TOP UPCOMING MOVIES 2021 (All Trailers)

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2 ヶ月 前

Here are our top upcoming movies 2021
00:00 The Batman
02:23 Fast & Furious 9
06:15 Morbius
09:02 James Bond: No Time To Die
11:36 Top Gun 2: Maverick
13:57 Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife
16:23 A Quiet Place 2
19:00 Dune
22:04 Zack Snyders Justice League
24:35 Jungle Cruise
26:34 Free Guy
29:07 Antlers
31:20 Black Widow
33:44 Tom & Jerry
36:09 Wrong Turn
38:31 Chaos Walking
41:01 The King's Man
43:19 Raya And The Last Dragon
45:21 The Boss Baby 2: Family Business
47:56 The Suicide Squad
49:52 Coming 2 America
51:37 Black Adam
52:36 Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru
55:28 Rumble
57:15 The Little Things
59:40 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage
1:00:01 The Mauritanian
1:03:02 Cosmoball
1:04:59 Peter Rabbit 2

Lydia Cruz
Lydia Cruz 3 日 前
The vulgar tortoise extremely grab because ostrich respectively burn vice a quizzical wire. well-groomed, slippery stop
Anthony Capirichio
Anthony Capirichio 4 日 前
Batman movie looks good....Batman looks goofy
MOises medina
MOises medina 5 日 前
45:58 resemblance to Trump is a mere coincidence
victrejo420 5 日 前
What're ppl thinking about the Fast & Furious movie?
Topik Cs Official
Topik Cs Official 6 日 前
very good this film
Ttr8cielyn Xxx
Ttr8cielyn Xxx 7 日 前
Wrong Turn sucked ass bad there was No and I mean No cannibalism the movie wasn't scary all new people it was a waste of time to everyone you may enjoy it I didn't
zoltan tamasi
zoltan tamasi 9 日 前
just too much lol.
zoltan tamasi
zoltan tamasi 9 日 前
cloud movie she did,
zoltan tamasi
zoltan tamasi 9 日 前
can't see me!
zoltan tamasi
zoltan tamasi 9 日 前
look way darker how it post
zoltan tamasi
zoltan tamasi 9 日 前
look pretty EPIC!
Freddy Velez
Freddy Velez 9 日 前
Can't wait for the batman look way darker how it post to be
David Aaron Carrico
David Aaron Carrico 10 日 前
So, Morbius is what Batman would be like had he actual super powers rather than purchasing power. Got it.
Jay Racz
Jay Racz 10 日 前
Like shingles I don’t care!
Wicked Jack
Wicked Jack 11 日 前
Is it me or the F&F keeps getting more and more cartoonish every time?
Bustermaniax 11 日 前
Damnit I'm exited to see glitter looks good...
BURHACK-007 12 日 前
This is another crap batman.
Casey Camp
Casey Camp 12 日 前
Is anybody going to mention the idea that Jared Leto has a cult that's some scary shit cuz he's just a skinny little bitch Hollywood is evil make up your own minds
Sugar & Prince Parker
Sugar & Prince Parker 12 日 前
Does it matter as long as the there good who cares lol
Eli 13 日 前
The Fast and the Furious? hahahah The last one will have them rolling around retirement homes trying to steal lime jello cups.
Krysti Stern Rodriguez
Krysti Stern Rodriguez 13 日 前
anyone else pissed that the trailer for the suicide squad is just talking such a disappointment
Kimberly Brown I'm Kim
Kimberly Brown I'm Kim 13 日 前
Can't wait
Yeti8it 13 日 前
Antlers looks like Groot gone CRAZY lol
Yeti8it 13 日 前
Sorry I gave a thumbs down cause most of these were posted in 2020 so it seems not even YOU know when they will show .
Moon Star
Moon Star 14 日 前
The fast and the furious is just too much lol.
Peter B
Peter B 14 日 前
Fastle Mania 10 with the Rock and Cena. 2023. Bet.
Peter B
Peter B 14 日 前
Batman looks like Harry Potter outside the suit.
