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Younger sister Hayley Wheaton (Danielle Harris) wishes to switch places with her popular older sister Alexia (Katherine Heigl) and the two bickering siblings awaken to find the wish has come true.

Becky Bwell
Becky Bwell 16 時間 前
I can’t believe this movie was filmed at the high school I went too, I love this movie
Snicker Doodle
Snicker Doodle 22 時間 前
Lol this movie reminds me so much of my older sister and I. Especially 20:57. I'm way taller than her as she's 5'0. 😂😂
Daggeira O'Cinnéide
Daggeira O'Cinnéide 日 前
"Release date: 2018" Now that's just lies. This shit is from the 90s. I could tell from that god-awful lip color in the first five minutes lmao
NiqAlli 日 前
Who else cried when the baby sister got the crown?😭😭😭
French 3 日 前
The ending just touches my heart everytime.❤
Yaneiza Perez
Yaneiza Perez 3 日 前
Best time of my life! I was a senior in highschool in 95'. I wish i can go back in time.
C Ca
C Ca 4 日 前
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Angelofdivinelove 4 日 前
I can’t believe I cried at the end! Loved this.. ❤️
paulj0557 5 日 前
The best ending epilog! Don't miss it.
iVileLight 5 日 前
I’m sorry, but I feel like they were trying WAY too hard to make Danielle Harris unattractive in this movie😂😂
clmoore0425 5 日 前
Hailey in the Kitchen casually in her dominatrix outfit in front of her parents is a whole mood
I.A. Y.
I.A. Y. 6 日 前
The 90s was like the last decade of a balance of all the good content.. before all hell broke lose after 2001...🤨🤔
I.A. Y.
I.A. Y. 6 日 前
Back when Disney channel was gangsta!! Now they’re waaaaayyy tooo soft to show this movie!... the good ole days
J P 7 日 前
The 90s was such an innocent time. I really miss it to be honest.
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington 7 日 前
Hayley inside Alexia's body is a whole MESS!
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington 7 日 前
As I kid I loved Alex's character, now as an adult all I care about is the area they live in and how nice it is and I really think I would like to buy a house there.
sophie d.
sophie d. 8 日 前
anyone else watch this every day because hayley motivates you to study? 😂
Rosie Guzman
Rosie Guzman 8 日 前
Dr. Stevens, is that you??
Ededdeddy25 9 日 前
Freaky Friday, anyone?
Lexi Wolfe girl star U-U ꧂ Love
Lexi Wolfe girl star U-U ꧂ Love 10 日 前
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen 10 日 前
Watch “in her shoes” next... bring tissue 😭 it’s a tear jerker
3StarLogo 11 日 前
You know a part of me wanted to see the parents getting their kids to the bed 🤣 like my parents stopped doing that at 12 hahaha
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez 12 日 前
I remember watching this at my cousins cuz she was the only one with cable lol. With my aunt and mom too, and my aunt couldn’t get over how beautiful her dress was, and we were all crying at the end. I can’t believe my aunt and mom were like 30 (my age now) when this came out lol
Lilyxd23 13 日 前
This was not made in 2018
Quint 4 日 前
Yes it was.
J P 7 日 前
No shit Sherlock. This movie is from 1996.
Reddit Zilla
Reddit Zilla 13 日 前
Looked it up and Danielle Harris was a year older than Katherine heigl and she was supposed to be the younger sister
Aleisha Marie
Aleisha Marie 13 日 前
Can i suggest Model Behavior @youtube?
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 13 日 前
Lisa It
Lisa It 14 日 前
How the F did the parents carry them upstairs and put them to bed without waking them up. Theyre teenagers! Lmfao
Maria Glover
Maria Glover 14 日 前
Oh my goshhhhh!!! This was my favorite movie of all time back in the day hahaha.
Anna Shum
Anna Shum 14 日 前
Man, the 90's and early 2000's was the best era for shows and movies. This was one of my favorites growing up!
Jen Jen
Jen Jen 14 日 前
I miss this era and love this movie and I’m about to be 37 in May lol 😂That frosty makeup she wore in the opening scenes. lol. Takes me wayyyy back.
