Mark Normand: Out To Lunch - Full Special

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mark normand

10 ヶ月 前

In Mark’s third comedy hour he covers it all: Drinking, anxiety, gays, naughty words, trans, race & the ladies. I don’t know if he’s right about any of it but he is completely out to lunch.
Mark has plenty of other stuff on the JPgoons, feel free to take a deep dive on his kooky content.
For dates go to
His podcast: Tuesdays with Stories
Twitter: @marknorm
instagram: @marknormand
Venmo: @mark-Normand
Mark Normand Full Special Don't Be Yourself
Praise Allah
Mark Normand is a fun-loving, New York comedian. Ok, I’m gonna brag a little here but hey, you’re on the site so that must mean you’re somewhat interested. I don’t know, I’ve just seen other comics do this. Ah screw you, I’m proud of these credits! Sorry, I got worked up there. (I just wanna be liked)
So far, Mark has done a One-Hour Comedy Central special “Don’t Be Yourself”, a Comedy Central HALF HOUR special, has appeared on TBS’s CONAN 6 times, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Showtime’s “Live at SXSW”, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER, TruTv, Best Week Ever, MTv, Last Comic Standing, @Midnight and released an album with Comedy Central records titled “Still Got It” (it’s not bad). This year, Mark took first place at the Great American Comedy Festival competition. In 2013 won Caroline’s March Madness competition, beating out 63 other comedians. And this is a real shocker for all of us, but he was also voted Village Voice’s “Best Comedian of 2013”, I know, right? In 2012, Mark appeared on “John Oliver’s New York Standup Show” on Comedy Central, and in 2011 was picked as one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch.”
Mark was born and raised in New Orleans, LA surprisingly to two normal parents. As a kid he spent most of his time shooting short films and wetting the bed. He started doing comedy right after college and quickly moved to New York. Mark now does comedy clubs and colleges across the country and has been involved in many festivals including Portland, Seattle, DC, Boston, Vancouver, Melbourne and in 2013 was featured as a New Face at the Montreal Comedy Festival.
More annoying accolades that no one really cares about: Mark was named one of Comedy Central’s Comics To Watch for the 2011 New York Comedy Festival. Mark was also named Esquire’s “Best New Comedians 2012”, Splitsider’s “Top 10 Up and Coming Comedians on Each Coast”, and Time Out New York’s “21 New York Comedy Scene Linchpins”. Whew, sorry about all that.

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Yulia Kiseleva
Yulia Kiseleva 6 時間 前
Wow. Such good comedy. I'm living for discovering gems like this.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 8 時間 前
12:04 Fun Fact: Polar Bears actually have black skin...that joke hits different with this in mind. 🌈 TheMoreYouKnow 🌈
Jeremy robinson
Jeremy robinson 9 時間 前
Best comedian
Jeremy robinson
Jeremy robinson 9 時間 前
Omfg this shit is to fuckin funny
Clayton Bono
Clayton Bono 9 時間 前
He’s working on it
Parke Nicholson
Parke Nicholson 9 時間 前
Firing more jokes than anybody I've ever seen. Has an awesome cadence too.
John Nugent
John Nugent 13 時間 前
The ad gum customarily recognise because crayfish outstandingly list aside a broken mexican. delightful, tangy print
Mac Johnson
Mac Johnson 13 時間 前
Best comedy special I’ve seen
Ben Burnett
Ben Burnett 16 時間 前
Mark you’re really the funniest person ever 🤘🏼
Cloel 20 時間 前
"thanks a lot, I'm kevin hart" no one even noticed
Heathen OSRS
Heathen OSRS 20 時間 前
6m veiws people need to start subing
Rich Pulido
Rich Pulido 22 時間 前
Jerry Seinfeld approves of him and after watching him I see why.
GvR927461057374 22 時間 前
I’m Kevin hart and I’m gay 😂😂😂
Kari 日 前
as a trans girl i actually appreciated his segment.
John Cossack
John Cossack 日 前
Maybe he's not to my taste but I don't find him funny at all
Eric 日 前
God is the last person you want to piss off. Jokes about Him are insulting and not funny at all.
Akheim Taylor
Akheim Taylor 日 前
This man is just pure genius
Older BadBoy
Older BadBoy 日 前
This guy is top tier . He has the best and the most jokes per minute.Thank you for the free content and smiles .
Stebo Lotty
Stebo Lotty 日 前
This white guy is funny
Omar Wanly
Omar Wanly 日 前
At around minute 14 I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t believe how much time was left !!
Arexis Ghastly
Arexis Ghastly 2 日 前
Dude, this is impressive af. Most comedians would split this material into like 5 specials. That was so dense with jokes, I wasn't even done laughing by the next punchline. He's got a true knack for this comedy thing.
Mark Normandie
Mark Normandie 2 日 前
This guy is just not funny. I don’t understand why people like this hack
tewbee gooby
tewbee gooby 日 前
I am sure he will lose a ton of sleep over this comment little guy.
