The Inauguration Of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. | NBC News

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ヶ月 前

Watch live coverage as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn into office on Wednesday, January 20 at the U.S. Capitol.
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Live: The Presidential Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. | NBC News

Wayne Brafford
Wayne Brafford 3 日 前
lynkr0891 6 日 前
Cheaters. You will pay in the hands of God. Biden is a fraudulent clown
john baran
john baran 8 日 前
He knows he did not win his wife knows. What goes true the mind at night. Very 😥
Epiphany Knows
Epiphany Knows 9 日 前
47 more month!
Farticus Maximus
Farticus Maximus 10 日 前
Sabotage! No longer feels like home:(
Another High
Another High 11 日 前
NBC Home of anti-Semitic Jokes and storylines
Debora May
Debora May 12 日 前
biden is a traitor to the american people
timmy 13 日 前
1426 days to go 🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩
eddie 13 日 前
Andy Holzinger
Andy Holzinger 14 日 前
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell 14 日 前
joe biden is not my president. I purposely do not capitalize his name. he does not deserve the Capitol!
지혜지혜지혜 14 日 前
Korea help me .윤월스님과 문재인을같이검색 ㄱ
H Justice
H Justice 14 日 前
Trump 2024
Lisandra Fernandez
Lisandra Fernandez 15 日 前
Alice Ward
Alice Ward 17 日 前
I thank you NBC with your crew for giving us the absentees, the opportunity to view this Historic event to witness the 46th President Joe R Biden the President of the United States Of America. This Historic event has been very emotional for many of us, remembering... all the men and women who have sacrifice their lives defending the people and their country the United States of America. God Bless the people of America, wherever they may Roam. God Bless the United States of America. "Blessings"
sonia jules
sonia jules 15 日 前 ... WHY WON"T POTUS BICEN 46 stop killing US ????
Alice Ward
Alice Ward 17 日 前
Lead us Lord into new beginnings. Lord may President Joe Biden hear your voice and know your voice, and follow and obey your voice. God Bless America!!!
Rocketgurl 66
Rocketgurl 66 19 日 前
The_Poro_King 7 日 前
C o p e
Noober Doodles
Noober Doodles 19 日 前
3 weeks and only 6M views..... AND HE IS THE PRESIDENT!
Gary Sheldon Jr
Gary Sheldon Jr 20 時間 前
@Christopher Daniels Trump supporters don’t understand that.
Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels 18 日 前
81 million votes. 306 electoral votes. That’s all that counts in the Constitution. Not views and likes.
Ron Rendina
Ron Rendina 22 日 前
They should of waited until joe turned 90 and he had the covid .joe will probly die of old age and then weel have the kamala omg
sonia jules
sonia jules 15 日 前 ... WHY WON"T POTUS BICEN 46 stop killing US ????
kim ramirez
kim ramirez 22 日 前
Gitmo is ready for you
sonia jules
sonia jules 15 日 前 ... WHY WON"T POTUS BICEN 46 stop destroying US ????
Anthony Strong
Anthony Strong 22 日 前
Only a complete moron can't see that biden is an example of everything bad in America today
FRANKS841 22 日 前
I think they don't want to pass anything anymore because they are to cheap how did we all fall into there lies vote them in and not do anything for us as much as we really need help.
Christa Bevan
Christa Bevan 23 日 前
Poor Trump. Fought so hard for us. Spent his money. Gave away his income. I do not see Americans recovering from allowing this to happen. Too many too blind.
Jettabusy Jackson
Jettabusy Jackson 24 日 前
Biden and The Cheating Mala did inauguration while in the middle of a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene and the Congress is closed and currently under armed Military lockdowns awaiting the voter fraud trials #TRumpwon
Che Sreng Che Sreng
Che Sreng Che Sreng 26 日 前
nn nm
Sam Watson
Sam Watson 26 日 前
jae Judith k
jae Judith k 26 日 前
joker face .shade government
катюрка 26 日 前
Carol 27 日 前
"They're going to put you back in chains" - Joe Biden
Not your Papi
Not your Papi 27 日 前
6 million views and only 80k votes? On a high engagement topic? Nahh im not buying it
Not your Papi
Not your Papi 27 日 前
6 million views and only 1.4k comments.. weird
Cecilia Lara
Cecilia Lara 28 日 前
Fake administration, fake presidency...