Erik Heller
Erik Heller 14 日 前
Khunts R Us: Or, Bimbo-Farm.
hodgins five
hodgins five 15 日 前
Ealider Berinsi
Ealider Berinsi 15 日 前
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Stef with an F
Stef with an F 15 日 前
I used to love this movie
Corey Bulma
Corey Bulma 15 日 前
This is exactly how my daughters love and respect each other regardless of their indifferences they how to always care for each other...
shontaemurray21 16 日 前
I use to love this movie 🎥
Mj Nelson
Mj Nelson 16 日 前
Loved this movie!
Monica Tate
Monica Tate 17 日 前
This movie always makes me cry at the end 😢😢😢
nova nova
nova nova 17 日 前
Andrea Jamison
Andrea Jamison 18 日 前
Love this movie
Jade Aleana
Jade Aleana 18 日 前
47:36 the kids reaction was just too funny 😂
Pat Sikora
Pat Sikora 18 日 前
love this movie.The girls were great.Trying an accepting each other's difference was the best.
Fleur 19 日 前
Old school disney channel kids know wassup. Todays kids will never know 😭😩
Ben Keng Ng
Ben Keng Ng 19 日 前
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Jade Aleana
Jade Aleana 19 日 前
Why is it that it’s 12:38 am and I was randomly thinking about this movie that I forgot the name of and am only now searching it up realizing it’s free on JPgoon
Riley Hostetler
Riley Hostetler 20 日 前
You know you aren’t a kid anymore when you actually understand what Alex did on the board So I’m obviously still a child
hoboface1 20 日 前
2 of the free movies on JPgoon so far are body swap movies (that I've seen). I'm beginning to see a trend...
Trav D.
Trav D. 20 日 前
Hayley Wheaton (Harris) plays younger sister to Alex Wheaton (Heigl) even though Heigl is nearly a year and a half younger than Harris.
Darren Grant
Darren Grant 20 日 前
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ThePrincessInKenny 6
ThePrincessInKenny 6 20 日 前
Katherine Heigl does not age at all. Of course she was only 16 in this movie and still had her baby face, but now she is 42 if you watched Firefly Lane on Netflix and looks exactly the same as she did when she was in her 20s like in Knocked Up. I want to know her secret. 😍
Bianka Ramroop
Bianka Ramroop 21 日 前
i wasn’t going to click cause the picture of the movie looked a little weird. i’m happy i didn’t judge the book by cover cause this was pretty good!
J P 7 日 前
Wow you must be young cause this movie was a classic among 90s movies. Everyone over 30 remembers this movie clearly.
Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch 21 日 前
Just for the record, the movie info at the top of this page lists the release date as 2018. Katherine Heigl was born in 1978, so that would make her 40 in this movie, lol. I looked it up, and IMDB lists the actual release date as 1996, which means Heigl was 18 at the time of production. It was one of her first starring roles.
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter 21 日 前
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Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan 21 日 前
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CaliforniaDreamin 21 日 前
When Disney was LEGIT FIRE! So happy I grew up in the 90’s Era ❤️🦭
Jane Wick
Jane Wick 22 日 前
Am I the only one that didn't watch this as a kid?
Mediocre Maiden
Mediocre Maiden 22 日 前
@2:40 whoa okay she looks like 'low hanging fruit' Seriously, no dress code at that school? I'm sorry Katherine Heigl but omg that outfit sends quite the message
Mediocre Maiden
Mediocre Maiden 22 日 前
Omg THIS MOVIE *DOES EXIST* I remember, vaguely, being really, really sick and home from school for like 3 weeks with pneumonia in Jr high and in my codeine cough syrup daze watching this on "Zoom Disney" but started to think maybe I drug induced haze or some such. Couldn't remember the Anybody remember Disney Zoom ? Or "ZOOM on Disney" 1998, AOL at the height of popularity, TRL, MTV's Spring Break Week long awesomeness, 10 Things I Hate About You, She's All That, the trailblazer of "Found Footage" movies *THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT* anyone? Britney,Christina, Monica, Brandy, Boy Bands, Getting stoned,skaters, preps, getting lit, *super low cut* flare jeans, ok ok I'm done sorry y'all lolol
Elena Popovic
Elena Popovic 21 日 前
This makes me feel SO OLD!
no this is patrick
no this is patrick 22 日 前
Oh two lovable siblings 😍 #cantrelate
no this is patrick
no this is patrick 22 日 前
"hailey ur looking adorable today" "Oh and Alex ur also looking stylish" The parents: "somethings wrong I can feel it"
Nana Ramirez
Nana Ramirez 23 日 前
Blessings ❤️
Donte Lindsey
Donte Lindsey 23 日 前
I Love Hayley Facial Expressions it gets me Everytime it’s so attractive 😏
Trey Williams
Trey Williams 23 日 前
1:11:20 playa
Latoya Godfrey
Latoya Godfrey 24 日 前
Hayley had the most beautiful soul as both girls
Its 2 versions of this movie. Its a free one and a buy or rent one.