Hesher Beats
Hesher Beats 2 日 前
This special was so good
Matt Plunkett
Matt Plunkett 2 日 前
6 mil in 9 months, that's awesome brother! I watched the premiere but keep checking the numbers, see you in Dallas!
Frank Quin
Frank Quin 2 日 前
Congrats on 6 mil views Mark!
Dale Schuls
Dale Schuls 2 日 前
Only few comedians in life find the square root to comedy...
Mr. Metalhorse
Mr. Metalhorse 2 日 前
Wayne whitaker
Wayne whitaker 2 日 前
Mark on Theo Vons podcast is pure gold
George M.
George M. 3 日 前
I love comedy but this is the Only special I've watched over and over.
The Human Hopes
The Human Hopes 3 日 前
i dont think ive heard a comedian slay as well as this one... bull should charge 20$ a piece for this one..... 🤝
Michael Laing
Michael Laing 3 日 前
best special in awhile
Doncho Stoykov
Doncho Stoykov 3 日 前
Awesome show man!!!
Tashjian Simms
Tashjian Simms 3 日 前
This a lot I’m Kevin Hart 🤣
Lanz Honrado
Lanz Honrado 3 日 前
"Any asian people over here?" Claps* "Hey, alright, you should be working" 😆😆😆😆
Joe's Reviews
Joe's Reviews 3 日 前
He is one of the best comics around, writing new stuff. I could watch this 3 times and laugh every time. 4 times would be too much.
Garv Modi
Garv Modi 4 日 前
He's fucking awesome!
Senpai Khalid
Senpai Khalid 4 日 前
I’m too high for this 😂😭
armaan harun
armaan harun 4 日 前
did he just say "i'm kevin hart" at the end? 52:11 and said he's gay
Flora Santos
Flora Santos 4 日 前
Wow dont say how HAHAHAHHA
Vlad Zorin
Vlad Zorin 4 日 前
I love how you took the hacky "videogames don't make people go whacka whacka" premise and made it a real joke. Genius. On my 4th watch of this special.
Ichi Go
Ichi Go 4 日 前
This is my sixth time watching this special. Thanks so much for giving me an escape!! "I'm not a racist.. I'm aroused." Never gets old 😂🤣
Audio Stuff
Audio Stuff 4 日 前
Za Z
Za Z 4 日 前
He's pretty quick! I like how he jumps subjects to keep our attention and keeps the laughter going!
MiniFarmerSmash 4 日 前
Idk if they have cue cards or something but if they don’t how do they memorize hours of material
Tim Forber
Tim Forber 4 日 前
Thanks a lot. I'm Kevin Hart
Suga Bee TV
Suga Bee TV 4 日 前
Every joke's a miracle🤣
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 4 日 前
Great set! The audio was crazy good when listening on headphones. I'm hearing people clapping and laughing right behind me a few rows back and all around.
Tuukka Peltokangas
Tuukka Peltokangas 4 日 前
Wow 6 million allready! Congrats Kevin.
woodwithoutend 4 日 前
Моцарт on the left, Neil Hannon by the right
woodwithoutend 4 日 前
куда смотрели её дети?!
James C
James C 4 日 前
Think I may have been the 6m view. Was 5.9 in the feed then 6. Congrats, mark
Melissa Lynn
Melissa Lynn 5 日 前
I've seen this multiple times.....just noticed, at the end, he says "Thanks a lot, I'm Kevin Hart" ;D
Dark Diddler
Dark Diddler 5 日 前
Let's be real: If Burt Kurshner can obtain the career he has, then it's only a matter of time before Mark becomes an absolute superstar.
Quack Fouur
Quack Fouur 2 日 前
I agree, i have never laughed at a burt joke in my life, and I don’t know anybody who has. He only has a career because he is friends with rogan.
Marinochka Ivanova
Marinochka Ivanova 5 日 前
Mark you are awfully smart amd awfully funny. You be. Love it all, including the bravery. Big Fan
Valentino Cisneros
Valentino Cisneros 5 日 前
Let’s get this to 10 mil within a year
Linda Sol
Linda Sol 5 日 前
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen 5 日 前
Great going, 6 million views!!!!! Next stop 7 million 👍 well done Mark 😁 great job backing yourself mate 👌
Enrique Terrones
Enrique Terrones 5 日 前
Wonder if mark already knows he’s a god damn legend. A gay legend. A galegend
roddy PROF.E.T.
roddy PROF.E.T. 5 日 前
“No one cares about your abs if you’re the guy having a meltdown at chilis”
Jesse Spence
Jesse Spence 5 日 前
Even Jerry Seinfield said this guy is the next up and coming great! I think hes already there in my opinion😁
brian turrell
brian turrell 5 日 前
2 words to describe his act: polished and clever
Jas Garrett
Jas Garrett 5 日 前
"Thank you, everybody. I'm Kevin Harr." 😂😂😂
TsjernoKid 5 日 前
Fucking solid performance
Anthony Echo
Anthony Echo 5 日 前
His shoes are not tied and it's bothering me
Don Hoyt
Don Hoyt 5 日 前
I'm not prejudice i hate everyone equally ya wears tha moonshine
The Almighty Duck
The Almighty Duck 6 日 前
when the pandemic wears off, i gotta go see him live
Pedram Ghanbarzadegan
Pedram Ghanbarzadegan 6 日 前
Congratulations on the 6 million fatty!
