Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes 2020 - All of his bits chained

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年 前

Ricky Gervais' monologue at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards and also all of his other bits/introductions. Couldn't find a complete version on JPgoon so I made it. Hope you have a great day.

Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 11 分 前
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Mattie Norml
Mattie Norml 13 分 前
I can imagine him psyching himself up before the show like "Take no prisoners! Get'em all!"
mstreasureseeker 29 分 前
Ricky Gervais is NOW the ONLY actor and comedian that I have ANY respect for! I will no longer support the motion picture and tv industry ever again! I actually have been this way since the awards shows started to voice political views since the 1970's! I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT! I also think that due to the movie industry speaking their political minds that the majority of the public will do the same! For example this is just like a learning experience for Alec Baldwin on Twitter, Alec would never shut up and now karma has reared its ugly head for him now! The fact checkers and cell phone users, photographers and paparazzi are out to make money ANYWAY THEY CAN and go back to their own personal vaults to gather dirt on you years later! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!
3MMA 30 分 前
Wow did ricky gervais just forecasted how in 2020 a lot of people died? 02:40 minute
Niles Cooper
Niles Cooper 57 分 前
Don't post videos full of offensive jokes if you're just going to censor them. The whole point of the video IS the offensive jokes.
Yawn Gwan
Yawn Gwan 59 分 前
james paley
james paley 時間 前
I lost respect for him when he had Jimmy saville on his show. On four think it was . Upset me it did cos we knew what he was. And dissed Ricky because he'd of made cash from it. Well I apologise to him now because someone has finally took the piss highlighted it. All the sick behavior of persons who are supposed to be role models hero's for the kids.amazing the sickos who take avantage
Xarai 2 時間 前
the flying fuck is with muting him? you so fucking childish a words scares you shitless?
Night Falls
Night Falls 2 時間 前
Tom looks like he's gonna get a stroke
Justus 2 時間 前
JoeShit TheRagMan
JoeShit TheRagMan 2 時間 前
What a fucking hero
ava morris
ava morris 2 時間 前
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Shubh REX
Shubh REX 3 時間 前
Watch his all monologue cate blanchett always has unique expression on his jokes😁
Tyler Cheung
Tyler Cheung 3 時間 前
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carforumwanker 3 時間 前
No one pays to see movies anymore !!!! I watch every single new release in HD etc for free . Fuck them !!
Up to Interpretation
Up to Interpretation 4 時間 前
2:50 “maybe next year, we’ll see what happens” Oh boy 😂😂😂
mareetha emsley
mareetha emsley 4 時間 前
Brilliant !!!
Andris Bogdans
Andris Bogdans 5 時間 前
"Long and amazing" *that's what she said*
Dan i
Dan i 5 時間 前
I love Ricky a little bit for this work.
Jacqueline Van Baal
Jacqueline Van Baal 6 時間 前
Look how nervous they are
Don Juan
Don Juan 7 時間 前
Conor Smith
Conor Smith 7 時間 前
Who's that sitting behind tom hanks, recognise her from something!!!
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos 7 時間 前
I remember this
jeff fung
jeff fung 8 時間 前
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Lee Fall
Lee Fall 9 時間 前
0:43 Someone knew about the plandemic ...
Joseph Rafiq
Joseph Rafiq 9 時間 前
I love all the young people like Adam are loving it and all the old people like hanks are just horrified
Joseph Rafiq
Joseph Rafiq 9 時間 前
Alternate title: "americans not understanding British humor for 10 minutes straight"
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 12 時間 前
6:30 best 50 seconds out of the lot. Truer words have not been said about the complete disconnect between Hollywood and reality. Tom hanks looking saltier than he could ever have been in greyhound was priceless.
My Google
My Google 12 時間 前
love the shock on the line learners faces - shows how being in front of a camera doesnt connect you to anything other than their own self inflated oft narcassistic existence. Yet so many listen to what these people have to say outside of their jobs.
brandon 12 時間 前
I dont ceh‼️
shikamaru317 12 時間 前
Just saw the report that Golden Globes ratings were down by 68% in 2021, lmao. 2021 show had the 2nd lowest ratings of any Golden Globes, after 2008 which was just a press conference due to the the writers strike at the times. Should have brought back Ricky to roast the celebs some more, would have boosted the ratings for sure.
