SHINee 샤이니 ‘Atlantis’ 🌊⚓ MV Reaction

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24 日 前

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'Atlantis' MV 🌊
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Evelyn García
Evelyn García 日 前
Onew t amo✨
Gayali Udara Weerasinghe
Gayali Udara Weerasinghe 日 前
Their ages are going backwards...............I'm getting old they are getting young 😥❤❤❤
Piera Ferrigno
Piera Ferrigno 日 前
Mi piacerebbe imparare a cantare le vostre canzoni e sarebbe ancora più bello cantarle durante un concerto in Italia. Sarebbe stupendo. Bravissimi
kothapatnam Phc
kothapatnam Phc 日 前
Any Minho fans from india🙏
ruckiie 日 前
I'm crying over Onew's laught at 0:28 uhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhhhhhhhhh ;A; my cute kid
Самира Матуева
Самира Матуева 2 日 前
Jung Hyun💔
Gulnaz B
Gulnaz B 3 日 前
I look like I drowned in water 🤣 I became like a mouse 🤣
hyunkyung lee
hyunkyung lee 3 日 前
Haru Yo Koi
Haru Yo Koi 4 日 前
Now that everyone is reacting, can we please have SHINee´s group reaction to their solo MV too?😍🙏
Yunni 4 日 前
노래 너무 청량하고 좋아용!!! 방백같은 동화책스러운(?) 노래 하나만 더 내주세여ㅠㅠㅠ 요줌 방백 1곡 반복중입니다😎😎😎
robbie 8 日 前
idk how many times I’ve replayed this and I’m still not over it 🤣 0:20 - 0:40
Ahmad Farish
Ahmad Farish 9 日 前
SM: Dooooong 😅😂🤣
Parsa khan
Parsa khan 9 日 前
Minho in black hair is stealing the entire spotlight... SHINee fighting
Pk Marihyun ah
Pk Marihyun ah 10 日 前
Because no one talks about that in parts of the mv of Atlantis taemin had blue hair as 4 years ago (2017) in the Japanese drama 'Final Life' where he was protagonist with actor Shota masutda!?
10320정예지 10 日 前
0:27 키 아우 형아야 나만 설레...?♡
Patrick the star
Patrick the star 11 日 前
manifesting SHINee dance practice video for Don’t call me and Atlantis i still have hope
ClaireMathers 11 日 前
The fact that they feel so comfortable with each other makes my heart smile. Shinee is *FAMILY.*
RaniOri 11 日 前
보기좋다 샤이니^^
Dhenyll Mae Panganiban
Dhenyll Mae Panganiban 11 日 前
0:29 Onew is so cute in this part 😍
qasm sabah
qasm sabah 12 日 前
I miss joghyung 😢💔I miss you so mach😭😭
Roxy Lu
Roxy Lu 13 日 前
Alguien piensa q Onew anda como decaído... Son varias veces q da esa impresión. Incluso dijo en un programa q extraña vivir con Minho, Alguien q hablé español?
Eylül 13 日 前
I love them so much
낮달 13 日 前
태민이 진짜 사랑스럽다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사랑스럽다라는 단어가 사람으로 슝 태어난 느낌
낮달 13 日 前
0:27 어우 형아야~~ (๑`ㅂ´๑) 넘나 깜찍ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Nicole Valdes
Nicole Valdes 14 日 前
Escuche este album completo y no hay ninguna canción que no me haya gustado 😍❤️ 🇨🇱
NewbieSimsie 14 日 前
Hi, I'm a fantasy and we need your help to get us to 3M on SF9 - The Stealer Full Version. Thanks guys!~ We fantasy will appreciate it so much >_
collin tham
collin tham 14 日 前
your Atlantis video is sooooooo good better than BTS.....
