The Funniest Donald Trump Stories On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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The Graham Norton Show

3 ヶ月 前

We've had some hilarious stories about President Donald Trump, what better time to go through some of them.
Watch Part Two here -

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Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker 3 時間 前
Be happy that 1) He's out of the White House, 2) His influence is waning, and 3) He's anxiously awaiting multiple lawsuits. Karma's gonna gitcha. Gonna know you off your feet!
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin 7 時間 前
They loved him until he ran against them
Felix Fu
Felix Fu 日 前
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Sue Zbell
Sue Zbell 日 前
Strong sense he's going to have a conviction.
Tanielu Stowers
Tanielu Stowers 2 日 前
Justin and Anna shaking their heads in total synchronicity
Tanielu Stowers
Tanielu Stowers 2 日 前
The funniest story is that he’s been unceremoniously fired.
mario 3 日 前
As told by any holly weird snowflake
اسمامة ابو العيد
اسمامة ابو العيد 3 日 前
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Amanda Ward
Amanda Ward 3 日 前
Justin Timberlake's story was theee perfect end to the entire great video!!! 4 日 前
The Daniel Radcliffe story. I was expecting him to say trump showed him where the lobby was.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 4 日 前
Politicians, the media and Hollywood are just facilitators for big money who wants to buy influence.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 4 日 前
Donald Trump is the best President ever!
Qui Bono
Qui Bono 5 日 前
Amazing idiots...
Robert Mathew
Robert Mathew 7 日 前
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kerryanne28 7 日 前
😂😂😂😂 this is so funny
Brandon Luepke
Brandon Luepke 9 日 前
Who’s at 12:33 please let me know he looks familiar just forgot the name of the actor
Wanizame 10 日 前
De Niro hates him so much. It’s sort of brilliant.
Well anyway
Well anyway 11 日 前
Good to see the Guardian loving Auntie Beeb keeping up it's anti Trump agenda.
FIT Original
FIT Original 11 日 前
Not to laugh challenge 2021
FIT Original
FIT Original 11 日 前
Not to laugh challenge 2021
M N 11 日 前
Take. The. Picture! 😂🤣😂🤣
Myriam Lateur
Myriam Lateur 11 日 前
Could someone please take away this advertisement of on top at the right , ...really disgusting!
B FLY 11 日 前
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 12 日 前
All these stupid lefties laughing at Trump. They won't be laughing when Creepy Joe destroys the world!
S.D. Bhartee
S.D. Bhartee 12 日 前
The people criticizing him here are least affected by him.
S.D. Bhartee
S.D. Bhartee 12 日 前
Trump was a good president...The liberal-communist mafia had all ganged up against him. He will become the president of america again after senile Biden, the alzheimer's patient.
Yours Truely
Yours Truely 12 日 前
Trump Funny... Fake news...
hotbananas 13 日 前
I like Trump , the Democrats look so silly with these vindictive waste of time impeachments.
Lee Choon hoe
Lee Choon hoe 13 日 前
Love how she rolled her eyes (-3.12) and puffed up her lips as if to stop herself from saying something real nasty... She has that sophisticated grace that you hardly find in most women these days
theonlypinky 13 日 前
Well, didn't Melania plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech. so no surprise here. lmao
Nautilus Shell
Nautilus Shell 14 日 前
In the light of what Hillary Clinton was saying about attending Donald Trump's inauguration, just thinking back to how Trump couldn't stomach turning up for his successor's inauguration. How classless. But perhaps it was a good thing.
B 14 日 前
Many Americans have now dismissed all the misfits of Hollywood. No talent needed. Just stand in front of the green screen and open mouth. We have a Emmy coming for this movie.
Alex Rose
Alex Rose 14 日 前
I did not think I would ever hear Hillary day a swear word 😂
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 14 日 前
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peter jones
peter jones 15 日 前
all these trump haters.????go and look at the clinton body count on youtube.ffs.
