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Kimono Mom

ヶ月 前

【Vlog】24hours of Japanese mom and 23 month-old-baby. My name is Moe. I'm a housewife living in Tokyo. This is my, realistic day from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed. Skin Care, Parenting, Cooking, Terrible Two
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Kimono Mom
Kimono Mom ヶ月 前
Thank you for watching guys☺️🌸Don’t forget to follow my Instagram🌸 This video has several subtitles so I hope you enjoy this vid in your language. Since I use a translator, they’re unnatural. Thank you for your understanding!
Letty B
Letty B 6 日 前
I wish I could understand what your talking about 😞
Letty B
Letty B 6 日 前
Your both very beautiful x
dayana morales arce
dayana morales arce 10 日 前
You are doing the best you can I am sure. Best regards.
dayana morales arce
dayana morales arce 10 日 前
Hi. I hope in a short time you get time for you.. i know kids need attention, but I think, as a parent you are not obligated to entertained her all time.. she needs to be bored sometimes and look for what to do by herself.. maybe when she grows up a little, apply this advice will be easier. Best regards.
David Sensei
David Sensei 14 日 前
Maman sutan kimono 👘oda 🦦🤎🤎🤎🤎🙏from corsica 😊respect for life modèles
Gabi Cooper
Gabi Cooper 2 時間 前
MyrtheDV 10 時間 前
So relaxing to watch your video's. I know it is hard work for you but for me this is a nice escape.
eshaambawata 21 時間 前
Your angel hair is soo long👼
植山加奈子 日 前
Thank you Moe san. I’m definitely leaning from you. I’m a mother for 3kids. I always try to take care of them and understand their feeling without “ adult convenience “, but I can’t. Every I watch your JPgoon channel, I think that I want to be like you.:) Your husband is the happiest in the world.
Count Remington
Count Remington 日 前
This should be an episode of Crazy Rich Asians
Haicha ETIENNE 日 前
C'est apaisant de vous regarder 😊🥰😍🔥
Suci SG
Suci SG 日 前
I hope I'd be able to smile as many as she did, once I raise my kids....
Muskan Besarwaria
Muskan Besarwaria 日 前
Can u show ur hair care routine ..They r gorgeous💓
Sathya Kokila
Sathya Kokila 日 前
Cute child so cutie 😍😍😘
Candy Mar
Candy Mar 日 前
I love your skin 😍Please we need helppp my skin is terrible 😫more videos with this particular information, I love you girls 👧💗💖
E Von
E Von 日 前
Watching your video makes me cry because I remember the time I was as small as Sutan and how my dad love the moment seeing me everytime he come home from work. My parents worked very hard in the past, even now, while the best thing I can do for them is being a good and happy daughter 🥺 wish the best to your family Sutan
Guneet Sodhi
Guneet Sodhi 2 日 前
Beautiful skin you have. May God bless you both and cute daughter👧 👍
Number Five
Number Five 2 日 前
I love how's she look at her way of parenting and acknowledge what must she do and dont
Юлиана Георгиева
Юлиана Георгиева 2 日 前
Hello what a beautiful girl you gave birth to a holy princess🤗😘💝
Jerry Friday
Jerry Friday 2 日 前
I see Sutan relly loves her dada
Fatin Aqilah
Fatin Aqilah 2 日 前
I salute you for handling your child, I know how exhausting it is when you can’t have your own “ ME TIME “. But don’t worry! Once Sutan starts going to school, you can chill down abit 😊😊 Hang in there
Nithya Pillai
Nithya Pillai 2 日 前
It’s very difficult for a housewife. All the best for your future endeavor
sowndharavalli sugumar
sowndharavalli sugumar 2 日 前
You and baby soo soo cute sister 😍🥰🥰🥰
JUNGKOOK ! 2 日 前
hope you all happiness ! youre so pretty and kind love you❤️
Deepali Chouhan
Deepali Chouhan 2 日 前
sutan is the cutest lil baby in the world 🥺💜
Muskan Patel
Muskan Patel 3 日 前
So cute mamma and baby
TatyLU J
TatyLU J 3 日 前
Gracias a ti por este video tan bonito 🙂
stellababy1998 3 日 前
Sooooooooooo cute! :)
Gaming Pro2012
Gaming Pro2012 3 日 前
I am so happy for you and your family! I am feeling so proud when i see your almost hit 1M :D I am subscribed on your channel for 2 years probably
emey Khalid
emey Khalid 3 日 前
Trisca Mahendra
Trisca Mahendra 3 日 前
I can relate with your situation so much, it was terrible two and then threenager phase.. It took awhile also for my husband to realize that taking my son to the toilet is such a big help. Sometimes we look all great and pretty, sometimes we look sloppy also at home and THAT'S OKAY, don't be too hard on yourself as mother too😊😊😊😊 Love you Moe, you are doing great job, Ganbatte 😘😘😘
I think mothers give so much efforts and do so struggle to be a good mum to her are doing such h great work🥺💫..stay blessed and healthy!!love from india🇮🇳💓
Renata França
Renata França 3 日 前
Happy Mother’s Day from Portugal! You are a really great mom, Sutan will grow up to be as strong as you are !! 🥰
五十嵐みき 3 日 前
jason bodino
jason bodino 3 日 前
Hello there new subscriber here I'm from the Philippines 🇵🇭 Im carol and I love watching ur vlogs 💛 keep safe and godbless ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
fiorella gift
fiorella gift 4 日 前
Haii im new mom..and i feel tired everytime😂😂 my boy just 15 month, but looking your vlog give me some insight about motherhood.. you look amazing, i can't imagine how tired you are😂😂 thank you for sharing this VLOG
Hey adora miss me
Hey adora miss me 4 日 前
As sutan grows she looks more and more like you
Gabby Finley
Gabby Finley 4 日 前
Ok I know this wasn’t the point of the video but why is no one talking about how pretty they are??