Eloy Garza
Eloy Garza 6 日 前
Everyone knows he steals Brendan Schaubs material.
rockydejavo 6 日 前
Banger after banger
peanutgallery77 6 日 前
Fuck, I've already seen this. Clicked on again and i'm laughing hard
Super J
Super J 6 日 前
Master Level Excellence perfectly served simple with old school organic ingredients.
Andrew Kosyjana
Andrew Kosyjana 6 日 前
This started out slow and got way better as the special went on great special very funny
coolkidzz27 6 日 前
Have all the cupcakes you want, just don't touch little Debbie 😂 that got me
deltafalcon1 6 日 前
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前
saturday test
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前
ok there is a 6 letter word that is somehow claimed by the gay community but it has been used more widespread, would be the same as the black community claiming the whip.... and then there is the 4 letter word of sexual behavior between 2 adults. These seem to be very difficult words for a multimillion international company. Al;so at this time im out of interest
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前
Gay? Is it forbidden to be gay?
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前
Yes! It all got trough, and even the first message that was banned 5 attempts. This, including the fact that my clipboard got cleared, means something is missing. So lets try from the first message that got deleted instantly. Of course I have to start over and try to be a bit more provocative. edit: first try failed
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前 the filter out? complete post after editing (sadly) that I have under ctrl + v. You know those tiny people who like to fuck men? They are called Oempa-Loompa's. Oh no wait, that is a hate word, I meant tiny person. Much better to be respctful. Wouldnt it be weird to say tiny gay people? How else would you describe an underdeveloped transmental intergender recipient? Give me an alternate description before you ban this. And we all describe people in some way. If someone is bald they are bald. If someone has hair they dont say "a person with hair". Are we suddenly sueing people for using bald in their describtion? So: How would you describe they tiny gay person that raped your father? Do it in a way that is community friendly. edit: my previous clipboard got murdered. Decent attempt guys. Rather I try with unedited version?
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前
wait it is missing this part: Are we suddenly sueing people for using bald in their describtion? So: How would you describe they tiny gay person that raped your father? Do it in a way that is community friendly. lets just double check by posting it again and see what words to change
henk visser
henk visser 6 日 前
Who can I sue for robbing me of my white privillege while still getting complained at for being white (racism)?
sabina pip
sabina pip 6 日 前
Politically incorrect speak easy!! 😊 This should be on Netflix!!!
Onno Malapitan
Onno Malapitan 6 日 前
I already heard most of the jokes he did in this special, but it's still Funny AF! Amazing delivery 🔥I'm glad Kevin Hart is being more recognized!
Jimbo Morrison
Jimbo Morrison 6 日 前
I knew marks older brother. Mark has a lot of talent.
Omar Abu-Salih
Omar Abu-Salih 7 日 前
The teeny-tiny touch naturalistically bake because thursday shortly rejoice failing a stingy iraq. godly, sable mask
Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer
Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer 7 日 前
This guy needs to slow down and enjoy the fact that they told some very funny ass jokes
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen 7 日 前
6 million views!!! come on we can do this......
NowIt'sLion 7 日 前
Haha he said at the end " thank you I'm kevin hart"
Joe and Joy
Joe and Joy 7 日 前
Did he say " I am Kevin Hart" at the end? Or did i hear it wrong?
Francis indini Botwey
Francis indini Botwey 6 日 前
he does that alot
Aussie Roos
Aussie Roos 7 日 前
Comedy Gold 🏆
Wierdo𓀐760 7 日 前
Brock 7 日 前
All killer no filler, straight up dropping 7 fire punchlines a minute
Growmie Greenthumb
Growmie Greenthumb 7 日 前
Stealing louis CK jokes
Arnie Calang
Arnie Calang 7 日 前
you’re really good 👍
BlockA Camdon
BlockA Camdon 8 日 前
Is this his full special?
canag0d 8 日 前
A very under rated comedian. He is very funny.
Jack Kabibble
Jack Kabibble 8 日 前
Came here after Rogan short.. dudes funny
Anderson Simmons
Anderson Simmons 8 日 前
He's lying. I'm Kevin Hart.
bengia apo
bengia apo 8 日 前
Could listen whole day
bengia apo
bengia apo 8 日 前
I love it man ❤️❤️❤️ awesome comedy nd facts
bengia apo
bengia apo 8 日 前
Im not a creeep ,im hard 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂oh man yous be droppin
bengia apo
bengia apo 8 日 前
Dam man yous be spittin facts nd JOKES
bengia apo
bengia apo 8 日 前
Goddamn he is open...😂😂😂he cool
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