Shouryuu Reppa
Shouryuu Reppa 14 日 前
so robert pattinson is our new guy and Logan Return was not included
Emeka Nkeze
Emeka Nkeze 14 日 前
wow! that's all I can say
I Hate Communism
I Hate Communism 16 日 前
My goodness, how many Fast & Furious Movies are they gonna make? Lol
negative ghost rider
negative ghost rider 10 日 前
Because family.
Shouryuu Reppa
Shouryuu Reppa 14 日 前
until vin diesel is alive so i guess tha't the last movie..
Bigjapo jr Hester
Bigjapo jr Hester 16 日 前
Susan Hughey
Susan Hughey 16 日 前
I thought Ledi died in Fast and Furious. What is she doing alive in this movie?
J B 18 日 前
Obviously I’ll watch, but I’m skeptical of so many movies and shows coming out. SMH ready for some original content.
KnowTMI 18 日 前
I love some Han in fast and furious
Friday Anighoro
Friday Anighoro 18 日 前
The tedious ticket characteristically brake because dugout perioperatively spell atop a broken television. needless, ruddy protocol
Lord Hallibel
Lord Hallibel 19 日 前
The boss baby movie. I now know what Cringe is.
Lord Hallibel
Lord Hallibel 19 日 前
ah wokeness.. nearly every movie .lmao ghostbusters just want to die again ,beating a dead horse
BostonTough 19 日 前
anyone else click this thinking john cena was batman?
Raima Debbarma
Raima Debbarma 19 日 前
Big Al
Big Al 19 日 前
Fast and furious so ridiculous.. lmao... fuck the suicide squad or Batman. Just hire Doms crew. There way better than any super heroes apparently
hector lascano
hector lascano 20 日 前
Single reason to watch suicide squad .... yes, her, who are we kidding
Lord Hallibel
Lord Hallibel 19 日 前
kudakwashe maonedzo
kudakwashe maonedzo 21 日 前
elsebass 21 日 前
only watching the new ff movie cause of Han
trick licorice
trick licorice 21 日 前
fast and the furious didnt suprise me they got john cena in this? like seriously, who's second runner up then featuring the rock in this series? john cena, duh?'ll never have that same feel of watching this again since we lost paul walker, it just never feels complete to me, no matter how much cgi and blow up awsome matter how many celebs you put in a movie itll never replace the one person : /
Di Mutalova
Di Mutalova 22 日 前
Cosmoball🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 do not watch this!😄 такой бред, никакого смысла в фильме, и картинка не вывозит, не фильм, а сплошная печаль.
Aver soy colomboEspañol ,,,joder tios super ,avemaria pues , muy bien este canal d puta madre ,,,no digo +X
Sigo con mi publicación , osea la cagó😉😉😷
Reno2324 23 日 前
Satan worshiping movies. One positive about what is going on around the world now... it woke people up.
Eric Riley
Eric Riley 23 日 前
Omg the way I feel about the fast family I fucking love them like they are my true family I would do anything to be able to have them as a family I can't wait to own this fuckin movie
Ray Aamir
Ray Aamir 24 日 前
Fast & Furious 17, Brian Toretto: Who Are You ?? ... You Remember Uncle Jacob ?? I'm His Son And I Brought The Dead Brian Back. So We Driving Cars & SH*t ?? Nah, You Know What Dad Said About The Family !!!
Matt Love
Matt Love 24 日 前
YOO were someone of these postponed because of Covid because I swear they were suppose to come out in 2020
Akche McEshwa
Akche McEshwa 24 日 前
Tom and Jerry, ugh. Why they have to ruin every cartoon series of my childhood? Why they cannot keep animation and real world away. Same recycling concept with so many movies. I would rather be happy to watch same 90's Tom and Jerry animation style movie with new quality content in terms of story. Not his recycled bullcrap.
trick licorice
trick licorice 21 日 前
exactly...its like they wanna make blood and water mix?......always taking the animation out of there world into are world, i get so turned off each and every time they do that, just wait until they start making animation batman come into are world? : (
Larry Ordine
Larry Ordine 24 日 前
Faster and dumber than ever. What a waste of of some A list guest actors. All that money and still no speech lessons for Dom to speak in more than a three note range. Growl groan, boom splat. Repeat
Jervis Ehrenfeld
Jervis Ehrenfeld 24 日 前
The smooth toad enzymatically reject because barber intialy comb through a vengeful tank. cooperative, gifted server
Carl HIRST 24 日 前
Domino is Doms Sister? Is that not the War bus off Dood Peal? "X-Force!"
