Marlo Stanfield "The Wire" (Exclusive - The Official Movie Video)

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Kym Casciato
Kym Casciato 2 日 前
@Axl Princeton awesome! Took about 15 minutes but it worked!!
Axl Princeton
Axl Princeton 2 日 前
i dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself
Jacob Vills
Jacob Vills 2 日 前
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Hashmat Zemaryalai
Hashmat Zemaryalai 2 日 前
*nnnnnnnnnnnnnjjjjn .*>>>>>ii>
George Mitchell
George Mitchell 8 日 前
@RICHARDO GARCIA yes im George Mitchell i hope this was a positive response Mr Garcia
Jonathan Romero
Jonathan Romero 11 時間 前
1:11:21 Hood problems.
Supervisor404 Atlanta
Supervisor404 Atlanta 12 時間 前
“When you walk through the garden....”
jaiden b
jaiden b 14 時間 前
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Landen Drake
Landen Drake 17 時間 前
I haven’t even finished the show yet and i’m watching all this... damn.
Miles Maillet
Miles Maillet 23 時間 前
Bubbles deserves a spin off, call it The Flier.
J Black
J Black 日 前
Wow I just seen Marlo on SVU
Ekemini Umoh
Ekemini Umoh 日 前
Nobody else peeped how Chris was staring right back at them at 6:53?
Dominic Smith
Dominic Smith 2 日 前
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz 2 日 前
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Jkk Jfk
Jkk Jfk 2 日 前
Avon still the hardest
Three FourSix
Three FourSix 2 日 前
5:23 oh shit dj akademics aha
xpublicxenemy 2 日 前
Snoop wack......corny ass personality
Miles Maillet
Miles Maillet 23 時間 前
Girl looked good......till Micheal fixed her hair.
bohemoth1 2 日 前
CJCC and the entire OCCB running buck wild! Yes indeed it is for sure it is for sure right now.
ArturSchopenhauer 2 日 前
Stringer never realized that for Marlo it wasn't about the money or owning things in his name. Marlo wanted the street rep and he wanted the power that came with it. This is why Stringer's strategy was flawed from the beginning and doomed to fail.
Sinead Ginty
Sinead Ginty 2 日 前
is thi like the corner? that is so good
Who Sperfect?
Who Sperfect? 2 日 前
I just noticed that Prop Joe pulled a Stringer Bell. He tried to civilize the uncivilized. Marlo couldn't be tamed.
Tree House 2021
Tree House 2021 2 日 前
Good shit smoke💯
Share The Truth
Share The Truth 3 日 前
He Something Else for Real
Fabrizzio 3 日 前
1:10:58 song?
You know my name.
You know my name. 3 日 前
"Thank you for your kindness." Shit cracks me up.
eric perez
eric perez 3 日 前
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz 3 日 前
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LesSkateCrew 3 日 前
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Lakeisha Whitehead
Lakeisha Whitehead 4 日 前
Manly p hall
B R 4 日 前
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Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez 4 日 前
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Jhon Sinisterra
Jhon Sinisterra 4 日 前
Español porfavor o traducido
B R 5 日 前
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StoneJackBaller 5 日 前
"I'll get back to you on this" = Prop Joe is a dead man walking. Marlo disliked Joe having what felt like more power or control than him .
Rodney Sessoms
Rodney Sessoms 5 日 前
HBO producers did their homework about the street game making this series
dev30 6 日 前
"You want it to be one way... But it's the other way." Damn, that line was deep!
Dam Son
Dam Son 6 日 前
funny how so many black men are taking notes on marlo for how to be in life lol STAY BLACK
Kenneth McNair
Kenneth McNair 7 日 前
This is Baltimore through and through!!!
Chi Bills
Chi Bills 7 日 前
Never understood why he shot the girl twice in her chest and in her mouth
ThaGeNeCySt 8 日 前
Always wondered why Marlo still said Mike snitched even though the lawyer confirmed the cops did some shady shit
Steven Mctowelie
Steven Mctowelie 8 日 前
I always thought slim charles was a missing clipse brother
Rashad Taylor
Rashad Taylor 8 日 前
No we talking...👍
Joey Meyer
Joey Meyer 8 日 前
"You getting out. You aint."
rossdaboss1959 8 日 前
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23codez 8 日 前
That security guard speech to Marlo was too damn dramatic and overdone. This show was damn near perfect, but scenes like these are CRINGE.
J Mystic
J Mystic 8 日 前
Brian David
Brian David 9 日 前
Slim Charles is the best
Perrito impactado_we
Perrito impactado_we 9 日 前
Where can I see the movie with Spanish substitutions?