hasini hasini
hasini hasini 14 日 前
All vocals❤❤❤ excellent💯👏
hasini hasini
hasini hasini 14 日 前
Love Aeris
Love Aeris 14 日 前 they sang a westlife song. Lol
sandra patricks
sandra patricks 15 日 前
Anyways who’s wheezing
jj no
jj no 15 日 前
other idols: mv commentary shinee: immediately points out mistakes and regrets 😂😂
jj no
jj no 15 日 前
taemin: please like, subscribe, and turn on notifications~ key: *what is this 4th gen shit* (same vibe as him during ending fairy tbh)
야호 15 日 前
진기 씨,,, 어떻게 나한테 그래,,,,, 왜 나이도 안 먹어,,,
كيوت الي مايعجبة يموت
كيوت الي مايعجبة يموت 15 日 前
تحيه عراقية على جميع كيبوب
SHINee Fangirling
SHINee Fangirling 16 日 前
We will support our SHINee always, thank you for staying for more than a decade
Laurence Martin
Laurence Martin 16 日 前
They obviously know what they are talking about..."Shinee" knows:):):):) A++++
Nedjla Nedjla
Nedjla Nedjla 17 日 前
حب من الشاول الجزائري 🇩🇿💓💓💓🇩🇿🇩🇿
Nedjla Nedjla
Nedjla Nedjla 17 日 前
شايني للابد 😍💗💗💗
SHINee Fangirling
SHINee Fangirling 17 日 前
Shining SHINee
小琪 17 日 前
Q !
Q ! 17 日 前
Key not knowing what else is there to do with a music video..'they can listen to it, watch it and what else?'
치즈 17 日 前
찡기야.. 핑꾸머리 제발 한번만 더해줘... 당신은 부농따스한 인간웜톤이란 말이야 이 아기토끼야..
Maria Valdivia
Maria Valdivia 17 日 前
I hope we get the reaction of SHINee to their solos too!😍
Elen Louwrens
Elen Louwrens 17 日 前
Haha Taemin!!! No! Haha
Mirela Ribeiro
Mirela Ribeiro 17 日 前
Minho and his voice! 😍😍😍
Tokki Production
Tokki Production 17 日 前
The cutest leader and his laugh! (O:33) adorable ahahah
Lovely Panda
Lovely Panda 17 日 前
Minho's conclusion ❤
Bianca Dourado
Bianca Dourado 17 日 前
PuriPuriPurple 17 日 前
Like Taemin said "Like, subscribe & activate the notifications"🤭🤭🤭
Mandy Lin
Mandy Lin 17 日 前
🥺🥺 They're so precious
J Ed
J Ed 18 日 前
SHINee, you did a splendid job! We are so blessed and proud at the same time. We're always here to support you and will be waiting for your next comeback!
Julia 18 日 前
안녕하세요 취두부 온리다 커몬 유
Jenny Ferrer
Jenny Ferrer 18 日 前
Let's vote shinee in idol champ please. In tha category debut anniversary may.
Mercedes T.
Mercedes T. 18 日 前
Uci 28
Uci 28 18 日 前
Onew so cute, he is oldest but cutest
Maya Tsuu
Maya Tsuu 18 日 前
I can see the guys thinking back 🥲💜👍🏻 you did well, Shawol forever more🍀
Rajarshi Roy
Rajarshi Roy 18 日 前
Late jonghyun..........our shinee idols are doing great don't worry😀😀😀😀
까불까불 18 日 前
뷰는 톡 쏘는 청량한 사이다 같았다면 아틀란티스는 청량하지만 그 청량함 속에 묵직함이 있음 결론은 둘다 좋음 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Becky Burke
Becky Burke 18 日 前
They are so cute! 💙💙💙💙💙
nature fruit mineral water
nature fruit mineral water 18 日 前
Blue rose
Blue rose 18 日 前
Professionalism... That's what we see in every SHINEE videos..
ysabelnicole yaptinchay
ysabelnicole yaptinchay 18 日 前
This is the best k pop group ever who else agree?
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours 18 日 前
My happiness ☺️😊 SHINee forever 💎
Zaramel N
Zaramel N 19 日 前
그들이 결국 노래하는 부분은 웨스트 라이프의 노래 내 사랑처럼 보인다 The part they sing in the end looks like Westlife's Song My Love La parte que cantan al final parece la canción My Love de Westlife
Tristan Govender
Tristan Govender 19 日 前
I'm not even joking wen I say I FALL DEEPER IN LOVE WITH ONEW💯💙... DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN🌊✨, Everytime I see him😍😂. I cant believe that man is 32, he out here looking like the youngest. 🤷‍♀️❤️
drak 19 日 前
wow View really was 5 years ago? and they all still look the same
Yess A.L
Yess A.L 19 日 前
Los amo.
Patricia Cantu Matefantásticos!
Patricia Cantu Matefantásticos! 19 日 前
Cuando quieran venir a bailar a casa 😍😍😍
kayl. 19 日 前
They're funny. Uwu. And I really love how they are expressing their thoughts and opinion about their MV. I can't make up my mind whether I should look at them or the MVs. New Shawol here. Hihi.
kayl. 19 日 前
@Shaira Jane Timajo thank you!