Gabrielle Chiefe
Gabrielle Chiefe 4 日 前
I know its exhausting being a mother, but oneday I want a house hold like this
TT 4 日 前
At what age does school start in Japan? Is there kindergarten?
mandarose voice over
mandarose voice over 4 日 前
The mom seems old is she?
mummy's kitchen & vlogs
mummy's kitchen & vlogs 4 日 前
You r coolest mom ❤️my kid also do like dis and also same age ,my girl also enjoyed alot with dis video love from india❤️❤️
J K 4 日 前
great video! i would love to watch a “get ready with me” type too!
Janet Jereza
Janet Jereza 5 日 前
Sutan is so cute, happy modern Japanese family.
Kat Flores
Kat Flores 5 日 前
I really love how she's teaching her daughter..❤️
Amélie J
Amélie J 5 日 前
your daugther is so cute❤️ can i ask where did you buy the baby’‘s silico bow??i have a little girl and I want buy this for my girl. Thank you!
Elo Brdt
Elo Brdt 5 日 前
Tu es incroyable ! 🥺
K M 5 日 前
lady bird
lady bird 5 日 前
your baby is so beautiful 😻 i.enjoyed the vlog a lot!
apado gwaenchana
apado gwaenchana 5 日 前
sutan's "i love you" 🥺🥺
Anitram 1334
Anitram 1334 6 日 前
I can't bilv shes a mom seems 18yrs girl...🥺❤
Anitram 1334
Anitram 1334 3 日 前
But northeast indian are more similar to them..they preety look alike
Ten 3 日 前
@Anitram 1334 Indians are also Asians.
Anitram 1334
Anitram 1334 4 日 前
@M5TABBYCAT north east Indian are preety similar to them
Asians have best genes
Nikki Sanjose
Nikki Sanjose 6 日 前
Just watched and i'm impressed, i know how hard being a mom here in japan , me also im a mom of 5 and working full time it is very tiring, gambatte kudasai i love your vlogs also suchan ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fatima Sadaf
Fatima Sadaf 6 日 前
Awww it's the loveliest mother daughter video I've ever watched 🥺❤️❤️❤️
mhammed mohammad
mhammed mohammad 6 日 前
just lovely ... appreciate all mothers ♥
Shimna Shimnav
Shimna Shimnav 6 日 前
Hi I'm from Kerala in india 😍
Sara Borges!!!
Sara Borges!!! 6 日 前
Que bebe lindaaa!! Ele é maravilhosa demais❤❤🥰
vika Makarova
vika Makarova 6 日 前
Оh god what a cute little girl!!!!
Mihriban Azak
Mihriban Azak 7 日 前
Nathylu :3
Nathylu :3 7 日 前
12:22 JAJSJSJS 😔💕
Roxana lis Azócar
Roxana lis Azócar 7 日 前
Rita Dutta
Rita Dutta 7 日 前
You and your daughter is so... cute.☺️
Bayu Kakoy
Bayu Kakoy 7 日 前
When her daughter said "oishi" I give a like 😅👍
Andrew Darchiville
Andrew Darchiville 7 日 前
what a beautiful family
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 7 日 前
Your family are so adorable ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Neha Kumari
Neha Kumari 7 日 前
Plz share your skin care ?
Noof K
Noof K 7 日 前
Please rest well at least wake up by 6:00 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Minh Phương Phạm
Minh Phương Phạm 7 日 前
Your daughter and you are so cuteeee 🥰
beefy daddy
beefy daddy 7 日 前
i could never be this patient
sweet sonna
sweet sonna 7 日 前
I could literally see tears in your eyes when sutan wasn't sleeping. Your patience is next level. You are a wonderful woman Moe ❤
Volvoreta Jolie
Volvoreta Jolie 8 日 前
Can we talk about her skin?! Flawless 🤩 omg I need a video only of your skincare routine. 😘🥰
Heidi X
Heidi X 8 日 前
Bruce Kong
Bruce Kong 8 日 前
Her patience is on a whole different level. But at the same time, idk what it's like to be a parent..