Ana 24 日 前
This movie came out the year I was born but I remember watching it when they re-aired it when I was 6 😂
Aurora Hill
Aurora Hill 24 日 前
I loved this so much
Jami Gibson
Jami Gibson 24 日 前
Okay but that dancing in that outfit on the lunchroom table would get her suspended on the real tho. 😂💃
Jami Gibson
Jami Gibson 24 日 前
Hilary L.
Hilary L. 24 日 前
Life before smartphones. Isn't it cool to watch ancient history?
Jordan White
Jordan White 25 日 前
14:55 hilarious
Eris Enigma
Eris Enigma 26 日 前
This was so cute with such a sweet ending 🥰
skoolco83 26 日 前
This was filmed at my school lol
༄ 愛 Rue, Bakugou’s waifu ღ ༄
༄ 愛 Rue, Bakugou’s waifu ღ ༄ 5 日 前
@skoolco83 that’s cool
skoolco83 24 日 前
@༄ 愛 Rue, Bakugou’s waifu ღ ༄ yep the lunch room scene is actually the common room,At Hunter high.
༄ 愛 Rue, Bakugou’s waifu ღ ༄
༄ 愛 Rue, Bakugou’s waifu ღ ༄ 25 日 前
No way really???
Monicaiscool 27 日 前
One of my fav movies growining up and I still love it
ponitac heaven
ponitac heaven 27 日 前
nadia Albar
nadia Albar 27 日 前
When women were classy and had respect for themselves the 90s
Hxlden Caulfield
Hxlden Caulfield 4 日 前
Nani E
Nani E 27 日 前
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Fastpitch Mermaid
Fastpitch Mermaid 28 日 前
Haha this takes me back
olivia 28 日 前
i wish disney movies were still this good
samin rahman
samin rahman 29 日 前
their sister relationship was so cute towards the end 🥺
Kionna Jordan
Kionna Jordan 29 日 前
so nice judy like me
Rogueish 28
Rogueish 28 29 日 前
I remember watching this as a little girl and just thinking of how stereotypical it was... Nerdy sister, Popular sister... My schools dress code would never... lol...
ShirleyAnne King
ShirleyAnne King 29 日 前
First time seeingvthus movie.. thoroughly enjoyed it. Wasnt sure at first, but truly liked it.
ashley crawford
ashley crawford ヶ月 前
This was 90's disney and it was the BEST.
Jade Guevaramedina
Jade Guevaramedina ヶ月 前
This movie is great I’m watching it for the second time lol 😂
Class Picnic
Class Picnic ヶ月 前
I wish they made movies like this again...
Aidan Helmstetter
Aidan Helmstetter ヶ月 前
59:27 59:21
Michelle ヶ月 前
I just realized thats lizzie Stevens from greys anatomy😭
Hello It’s me
Hello It’s me ヶ月 前
Izzie stevens
Life Is Good
Life Is Good ヶ月 前
This movie came out 25 years ago, why the 2019 release date ? Fake media
Hello It’s me
Hello It’s me ヶ月 前
The day they put it on JPgoon 🙄
Boner San
Boner San ヶ月 前
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robert lawson
robert lawson ヶ月 前
Wow i remember this from when i was a kid..im 29 ..the nostalgia is too real
Jackie Chavez
Jackie Chavez ヶ月 前
Izzy looking different here
Jt Bianco
Jt Bianco ヶ月 前
Alexia & Hayley are both cute
peppa pig
peppa pig ヶ月 前
Why dont they get the old cameras from the 90s and film movies with that camera
Kaitlyn McKessy
Kaitlyn McKessy ヶ月 前
That school the girls go to must not have a dress code
Gabrielle Birney
Gabrielle Birney ヶ月 前
Release date 2018.... okay yeah 🤣
Jessica Paola Grey
Jessica Paola Grey ヶ月 前
Hayley sorta looks like raven Simone & Hayden Panettiere lol
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