Gelo Amiote
Gelo Amiote 13 時間 前
2:09 I go back to watching this just because of this line.
smootical 13 時間 前
7:30 thank me later
chrischimera 13 時間 前
I disliked Ricky for some reason but the more I get older the more fucks I don't give and hearing this made me like him lol
C CGF 13 時間 前
Tom Hanks looks like the typical offended by everything Liberal...
David R
David R 15 時間 前
Like a surgeon operating on someone without anaesthesia - he genuinely didn't care! It's Gervais' sincerity that makes him something quite unique, not to mention his talent. Well done Ricky.
Eli G
Eli G 15 時間 前
"we're all gonna die soon..." I mean he wasn't wrong
kaden atyim
kaden atyim 15 時間 前
kaden atyim
kaden atyim 15 時間 前
Tom hanks is a little bitch
Emily Maguire
Emily Maguire 15 時間 前
My kids will know about this legend
Zanther the scarred narga
Zanther the scarred narga 17 時間 前
All I see in tht huge ass room are a bunch of hollows seeking to fill the void in themselves with sex drinking drugs and self appreciation
ethan joseph
ethan joseph 17 時間 前
The Leo crack you’re nearly 50 son killlllled me
Cotoramm 18 時間 前
Ok, i love Tom Hanks, is a great actor, great performer, and even a super sweet person with everyone, fans, actors, co-workers, is a really great man... but this time he actually looks super pissed off... pissed off for the truth.
Fede Brown
Fede Brown 18 時間 前
This got old. The character of the rebel that hates Hollywood. Yet, he has done many movies and hosted these awards 5 times. Why does he keep coming back if he hates everything so much? Guess he could never really fit in and he is resentful. He's done some shitty movies, too. He is in no position to jugde. First 3 or 4 times hosting was funny, this is just straight up rude.
KB 18 時間 前
Bet all the dislikes are actors
Kathy Victoria
Kathy Victoria 18 時間 前
Didnt majority of these morons end up making a political speech after he told them not too
Terencé Vasquez
Terencé Vasquez 19 時間 前
Great way to put these people in their place.
James Dean
James Dean 19 時間 前
Who is the girl at 3:42
Yeshua MCJ
Yeshua MCJ 19 時間 前
What a savage!!!! 😂😂😂😂
백시연 20 時間 前
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Altiar253 21 時間 前
When he said the word paedophile i betcha the whole crowd gasped half of em probably are
imtheguvnor 21 時間 前
Hanks was taking offence at the Felicity Hoffman/Number plate joke, until he was distracted by something way more important...his amuse-bouche.
Simon Says
Simon Says 22 時間 前
I love coming back to this. What a way to kick off that year! If any aspiring comedians are wondering, this is what you should be going for- unbridled, uncensored bullshit calling.
TheGreatAndPowerfulDC 23 時間 前
Seeing Tom Hanks getting deeply offended by Ricky Gervais' rant on entertainers being political was just beautiful. He knows who that was directed at XD
Matt Galloway
Matt Galloway 23 時間 前
If only somebody could do the same to the rich athletes at the ESPYs
Brad Gibson
Brad Gibson 23 時間 前
Sometimes Honesty can be so Brutal!! Look at the views.
pittroadsixzeroseven 日 前
I could give a crap about Tom Hanks expressions, liberal. They think what they is so important. If these people can’t laugh at their selves have a cork up their butts. Glad Ricky said for them to keep their political opinions to their selves. Loved the whole speech, called them all out.
fuck2016 日 前
I cannot fathom how Hollywood allowed Weinstein to do what he did and act like they didnt know
Dave Manning
Dave Manning 日 前
Tom Hanks 1:03 "I'm offended, ohhhh hi Steven!"
Photo Guy
Photo Guy 日 前
I would seriously watch the golden globes if Ricky was the entire format. Just him roasting Hollywood and saying who won. Would be far more entertaining than 3 hours of celebrities masturbating their egos.
Kilo Thomlyn
Kilo Thomlyn 日 前
Everyone's horrified pikachu faces every time he hits a point is everything. They hate the truth
dave shaw
dave shaw 日 前
just class.