Shaira Jane Timajo
Shaira Jane Timajo 19 日 前
Welcome to the fandom!
aini haidar
aini haidar 19 日 前
Thank you for entering Indonesian subtitles alias nangisssss bangetttttt :((((
NN 19 日 前
울디마 태미니 내가 지금 널 보구있다~^^
shirley andrea
shirley andrea 19 日 前
me gusto mucho su ración de los 4 y me la música
Shwetha Sukumar
Shwetha Sukumar 19 日 前
They know Westlife?!?!?!?!? That's it! my day is done! I can sleep happy!!!! aghhhh my two worlds colliding
Xinyi 19 日 前
after onew's ending fairy, I noticed that he alr was doing the atlan-teeth here @05:15 XD
Helium P
Helium P 19 日 前
3:38 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 온유야 너도 똑같은 반응이구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 처음부터 지금까지 줄곧 인텔로 들려 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 인텔광고 다시 찾아보면 sm 로고 나올 때 소리보다 한참 음이 높아서 놀람 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Qiao Yee Yean
Qiao Yee Yean 20 日 前
key and taemin roasting about the dance moves doesn't show much in mv, you heard that? PD nim, camera man, we want to see the choreography clearly, SM pls do something about it, bring back the dance practice SHINee, would be nice if they really do it like what they said😂 and the DDooong of last part of the mv😂😂
Ahgasesuvoluntad Shawol
Ahgasesuvoluntad Shawol 20 日 前
DuUuuung 3:36
Sahid Aja
Sahid Aja 20 日 前
Taemin pagi2 bikin bengek😂😂
Ari GL
Ari GL 20 日 前
Dren Kard
Dren Kard 20 日 前
lol. I’m so curious what they’re told about the MV when they film
Hanna-Lee Garrick
Hanna-Lee Garrick 20 日 前
My fav parts of the song is Onews parts
Wink Blue
Wink Blue 20 日 前
Wait they know westlife? 😭
Aeri Soo
Aeri Soo 20 日 前
Eu amo o Shinee reagindo a seus mvs. Eles são verdadeiros profissionais e ao mesmo tempo são tão engraçados. O Minho rindo na primeira parte que o Onew aparece em Atlantis é fofo demais
PJ Gen
PJ Gen 20 日 前
J* B.I. love 4ever
J* B.I. love 4ever 20 日 前
The most spoiled maknea, Lee Taemin!😂
Köpeklerle Yaşam
Köpeklerle Yaşam 20 日 前
Michelli Alves
Michelli Alves 20 日 前
💎SHINee, another successful MV. I love how Atlantis looks, very light music and dance, so enjoyable to hear and see. I do not get tired... SHINee always surprising the Shawols, boys you're to be congratulated once again ... Thank you for providing us with moments of joy💎
Colors 0to9
Colors 0to9 20 日 前
AL Prince
AL Prince 20 日 前
Yes Key, those fits are so Prince and I LOVE IT!!! gorgeous
Fasila Jasmine
Fasila Jasmine 20 日 前
Buluk buluk buluk ena solrathuna theriyala anaa cute Kiyopta
Dlwlrma Jeyiu
Dlwlrma Jeyiu 20 日 前
We NEED IU to react on this🌺
Dlwlrma Jeyiu
Dlwlrma Jeyiu 20 日 前
IU IU IU reaction to this MV pleaaaaase!
icecream5269 20 日 前
Be healthy always, our boys love you all #SHINee Minho so handsome 😍😍😍😍😍
Rachel Jonghyun
Rachel Jonghyun 20 日 前
사랑해요 샤이니
Rachel Jonghyun
Rachel Jonghyun 20 日 前
My lovely SHINEE. Youre the BEST.
릴리 20 日 前
14년차 개구쟁이들ㅎㅎ
Supreme love
Supreme love 20 日 前
방금 인기가요 라이브 보고 왓는데 라이브 개잘한다고 느낌..그래서 댓글적음..가수니깐 당연한거지만 타가수 라이브 보고 불안하다 못한다 느낀 가수들이 많아서 샤이니는 역시 샤이니네 라고 느낌..노래는 개취라서뭐..
* *Eve
* *Eve 20 日 前
Mega Purwasari
Mega Purwasari 20 日 前
Onew mention weslife wkwkwk same old generation onew same😂😂😂
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