Mike Biggs
Mike Biggs 15 日 前
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Macey Enright
Macey Enright 15 日 前
4:44 This is me when people start conversations with me that I don't want to be part of
Eric Hauser
Eric Hauser 15 日 前
Mostly gold. The last bit was sappy stuff about Obama, but.
rossi4ever1 15 日 前
Big surprise waiting for you guys
Craigs Aviaries
Craigs Aviaries 15 日 前
I wonder how many use Adrenochrome 🤣
leigh wilson
leigh wilson 15 日 前
Saudi Arabia = Sawdee Arabia (Graham Norton pronunciation)
eric ohanian
eric ohanian 15 日 前
I like you're Salma Hayek you are a sellou talking about he nothing 2u and y married 😉 2 a Rothschild evil family
el 15 日 前
this should be called “british people rightfully making fun of trump for 18 minutes”
Patty 15 日 前
msangel30andlovingit 16 日 前
Rocky Koast
Rocky Koast 16 日 前
Very funny AND very revealing! :D
Ravyan Asro
Ravyan Asro 16 日 前
Who's here after Biden became President.
Heather Kimler
Heather Kimler 16 日 前
He did orange face
Soup Ace
Soup Ace 16 日 前
Let's hear Chris Martins honest opinion, before Graham told him it wasn't an acceptable opinion.
Juleigh Sundquist
Juleigh Sundquist 16 日 前
More faked media grow up losers
okkulator 17 日 前
Trump ist nicht lustig.
sneha kristall
sneha kristall 17 日 前
And bye the way if you comment on Trumps haircut you might as well comment on Hillary's
7 lestar
7 lestar 17 日 前
Hollywood without trump ☠️☠️
River Flowing
River Flowing 18 日 前
Why are Democrats and Republicans so bias prejudice and ignorant it's annoying.
fstbr4 18 日 前
Honestly the best story came from Daniel Radcliff and to be fair...Donald Trump gave him great advice since Dan was at most 13 years old and nervous as heck. Gary Oldman literally had to shake Dan when he was 16 to cure him of another nervous moment.
Kacie Devaney
Kacie Devaney 18 日 前
TX Ryder
TX Ryder 18 日 前
Did Charlie Sheen ever consider that the cheap a$$ gift was intentional?
Mauri Mosco
Mauri Mosco 18 日 前
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underworldjam 19 日 前
More BBC bias. I don't remember the funniest Obama stories video.
Trish Truitt
Trish Truitt 19 日 前
PRODUCERS: I'd LOVE to see dates of broadcast or posting at the bottom of the screen.
jagat dave
jagat dave 20 日 前
So thing...after trump's rally...5 ppl got killed...reality...trump saved many more soldiers by not starting a war...trump saved lives of civilians in middle east by stopping is trump who should get Nobel peace prize. ..but world is a weird place....
jagat dave
jagat dave 20 日 前
Hillary clinton son in law has lost more than 30 million USD in speculation as hedge fund manager ..FBI should investigate that how did he got 30 mio USD...who tried to please Clintons???...they call trump as crook...Trump was a businessman...he came to politics because politicians became crooked businessmen......
mcfcguvnors 20 日 前
sad when you HAVE to follow a narrative cos your sexuality means people have things to get you in trouble :/ funny all famous people have these sexual tendencies :(
Heaven Leigh
Heaven Leigh 20 日 前
But the true test....did he see two impeachment’s? Lol
CKB 20 日 前
................................the great president the only public person to expose the fake news and................the exposure of satanic rap of CHILDREN...............
Ana M
Ana M 20 日 前
how bizarre
Aline Bonny
Aline Bonny 20 日 前
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Arden McConnell
Arden McConnell 20 日 前
OMG! The Republican President of the United States sent a angry violent mob to the US Capitol Bulidning to kill the United States Vice-President. OMG!
Tyler 20 日 前
Oh wow. The producers of this show edited clips from that speech the same way the congressional democrats edited out the clips of Donald Trump encouraging defrauded American voters to go "peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard" OUTSIDE of the Capitol building.