Th3m 29 日 前
We are th3m
John Cordora
John Cordora 29 日 前
Jaya Madhava das
Jaya Madhava das ヶ月 前
A piece of hair
A piece of hair 15 時間 前
And so?
Jaya Madhava das
Jaya Madhava das ヶ月 前
Wa Dc is under arrest
Jaya Madhava das
Jaya Madhava das ヶ月 前
Jaya Madhava das
Jaya Madhava das ヶ月 前
notakachi ヶ月 前
The November 3, 2020 election was a fraud. The evidence is conclusive. Yet there are a number of our fellow citizens who are uninformed about the truth of the November 2020 election. Uninformed as a result of indifference or uninformed by choice as they believe the illegal result furthers their political or social agenda. They will end up being awakened. There are many people who are informed and know the election was a fraud but will never admit the truth outside of a criminal proceeding because they were involved in the fraud. They will end up going to jail or worse. And then there are the Patriots. We know the truth. Donald J. Trump won a landslide re-election. He is our President. The Patriots will take the necessary steps within the bounds of the law to make certain that the truth prevails over the lie. The Patriots will end up free and our Constitutional rights will remain intact. Each day the enemy is increasingly exposing itself as a lover of tyranny and a hater of freedom. The enemy is showing its true colors. Never get in the way of the enemy when it is destroying itself. In due time, the enemy will completely ensnare itself. Then it will be much easier for the truth to prevail over the lie. Let the enemy do more of our work for us. Stay strong in your faith. Trust God. Then wait on the Lord. Watch it happen. Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸
Chris Minutolo
Chris Minutolo ヶ月 前
Ed ヶ月 前
Alright guys, grab the popcorn and watch Biden and Trump supporters fight and being biased
Keller M
Keller M ヶ月 前
4:39:47 VP Oath 4:46:38 Presidential Oath 4:50:53 Inaugural Address
Keller M
Keller M 7 日 前
@liv mar I’m sorry what
liv mar
liv mar 7 日 前
Do you have the minute marks for all the times Hunter was shown having to keep a distance from his Victim-niece (the girl in Pink)? Or the times Hunter's new wife was caught staring at the girl in Pink?
Ma Polay
Ma Polay ヶ月 前
Please Save Myanmar
ClockRocket ヶ月 前
It's odd that a lot of these comments don't match the content of the video.
Charlie Nichols
Charlie Nichols ヶ月 前
I see youtube still counting like the voting machines.
The Joker
The Joker ヶ月 前
Fraudulent election. Corrupt politicians on both sides.
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
Still butthurt?
Paracelum Alchemistis
Paracelum Alchemistis ヶ月 前
The great continent east of Bermuda Triangle went down by the hand of the Lord Of Karma. They were incorrigibly corrupt, and with society grown decadent through enjoying free energy and subjecting the material world to their indulgent desire, they proved that when mankind gets something for nothing ; destruction quickly follows. Those who gave the Atlantians their material blessings and boons soon regretted it. They live in hope they will again be granted those blessings ; but they resorted to abusing those blessings for self enrichment and Warfare last time. Today's corrupt are being exposed for the whole world to see just how shameless and morally depraved they truly are. They never learn.
Cindy Fuller
Cindy Fuller ヶ月 前
The President’s own Marine Band....Trump was still President when Lopez sang.
Kerrie Nash
Kerrie Nash ヶ月 前
Stolen election
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
@J J The BIG lie. Trumps lawyers didn't argue their fraud points in court because there was the oath and there would be consequences in terms of the court of law, but they chose the court of public opinion instead. They had nothing. No evidence, just a lot of 'hearsay, he said, she said. Nothing more.
J J ヶ月 前
fraudulent election
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
Only in your wet dreams.
Keith Allen
Keith Allen ヶ月 前
The US is in deep s***!
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
Thanks to reTrumplicans.
NBC had balls to open the comment section
sonia jules
sonia jules 15 日 前 ... WHY is POTUS BIDEN 46 wiping US out ??? DEAR GOD!! CITIZENS, WE MUST PROTECT and SAVE OUR LAND !!!!