Tree Tree
Tree Tree 9 日 前
Any chance of other people from the wire a supercut also? I loved Marlo he was just misunderstood. He was supposed to represent growth with the young taking out the Old(Avon)
Perrito impactado_we
Perrito impactado_we 9 日 前
Where can I see the movie with Spanish substitutions?
StoneJackBaller 10 日 前
What is this clock code they speak of at the end btwn Marlo and his lawyer?
Prettytoestalker Mayne
Prettytoestalker Mayne 10 日 前
I like when pretty toes stank
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny 10 日 前
Did bro yell coward while running away hahah
Midd Knight
Midd Knight 10 日 前
Who else noticed during Marlo's rampage after the poker game he's wearing a jacket with a big ol 'L' on it?
Micahel Magee
Micahel Magee 10 日 前
UGK for life
FireBrand Media
FireBrand Media 10 日 前
lavafox72 x
lavafox72 x 10 日 前
Why they even kill the girl
Che Jones
Che Jones 11 日 前
An hour and forty one minutes of No Black Unity, Everyone Out for Themselves, Prop Joe is the only one to try to make a Change, and he Got the Malcolm X treatment, Will it, And Can It, Ever Change???
Che Jones
Che Jones 10 日 前
@StoneJackBaller You Lost White Boy, You Have All The Answers??? Then Go To Your Nearest Ghetto with your Tool Box and Fix it, Go Be a Activist Sweetie
StoneJackBaller 10 日 前
@Che Jones oh you wanna live around drugs and crime outside your door all day and night? Idiot! Oh, and better schools too.
Che Jones
Che Jones 10 日 前
@StoneJackBaller Great Come Back Dork
StoneJackBaller 10 日 前
@Che Jones you're an idiot.
Che Jones
Che Jones 10 日 前
@StoneJackBaller Do Me a Favorite, Before You Write me Back Some More Dumb Shit, Please Go Watch, The Move School Daze By Spike Lee, made in 1988, He Brakes it All Down, and then Go Watch Good Hair, made by Chris Rock He'll Brake All Down for You, Thanks
Jacob Cavanagh
Jacob Cavanagh 11 日 前
Need some help
hyerculez axkillis
hyerculez axkillis 11 日 前
Best reveal of the show was the asshole Deputy Ops McNulty old boss at Gay Bar LMAO
hyerculez axkillis
hyerculez axkillis 11 日 前
The actor that plays him is really nice and cool, I tweeted about how great he was in the wire and how I actually grew to hate him and he favorite it and sent me a thank you and told me about being on Bosch on Prime and said I play good guy!
Perrito impactado_we
Perrito impactado_we 9 日 前
Where can I see the movie with Spanish substitutions?
Diok _Mhp
Diok _Mhp 11 日 前
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Omar Jamal
Omar Jamal 11 日 前
marlo wackest gangsta ever
A-Droid 12 日 前
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Mr_Ro 12 日 前
When he pulled up and the golf club was riding shot gun i fxcking lost it 😂
sinister skud
sinister skud 12 日 前
04:48 *GABRIEL* only twd fans will know...
Future Zay Baby Beat Banggerz
Future Zay Baby Beat Banggerz 12 日 前
Perrito impactado_we
Perrito impactado_we 9 日 前
Where can I see the movie with Spanish substitutions?
Future Zay Baby Beat Banggerz
Future Zay Baby Beat Banggerz 12 日 前
Ivgohtta Stoupedd Herr-kute
Ivgohtta Stoupedd Herr-kute 12 日 前
Lmao after Marlo ices Davonne for trying to 42Fake him at the Lake Trout. "Somebody jus got shot!" -- Random Baltimore ho in the background ambiance
Ivgohtta Stoupedd Herr-kute
Ivgohtta Stoupedd Herr-kute 8 日 前
@lavafox72 x Because she was working for Avon Barksdale the entire time. Her entire series of interactions with Marlo (including 'just by chance' sitting at the bar next to him when she and Marlo meet for the first time in the show) were completely calculated by Avon's people in an attempt to catch Marlo slippin' so they could body him once and for all and end the war that they're stuck in for the corners in West Baltimore. A 42Fake is OG West Coast slangology, it's a term used to denote when one entity employs a "honeytrap" against a rival/enemy in the hopes that they can run up on him with the hardware and take him out while he's balls deep in some ripper/thot, thus leaving said enemy in a completely vulnerable/exposed state and rendering them entirely susceptible to assassination/robbery/kidnapping when they would otherwise be impossible to get to any other way.
Perrito impactado_we
Perrito impactado_we 9 日 前
Where can I see the movie with Spanish substitutions?
lavafox72 x
lavafox72 x 10 日 前
Why they kill her anyways
Ty Williams
Ty Williams 12 日 前
You Got Me Confused With A Man That Repeats Himself!!!
Ty Williams
Ty Williams 12 日 前
You Want It To Be One Way, You Want It To Be One Way, But It’s The Other Way...