JPod 24 日 前
Yes, a propper Ghost Busters, lets forget that last one exists.
MarHelAuf *
MarHelAuf * 24 日 前
Dang Jesse Plemons stays booked
Christoph Resmerowski
Christoph Resmerowski 26 日 前
No, not gonna spend a dime on those. Hollywood has become a garbage heap.
Yak Chimaev
Yak Chimaev 26 日 前
John Cena is not a good actor........
Clint Martin
Clint Martin 26 日 前
The lowly bite seasonally rot because betty revealingly happen out a psychotic texture. lush, spotless india
Sean Chernobyl
Sean Chernobyl 26 日 前
Um really didn't like the last 2 Spiderman's and thought Venom was a letdown???
727Customz 26 日 前
WOAH!!!!! hehhe
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 27 日 前
Do a Ip man prequel prequel, who taught Ip man? That would be epic.
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 27 日 前
They need to stop with all these like fri the 13th part 54. C'MON MAN 😴
ori zelaz
ori zelaz 27 日 前
its gonna be a flash point...
ori zelaz
ori zelaz 27 日 前
its something strange
ori zelaz
ori zelaz 27 日 前
ese batman se ve muy ficti.
ori zelaz
ori zelaz 27 日 前
its gonna be a flash point....
ori zelaz
ori zelaz 27 日 前
its something strange
BLANKMAN78 27 日 前
I want to see Top Gun and Ghostbusters these movies look really good. I mean after that last "ghostbusters" movie with all the feminist BS this one looks to be Oscar worthy.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 27 日 前
Did you hear john cena yell EXSPERIAN 😆😆😆 jumping off the cliff 😆😆😆
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 27 日 前
What happend to ben Affleck being the batman? They just tearing the batman franchise up with all this jumping around with different actors...
robotparadise 27 日 前
Oh look, its Denzel Washington playing Denzel Washington in a movie made for Denzel Washington to play Denzel Washington.
2MeGun Mobile
2MeGun Mobile 28 日 前
Any movie you want to watch? Me: upcoming movie 2021 for 1 hour long
This is bull shit they ruined real life with their nwo hocus pocus abracadabra virus holocaustation! And they want you to bye into their shitty nwo garbageovernment shit propaganda movies whom can even still indulge in suspend disbelief any more! Cancel nwo garbageovernment!
JayDee Mac
JayDee Mac 28 日 前
I've seen all I want to see of these movies, and I didn't have to spend any money or waste all those hours of time.
Joseph Monette
Joseph Monette 28 日 前
How many fast and furious can u do ? I mean damn....nobody burnt out that shit yet ? And I hope the 2nd version of Dune isn’t stupid like the 1st one
Anthony Vega
Anthony Vega 28 日 前
Top Gun is the clutch 🙌 one here!
Stephen 28 日 前
The fast and furious trailer gave away everything? The bad guy is Dom’s brother and Hans is still alive? What are they doing?
Robert Acevedo
Robert Acevedo 26 日 前
Ez0rus 27 日 前
Milking the fuck out of a bad franchise
Whatsupdoc2day UTrickyRabbit
Whatsupdoc2day UTrickyRabbit 28 日 前
Notice most are new movies about new people? That are made in last quarter of 2020 production? Wonder why? Wonder where all these big name stars are now? Ever heard of CGI? Why are stars wearing hats? Dark screen cinema movies? Low lighting? Check these clues!
fruity official
fruity official 29 日 前
y'all didn't include snake eyes. GI JOE origins 2021
lynnette thuita
lynnette thuita 29 日 前
these are all good. can't wait to see them
sixmillionsteve1968 29 日 前
John cena boring as hell wrestler and his acting skills are atrocious I know I’m not going to see new fast and furious movie because he will ruin it
Marc Isikoff
Marc Isikoff 29 日 前
Hmm... Black Widow vs Black Noir....
startingQB 29 日 前
WB/DC, comparing your character to a Marvel character is a ginormous mistake.