Skender Capani
Skender Capani ヶ月 前
Hooray for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!
Paul Rizik
Paul Rizik ヶ月 前
dictator biden will never be my president
苦苦 ヶ月 前
I and my colleagues believe it has fraudulent in USA, cs your guys media and governors done something have similarities in my country. Like spreading hate ness, son’s criticise and laughing at his parents when his parents got punched by someone during the protest and people get easily brainwashed by the media if they don’t understand the whole background of the story. And last but no least, they will try to change the previous education especially history subject, in under “S or C” would make the farmer, hard worker, midfielders especially shoppers, they had no right to protect their house, land, and shop. If all this happen, and you can said your country is almost ‘S’, should say ‘S or C’. That’s all, I’m from Fuzhou, and thanks for listening.
Buxx Banner's POV
Buxx Banner's POV ヶ月 前
this would be funny...if it wasn't OUR country
ronniezx10r ヶ月 前
Funny Marines Aren't wearing their Medals. But if you watch all the other Real Presidents Inaugurations, the Marines had their Medals ! Hmmm. Just an observation.
Rita Poon
Rita Poon ヶ月 前
"I like Trump, he no sniff kids"- Kim Jung Un
Host Hoof
Host Hoof ヶ月 前
Fake likes for fake presidency. Even being forced to follow on social media
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
You mad, bro?
Jo M
Jo M ヶ月 前
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
Yes, you are.
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron ヶ月 前
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith ヶ月 前
Didn't watch the inauguration just stop by to dislike and give negative comment cheaters don't deserve to be president
Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels 18 日 前
Thanks for giving a view to the video.
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
That is why Trump lost. He didn't deserve to be president.
TM Desert
TM Desert ヶ月 前
No, no, no, no, noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce ヶ月 前
Hahahahaha 6 million views and 1,300 comments. Cmon youtube at least make it believable
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce ヶ月 前
It truly amazes me that people actually believe this guy won the election. The democrats and the media are truly the world heavyweight champions of liars
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson ヶ月 前
@Hb1290 Logos right? I mean how could Trump win with only Fox on his side? He should have kissed media butt and hide in his basement like Biden.
Hb1290 Logos
Hb1290 Logos ヶ月 前
It truly amazes me that people actually believe Trump won the election. The republicans and Fox News are truly the world heavyweight champions of liars
JD ヶ月 前
It wasn’t live.
Brendan Foery
Brendan Foery ヶ月 前
Finally found a video with the comments turned on!
Buddy Floyd
Buddy Floyd ヶ月 前
The Biden Regime was installed by FORCE of MILITARY ARMS.
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
@Buddy Floyd Yeah all of the 2 dead voters that voted for trump. Sorry chump, that's all there were. TWO.
Buddy Floyd
Buddy Floyd ヶ月 前
@Hb1290 Logos Your right, all the dead voters, made up voters, ballots counted over and over again, and voter machines that changed the votes.
Hb1290 Logos
Hb1290 Logos ヶ月 前
No, it was installed by the voters.
Kate Garber Pirio
Kate Garber Pirio ヶ月 前
At least I can blame every problem in the US on Biden and say @/notmypresident now right?
Raul Chavarria
Raul Chavarria ヶ月 前
Scary times....Shutter the truth...Media is like believe this narrative, this is the Most Popular President ever...come on Sheep-le believe....Burn a few more books while your at it NBC...It's getting cold out
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
You mad, bro?
timmy ヶ月 前
1452 Days to go 💀
Bluegrass Behemoth
Bluegrass Behemoth ヶ月 前
The likes and dis likes have been Dominioned
Zeon Lee
Zeon Lee ヶ月 前
Paula S
Paula S ヶ月 前
….I just learned that these GOP politicians attended Biden's illegitimate inauguration. Kevin. McCarthy, even Ted Cruz, Joe Collins, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Jim Jordan. (I am assuming that turncoats Mitt Romney, Liz Chaney, Manchuria McConnell, & Peking Pence were there.) ….How disappointing - All they had to do was send their 'Regrets' beforehand. Maybe saying that the reason for their not attending would be "Covid19" and far too many people in the Capitol vicinity, mostly the 24,000 military to "protect" the precious skins of the attendees against those 'dangerous' Conservatives.
ole geezer
ole geezer ヶ月 前
What flavor ice cream did Joe have!