Kiwi Bonsai
Kiwi Bonsai 20 日 前
The funnest thing was Trump was voted in as president.. What's up with the education system over there.
Suzy Q
Suzy Q 20 日 前
Those crappy fake diamond cufflinks stamped "Trump" tells you everything you need to know about him. Much like those cufflinks, he's shiny, fake, and completely worthless.
Jessica Oppegard
Jessica Oppegard 20 日 前
Love David Williams 🖤
john hagans
john hagans 21 日 前
The elder Bush’s were in the hospital. Maybe? 😂
Sharon Donelly
Sharon Donelly 21 日 前
I love President Trump. And hate the obvious disrespect. He is one of the greatest men on the planet. You are a sad lot.
Sema Mashkoori
Sema Mashkoori 21 日 前
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Sean Domhnall O Sullivan
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan 22 日 前
I think the funniest is defo hillary cos inviting her on she was clearly going to emerge the wicked, narcissistic charlatan most people with sense Know she is. Haha he's such a joke Hillary!? Someone : But, wait, didn't he win based on the way to win a US election, using electoral votes? Hillary : Meh, details, details.
Les Duenas
Les Duenas 22 日 前
Hey Graham start doing episode about trump now that he's out of office as president. Oh come on.
ToughAncientSpark 22 日 前
"I did it." (Not we)
Zhou Gong
Zhou Gong 22 日 前
13:21, Graham is laughing it off!!
Zhou Gong
Zhou Gong 22 日 前
13:15, the great story tell!!
Tuzk Tanarzian
Tuzk Tanarzian 23 日 前
At 3:55 aged like a fine bottle of wine 🤓
lona so cool
lona so cool 23 日 前
Donald Trump is a pretend gangster & that's called a wangster
Boss Masters
Boss Masters 23 日 前
Melania did a Rick Roll..I kept thinking "Why does this speech sound familiar??"
Dave Benbow
Dave Benbow 23 日 前
And we pay for this political slander
Rants By Sobria
Rants By Sobria 23 日 前
so many haters- shame you go so low.
Brenda Swann
Brenda Swann 23 日 前
Cheap putter and zirconium ... smoke glass and mirrors. That’s Trump, all show no value or substance.
Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi
Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi 23 日 前
Whatever your political affiliation I gotta admit if this was me I'd crumble. The whole world hating on you, I'd honestly fold under the hate.
Moriusca Natha
Moriusca Natha 23 日 前
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Miss Spaz
Miss Spaz 24 日 前
I'm in New Hampshire and we do it more Canadian style than Mexican style, eh. Can we just have the Northern states and the Southern states meet in the middle so we can buy some Trump pinatas and we can maybe hire you guys to teach us how to cook?
Susan Lueem
Susan Lueem 24 日 前
Hilary is surprisingly really, really funny.
Ramon Bauza
Ramon Bauza 24 日 前
There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde Trump is talk of the Town, in a Stranger way ya'll love him 😃😃😃
Glow Connection
Glow Connection 22 日 前
People mock him...Its one thing to talk about him but each story of these encounters show one thing = Don is a Con!!!
Quirky Quips
Quirky Quips 24 日 前
I HATE the way he hangs all over the dais. He does it only on his left side.
Seeking Enlightenment
Seeking Enlightenment 24 日 前
Donald Trump contributes $500000.00 to a crowd funding site, believing it will ensure a good turnout at his leaving ceremony.
Clive Evans
Clive Evans 24 日 前
All this by the bbc. Typical lefty humour
Nia Granger
Nia Granger 24 日 前
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marcelaruby84 24 日 前
Does that mean that the gold toilet he brags about can actually be just gold spray paint?
cypher31 24 日 前
How pathetic that you have to lie about the gift you're giving to someone for their wedding. But that's Trump for you he believes everything he owns is priceless.
waptek0 24 日 前
ok ,,, trump plagiarized ,,, legally blond
John Rife
John Rife 24 日 前
Selma is the best.
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