smart". So important for girls to hear that.
Brianna Roth
Brianna Roth 4 時間 前
Stormi is so adorable 😩❤️
Nerma G. Barsolaso
Nerma G. Barsolaso 4 時間 前
So cute!
seo yeon
seo yeon 4 時間 前
So cute stormi 😅🥺❤
Adja Fama Tall
Adja Fama Tall 4 時間 前
Waouh Stormi is so cute 😍😍😍
Itx Sahil Official
Itx Sahil Official 5 時間 前
Please hello
Jerseyjeni30 5 時間 前
You 2 are too cute! I just want to gobble those cheeks up lol! I am on cuteness overload! Smooches 💋
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 5 時間 前
It’s so cute when she says: by that camera She is adorable 😍
Ana Rodríguez Diaz
Ana Rodríguez Diaz 5 時間 前
Aunque yo no entienda nada, muy bonito todo jajsja
Greek Goddess
Greek Goddess 6 時間 前
I bet she’ll force her to go through plastic surgery before she’s even 5 years old....
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 5 時間 前
That was amazing ?????
Ayaz Batu
Ayaz Batu 6 時間 前
Türkler yokmuş ben gideyim😄
Princess Micha
Princess Micha 6 時間 前
Stormi reminds me of a baby princess she's soo kind and adorable it honestly melts my heart 😩🥺❤
Destiny Aquin
Destiny Aquin 6 時間 前
you’re welcome ***** Ahhhh it’s the Virgo in me.
geovana 7 時間 前
oh, Stormy is so cute
Melissa Dilaurentis
Melissa Dilaurentis 7 時間 前
So much sweetness
Imelda Ajslayer_period
Imelda Ajslayer_period 7 時間 前
What a great mom 🥰
Cassandra Speltz
Cassandra Speltz 7 時間 前
i don’t even like kylie but damn this is cute
Bulie Dela
Bulie Dela 7 時間 前
Omg! Stormy is soo cute and well mannered ❤️❤️🌸 I wanna be a mom
Maria Clara
Maria Clara 7 時間 前
My God! She is very beautiful and smart. Congratulations on the education you gave her. ❤️🇧🇷
I’m.under_your bed.
I’m.under_your bed. 7 時間 前
Storm is soo cute who agrees?
Viti B
Viti B 7 時間 前
I wasn’t a huge fan before (I kinda am now) but even then I couldn’t deny she’s an awesome mom Stormi is so cute and so damn nice
BiliX 01
BiliX 01 7 時間 前
Is no one gonna say she used the wrong you’re
Драся 7 時間 前
She raised stormi very well
Suri Nguyen
Suri Nguyen 7 時間 前
bruh stormi is 2 years old and she cane speak
Hoseok King
Hoseok King 7 時間 前
at storms age I couldn't even talk right, my respect:)
Cozy__Rachel 8 時間 前
Awwwwwwwwww so cutee💕💕💕
Caio Bismarck Câmara
Caio Bismarck Câmara 8 時間 前
Toró is the cutest
Kyur Jgut
Kyur Jgut 8 時間 前
Kylie, I love you, but I hope you translate into Arabic. We all love you and watch you, but I don't really understand the words. I translated this message using Google, I don’t know if there are mistakes احبك كايلي♥️
salad urie
salad urie 8 時間 前
Kai Abel
Kai Abel 8 時間 前
Such a GREAT MOM😍😍😍
yohana calle
yohana calle 9 時間 前
Kiley born to be a mommy, she is so sweet to stormy. You can feel the love around them .
Zuzka Fastov.
Zuzka Fastov. 9 時間 前
It's cute. 😗🥺
Agnes Americo Nanelo
Agnes Americo Nanelo 9 時間 前
I Kylie follow me in instagram please🙏🙏
Maasha Jungkook
Maasha Jungkook 10 時間 前
Wow stormy talking like a disney princes so cute !
Maasha Jungkook
Maasha Jungkook 10 時間 前
Wow stomy cutiee just like maama jenner
Chioma Nwaji
Chioma Nwaji 10 時間 前
i sorry but her eyebrows and hair??? i cant....i almost bald and i have a uni-brow 😚
Dani Jutt Dani Jutt
Dani Jutt Dani Jutt 10 時間 前
Love from Pakistan
Destiny Therese
Destiny Therese 10 時間 前
“Bye that camera” awhhhh🥺
Sh 10 時間 前
Есть русские ?
Okuhle Msutwana
Okuhle Msutwana 10 時間 前
Stormi has respected Kylie is a good mom 😍😍🇿🇦
Nasho boba
Nasho boba 10 時間 前
Thank god they didn't spill the vanilla again
24. Akshata
24. Akshata 10 時間 前
I am only here to see Stormi lol.
cass medrano
cass medrano 10 時間 前
u know kylie is rich asf when her vids does'nt have ads
Faithann Quimby
Faithann Quimby 11 時間 前
When She said ur so beautiful my heart melted
umaira nasir
umaira nasir 11 時間 前
my heart just smiled watching kylie and stormi
Shhh688 Hhfuj
Shhh688 Hhfuj 11 時間 前
23 year old great mom Ilove you kylie you are great mom great personality
Tia Hussain
Tia Hussain 11 時間 前
Kylie is such a good Mum
viii 12 時間 前
Everyone wants a friend like stormi ❤️
viii 12 時間 前
Stormi saying "thank you mommy" "i love u so much" "you so beautiful" 😭❤️ she's so precious
Arianators Forever
Arianators Forever 12 時間 前
Stormi is so cute ♡︎🥺
Alicia Ulibarri
Alicia Ulibarri 12 時間 前
$AliciaLaRaeUlibarri trying to go to law school and get edumucated!
janira 12 時間 前
“You’re so beautiful” 🥺
a l i n a kle
a l i n a kle 12 時間 前
Stormi is soooooo cute🥰🥺💕
Recipes & Vlogs With Nawal
Recipes & Vlogs With Nawal 12 時間 前
😍😍 so cute i made Christmas popcorn on my channel check it out
MABs GamerZ
MABs GamerZ 13 時間 前
Whitney H
Whitney H 13 時間 前
That bebe is precious
roze grande
roze grande 13 時間 前
kylie is raising her so well 🥺
Led Tier
Led Tier 13 時間 前
you have to feel sad for stormi her dad has left the family her mom is filled with plastic i wish i could adopt her and at least give her a good life 🥺
Piyu Sarkar
Piyu Sarkar 13 時間 前
I know many people are really over critical about kylie.. but man she is such a good mom and that reflects on stormi
P E A R L YENGKHOM 13 時間 前
Amal Katoue
Amal Katoue 13 時間 前
Wtf how cute
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