Kani Rodney
Kani Rodney 13 日 前
Marlo kinda looks like pop smoke 🤔
PainDavis VA
PainDavis VA 13 日 前
"I'm being a gentleman about it for the moment" *swings golf club* Maaaan idk why that was so cold 😂😂😂
Ricky Homan
Ricky Homan 13 日 前
This show is good because its not predictable like most movies and shows
LIL Z3RO 13 日 前
GTA mission
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 14 日 前
Fuck Marlo
Nehemiah Willis
Nehemiah Willis 14 日 前
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 15 日 前
So slim Charles backstabbed prop joe by telling marlo that prop joe knew that Omar was going to rob the card game? Wow
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 15 日 前
Damm I needed more they need a part two
Gen 5
Gen 5 15 日 前
I swear this is wooski’s pops
MrLesanecrooks3 15 日 前
StoneJackBaller 15 日 前
"the corner" is good too...from dope fiend pov
A -
A - 15 日 前
My name is my name ... few episodes later , No1 remembers and he walks off into obscurity 🥴🥴🥴🥴
A -
A - 15 日 前
Marlo should’ve spared Joe he taught him damn near everything next to slim AND oddly enough Omar ...
A -
A - 15 日 前
@IsmokeHiphop Live true true ... he should’ve got out and gave the game over to someone else way earlier , but money was always his motive and the result of his death ultimately!
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 15 日 前
I feel you but joe had to go he was grimmy and too sneaky playing both sides to survive on some games of throne type stuff 😂 😆
Peezy P
Peezy P 15 日 前
Why did he kill evon?
Hannah Amoah
Hannah Amoah 16 日 前
good problems.....
Fernando Aispuro
Fernando Aispuro 16 日 前
Yea , they approved it for some random youtuber with no monetaization and less than 100k subscribers lmao it's not like they are the kind of business to try to squeeze every penny out of something that took millions of dollars to produce 😂 chinese dvds are more "official" than this lol 😂
Street Line Video
Street Line Video 16 日 前
this one
Tangy Eats
Tangy Eats 16 日 前
Just thought about one more thing, I wish that they would have thought to do with the main characters background, what 50 Cent is doing with Power.
Tangy Eats
Tangy Eats 16 日 前
That frame introduction to Marlo is genius. Then his “no eye contact” conversation with Boadie, “I need you to pack up yo people. I’m being a gentleman about it for the moment.” COLD I remember taking a picture in Oakbrook, IL the year that The Wire was ending, I worked at Comcast then. They were really nice and signed autographs for everyone in the call center. Damn I hate that I lost that Polaroid.
Rashad Taylor
Rashad Taylor 8 日 前
Wow capital T...😎👍
JIU JUDO 16 日 前
I want a Snoop movie! She was the best!
food4j 17 日 前
Grand Theft Auto: Marlo Stanfield Edition
Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes 17 日 前
Price of the brick went up
Johnny Jacuzzi
Johnny Jacuzzi 17 日 前
“The Official” oh I didn’t know HBO and David Simon approved this and distributed it exclusively through your JPgoon page.
J K 15 日 前
lol i was like wtf did they make a spinoff movie
Reco Adams
Reco Adams 16 日 前
J RAP BROWN 17 日 前
@51:55 was the happiest i ever seen chris,,, that lean wit rock it was fire tho 😂😂😂
Bluebeam Gaming
Bluebeam Gaming 17 日 前
why he kill her
Lee Farr
Lee Farr 17 日 前
Why did the girl get shot?
Gerar Pope
Gerar Pope 17 日 前
Question: Did Levy @ 1:34:08-1:34-12 put two and two together and realized it was Herc who set Marlo up with the wiretap? At 1:37:11, it's like he is telling Herc he knows he was the one who set Marlo up without actually saying it by thanking him for what he did.
Wtf isgoingon
Wtf isgoingon 18 日 前
Nigga had a golf club 😂 bro was differentttt
Knightphall 18 日 前
"Somebody just got shot!"
Tanya Conerly
Tanya Conerly 7 日 前
Why did he shoot the girl from the club
I AM NOONE 14 日 前
Chloe Ratchford
Chloe Ratchford 18 日 前
What kinda cat..... what kinda cat my eyes like??☄
Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell 18 日 前
Yo this show is great. I just realized that Brody walked up to Marlo crossing the street like a pawn
J. Johnson
J. Johnson 18 日 前
59:24 is when Marlo realized Michael was young lion 🦁 in the jungle lol
Diok Mhp
Diok Mhp 18 日 前
The careful uganda specially stop because wedge conversly check than a greedy metal. abashed, longing niece
Jet Life
Jet Life 18 日 前
1:04:19-1:04:33 😂😂😂💀
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