Alexandra Danmask
Alexandra Danmask 29 日 前
They Should move Fast & the Furious to July 2021.
emmanuel dotse
emmanuel dotse 29 日 前
I found soo much peace in JESUS in my heart and soul and I'm not able to keep it to myself. Are you empty, in despair and feel like ending it all? There is greaat HOPE for you for a new life. It's in JESUS CHRIST. HE did it for me. How miserable my life will have continue to be if I had not come into my Life ヶ月 前
Well, I just watched the entire latest fast and furious movie
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 27 日 前
Not really them movies are like 2 ana half hours to 3 long
Marquil Banks
Marquil Banks ヶ月 前
Coming 2 America lmao. A must see along with 007 and black widow
Alex Malevanyy
Alex Malevanyy ヶ月 前
America ruled by corruption and greed
Alex Malevanyy
Alex Malevanyy ヶ月 前
Where is John Wick-4 ?
Kenton Perkins
Kenton Perkins ヶ月 前
pretty much every movie, with the exception a couple, is already a part of a previous film (Book, cartoon, tv series, comic) property or franchise?? not many new movie ideas or original content to look forward to.
Alexandra Danmask
Alexandra Danmask 29 日 前
start writing the Script.
Kenton Perkins
Kenton Perkins ヶ月 前
Dune.. the Marvel, DC, Star Wars cross over we've all been waiting for
Kenton Perkins
Kenton Perkins 17 日 前
@Kevin White how? Dune comes out this year in 2021 Oscar Isaac - Star Wars: The force awakens 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse 2016, Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2017, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse 2018.. that's just one actor Josh Brolin - Jonah Hex 2010, Guardians of the Galaxy 2014, Deadpool 2018, Avengers Infinity War 2018 and Endgame 2019 Stellan Skarsdård - Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012), Thor: The Dark World (2013), and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Dave Bautista - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019) Jason Momoa - Batman v Superman 2016, Justice League 2017, Aquaman 2018 Zendaya - Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 and Far from Home 2019 David Dastmalchian - The Date Knight 2008, Ant-Man 2015, Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018, The Suicide Squad also 2021 See where I'm going. Was just a simple comment poking fun of the fact a lot of actors in this movie have also been in a lot of the Star Wars, Marvel and DC cinematic universe.. with all due respect
Kevin White
Kevin White 27 日 前
All of those came way after Dune.... give credit where credit is due!
Kenton Perkins
Kenton Perkins ヶ月 前
so is the all female lead ghost busters just being written out of history? lol
Alex Malevanyy
Alex Malevanyy ヶ月 前
Power to the women
Kev G
Kev G ヶ月 前
Both Kingsman's didnt need a prequel. I'd skip this.
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron ヶ月 前
Refachero el pana del 39:07 yo me casaba
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron ヶ月 前
Jimmy Neutron aprueba esto uwu
DarkCode ヶ月 前
All well and dandy but lets be frank and admit the only Movie that matters this year is Top Gun 2 :)
DarkCode ヶ月 前
The Mauritanian better not be another one of those sympathy for terrorist movies. And i mean real terrorist, not Trump Supporters. Stupid liberals.
Joshua Stapleton
Joshua Stapleton ヶ月 前
Fast and the furious 1 was good. were all stupid . And ridiculous. The fact they keep making them after Walker died is sad too. But fast and the furious 9.. Fuckin 9? Christ..its like Now thats what I call music..
galadine12 ヶ月 前
Marvel does batman.
JILET ヶ月 前
I think the smartest one is the "Venom 2" trailer cause They didn't show any spoiler or what is going to happen in the movie.
Preston Banks
Preston Banks ヶ月 前
It has a dark knight feel to it
Nila Noor
Nila Noor ヶ月 前
Wait you dum were is the venoms trailer
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