Kris Carpenter
Kris Carpenter ヶ月 前
"We put together I think the most extensive inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics" 'Joe Biden'
Ike ヶ月 前
"If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power." Dwight D. Eisenhower speech, March 6, 1956
OfficialDungeons ヶ月 前
Kind of based but you know what someone considers “right” and “moral” is completely subjective, right?
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson ヶ月 前
Thank you for sharing that.
William Baker
William Baker ヶ月 前
2020 Election -- The steal of the century. Biden -- NOT my president
William Baker
William Baker ヶ月 前
@Natsuru Senou It's everywhere. Pull your head out. Seek and yee shall find.
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson ヶ月 前
@Natsuru Senou where's your proof communist?
Natsuru Senou
Natsuru Senou ヶ月 前
Where is the proof, cultist?
Place Holder Profile
Place Holder Profile ヶ月 前
John Breitley
John Breitley ヶ月 前
biden is hardcore racist! All his “career” was one crime bill after another to put more black in prisons. Democrats never change, they always was and are party of kkk, confederates and slave owners
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
So, no republican ever owned slaves??
Kevin Livingston
Kevin Livingston ヶ月 前
The hate for a man ,. Over the love of this country!
Kevin Livingston
Kevin Livingston ヶ月 前
This will a very sad in history
Kevin Livingston
Kevin Livingston ヶ月 前
@NebTheWeb your boy is impressive! Lien joe biden
NebTheWeb ヶ月 前
Yes, Trump is a sad part of our history.
Jerm Johnson
Jerm Johnson ヶ月 前
Joke illegitimate fake president. Nothing they say matters
Jerm Johnson
Jerm Johnson ヶ月 前
China virus
Jerm Johnson
Jerm Johnson ヶ月 前
Brett Myers
Brett Myers ヶ月 前
Brett Myers
Brett Myers ヶ月 前
Brett Myers
Brett Myers ヶ月 前
Raspberry Dove-Ali
Raspberry Dove-Ali ヶ月 前
Can we just say that Kelly O'donnell must have drawn the "short straw" to be at Joint Andrews instead of in DC. God Love Her!
Raspberry Dove-Ali
Raspberry Dove-Ali ヶ月 前
@JR Reigard And we're Off!! I was wondering when the TROLLS would show up. Take that Political, Nonsense, B$*** to Twitter. Oh wait, You can't, They finally came to their senses and put a STOP 🛑 to it!!
Dawn Debolt
Dawn Debolt ヶ月 前
Fabius Gabrius
Fabius Gabrius ヶ月 前
Old Joe, old pe-do.
Avis Swope
Avis Swope ヶ月 前
Uncreative Process
Uncreative Process ヶ月 前
Lllk at all these deleted downvotes
Lucky Pounds
Lucky Pounds ヶ月 前
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Ronnie13 Cabral
Ronnie13 Cabral ヶ月 前
11:54:55 best part
A piece of hair
A piece of hair 15 時間 前
4:47:54 actually this is the best part
Ur names what trump is
H ヶ月 前
joe biden is a illegitimate president IMPEACH joe biden " Rigged" presidential election 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 joe" Beijing" biden will never be my president America On The Brink Of Civil War 2.0 cnn = fake news
NewAge21 21
NewAge21 21 ヶ月 前
#notmypresident Biden's are corrupt
Chrissey Selbstbestimmung und Freiheit
Chrissey Selbstbestimmung und Freiheit ヶ月 前
Which film is showing here ???? Fake? Roy Blunt constantly changes his place within seconds, sometimes he is visible, then again invisible ...? (Timestamp from 4:47:45; 4:47:52; 4:48:07; 4:48:10; 4:48:31; 4:48:39) Welchen Film führt man hier vor???? Fake? Roy Blunt wechselt innerhalb von Sekunden ständig seinenPlatz, mal ist er sichtbar, dann wieder unsichtbar....? (Zeitstempel ab 4:47:45; 4:47:52; 4:48:07; 4:48:10; 4:48:31; 4:48:39)
Philomena Rouchon
Philomena Rouchon ヶ月 前
Now I can sleep in peace joe is the president.
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