TZ Chen
TZ Chen 日 前
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Anise esinA
Anise esinA 日 前
This dude is a GOAT!!😁
chuck bishop
chuck bishop 日 前
The 10k people who disliked this video must have bought there own airline ticket to the island
Nabeel Al Nassir
Nabeel Al Nassir 日 前
Ricky Gervais roasted everyone so much that whole 2020 went batshit crazy😂
Zacchary Doherty
Zacchary Doherty 日 前
Everyone laughing at Epstein jokes Tom hanks👀
Dean Pennington
Dean Pennington 日 前
Thanks. There were parts that needed censoring from the general public and mostly they were. Gervais was dead-on in what he said to that community (with few exceptions). The few exceptions that didn't take offense knew it wasn't aimed at them. The rest were mostly not offended, it ranged from a half-hearted laugh, to "What did he mean?" I think only Tom Hanks and Tim Cook really understood the message (and neither liked it). I doubt Gervais will be back (whether he wants to or not), he's probably black-listed
Michael Minniear
Michael Minniear 日 前
I used to love Tom Hanks. Now I just feel like a pretentious uptight prick. He just seems like he’d be a huge diva.
Michael Minniear
Michael Minniear 日 前
I love how took what used to be a group ass kissing/ego display for all these rich Hollywood elites who think they’re better then everyone else and turned it into a roast. It’s amazing.
China Lies
China Lies 日 前
I remember bird box was so boring, I didn't finish watching it. And I am a life-time horror fan. I guess people like it because it was the only original horror film on Netflix back then.
Alexander Wilisow
Alexander Wilisow 日 前
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Autumn Munden
Autumn Munden 日 前
Sometimes it takes someone from the U.K 🤦🏼‍♀️
Kurt Marx
Kurt Marx 日 前
What a bad ass lmao
Zorglub2244 日 前
Bring him back to 2022,2021 was lame and not funny
Cushty Barey
Cushty Barey 日 前
Yessssssss!!!! Love this
elle timmoth
elle timmoth 日 前
Don't forget Tom Hanks lives in Greece to become a full time grapists of children.
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks 日 前
Cringe, bro
Yami No Yomi
Yami No Yomi 日 前
Its 2021 and the rating of the golden globes dropped by 60%. Guess what. Ricky Gervais wasnt there.
Madame X
Madame X 日 前
Madame X
Madame X 日 前
No dinner with Tom Hanks for Ricky...haha
SRSpoony 日 前
biggest asshole in that room was Tom Hanks followed by Robert D
Andrew R
Andrew R 日 前
They are all evil.... Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess. Its very hot where they are going.
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks 日 前
Nobody cares
El J
El J 日 前
I thought Tom Hanks was one of the good guys 😭
Super Niall Richardson ManCityfan
Super Niall Richardson ManCityfan 日 前
R.I.P. Fred Warren r.i.p.
xxxoxxx 日 前
He said it will be just jokes "JOKES"
Mr Covett
Mr Covett 日 前
this dude knew corona is coming to destroy Hollywood
musicmad antidevil
musicmad antidevil 日 前
This is brilliant😜😜😜😜 Hollywood getting some well deserved shit thrown at them facts toooo😜😛 🔊🔊🔊📢📢📢📢
美咲 吉田
美咲 吉田 日 前
@Joe Brooks Bro log the fuck off
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks 日 前
You're mad because you never made it
C.R Ram
C.R Ram 日 前
Tom hanks uncomfortable face. Ha ha. Ricky Gervais is a fking legend. Pedowood is done.
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks 日 前
It's not 😂
QuadCloudNine 日 前
OMG. How did I not find this until now? This is crazy. Mad respect for Mr. Gervais.
Galactus 日 前
God bless this atheist man.
jeff funke
jeff funke 日 前
Golden, just golden. The funniest jokes are the one's that are true. And he was hilarious!
Salvatore Micciche
Salvatore Micciche 日 前
The Epstein joke had me dead😂😂😂😂😂
Lolo Ahmad
Lolo Ahmad 日 前
3:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Richardson West
Richardson West 日 前
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Sean Ambrose
Sean Ambrose 日 前
Does anyone else think Tom hanks has no idea where he is. Haha
Natalya Daoud
Natalya Daoud 日 前
The real question is what is Bill Nye doing sitting next to Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt lol?
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj 日 前
... He didn't kill himself , just like Jeffrey Epstein" 😂😭💀
Joshua Chase
Joshua Chase 日 前
The fact that some of these celebrities take themselves so seriously that they cannot at least not seemed disgusted shows just how narcissistic they are and how much they lack real life experience.
Jesse A
Jesse A 日 前
I just want to know why Tom Hanks Instagram page is full of little kids clothing on the streets.
tommyboy923 日 前
Sick shit, right?!
Bmwryder 日 前
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