Nina Reichel
Nina Reichel 8 日 前
Moe,please explain more about how to make the cream from sake lees!!!! I found a store in France - Nishikidori - it is great and they have EVERYTHING.Thank you,Beautiful!!!!🌺🌸🌼💋
Agartha Star
Agartha Star 8 日 前
My language is Portuguese (Brazil), and I am very happy to know that your videos have subtitles in my language. The way you raise your daughter is admirable, you are a great mother, wife and person. Warm kisses from Brazil. (sorry my english)
Khasty Rhom
Khasty Rhom 8 日 前
🥰 son una hermosa familia, excelente trabajo que haces por tu bebé y esposo, sigue así, pero descansa más 😄👋💐
Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen 8 日 前
I've been struggling with whether or not to have children recently. Your whole channel has sent my hormones into overdrive.
Scripted 6 日 前
ruby styles
ruby styles 8 日 前
OMG I saw her on Paola’s channel when Sutan was much younger. This is so cute.
kiuzjbakaa 8 日 前
Tr ơi em bé đáng iu waa 🥺 mochi~mochi Chắc tui xĩu >
Listen to kpop You will love it
Listen to kpop You will love it 8 日 前
Such a cute family
Anh Linh
Anh Linh 8 日 前
Can you make detailed skincare routine video? Your skin looks so healthy and flawless. I can barely see the pores
Kanti Devi
Kanti Devi 8 日 前
Awww your baby is so cute
Bela 8 日 前
woah it must be so energy & emotion draining sometimes but she's such a good mom with very beautiful daughter. love to see it
Aw Foong Ling
Aw Foong Ling 8 日 前
Tanmay Adhikary
Tanmay Adhikary 8 日 前
Bharvi Sharma
Bharvi Sharma 9 日 前
Hi Kimono Mom, I really loved your vlogs. I am an indian living in USA. I, sometimes back, got enthusiastic to learn more about japanese culture. But most of japanese vloggers dont speak english. Yours is a saviour. You are really doing good job. I loved your vlogs and recipies. Please do more videos on japanese authentic vegetarian cuisines if possible! Keep going. Thanks and many Regards!!
LA_mood LAむーど
LA_mood LAむーど 9 日 前
いつももえさんとすーたんの姿、そして旦那様の笑顔も一家の生活を見ていると一人じゃないなぁ〜。そしてステキ!とも思います。顔がにやける笑。 英語何で勉強してるかも知りたいです😊
divya sawdekar
divya sawdekar 9 日 前
Love from india❤️🤗
Zeynep Kaya
Zeynep Kaya 9 日 前
I didn`t get the japanese dialouge but I loved the video and the family is so cute i hope you all have a long healty happy life
Loyal Monkey
Loyal Monkey 9 日 前
You look gorgeus without make up
Cute Girl x
Cute Girl x 9 日 前
Omg the baby is so cute and her little talk I just can’t 🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Anon 9 日 前
I envy you... it's hard to sleep early and wake up in the morning
Ana Pao Glezz
Ana Pao Glezz 9 日 前
Wow 🌺 you do amazing work at home! I think you are a woman with many virtues, you are great! 🤗 Greetings from Mexico!
ToopidPonay 9 日 前
What’s awesome about these videos are that Sutan will have such an extensive back log of home videos to watch of herself someday. I feel really lucky that my Dad filmed us as kids when we were growing up because it was so fun to watch those home videos together now as a family now that we’re all grown up. 🥰 Plus, I love that this gives Moe a way to earn her own income and express herself creatively. A win-win all around I’d say. ☺️
Arya Prasetya
Arya Prasetya 9 日 前
"What's this" ,"one" ,"card"!!!🤣🤣soo cuteeee!
Frank Mayer
Frank Mayer 9 日 前
Do you know romusha?
Amna Amir
Amna Amir 9 日 前
Aporajita math
Aporajita math 9 日 前
I didn't understand a word of your Japanese but I loved your family your video.God bless you and your sweet child.
iam not korean
iam not korean 9 日 前
well... in this video already had subtitel u can turn on it!
rehane alatar
rehane alatar 10 日 前
Jhulia Landown
Jhulia Landown 10 日 前
Sutan so bossy to her mom 😂🤣
Burcu GÖZÜKARA 10 日 前
Perfect Mom& Sweet Baby (Turkey🇹🇷)
Ulf Thomas Klasson
Ulf Thomas Klasson 10 日 前
Be Andal
Be Andal 10 日 前
And that is why I never want to have kids. I feel stressed and angry just by watching. Not able to finish the video because my negative emotions are going haywire. Kudos to her but I never, ever want to be in her shoes.
Isabel labra
Isabel labra 10 日 前
im accidentally learning japanese because of how you talk to sutan
Hey adora miss me
Hey adora miss me 4 日 前
We went to choose Kids Kimono!
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